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  1. Uturn

    Typical Rental Periods

    When I analyse my fears / concerns I think it primarily comes down to worry that I won’t find suitable work when we get there. In every other way I just can’t wait. It’s the fear of leaving stable and financial sounds jobs in the UK and moving to a location where from what I can tell there isn’t a great deal of IT management roles. I know we could consider another state, but Perth is really where we want to be.
  2. Uturn

    Typical Rental Periods

    Really sorry to hear that FOL, I didn’t mean to pry. I can imagine moving so many times really taking its toll on a person (and their bank balance.) Since we decided last week that we are making the move, I have had a constant feeling of anxiety, to the point that I’m not hungry and feel quite sick at times. It’s such an emotional rollercoaster. It’s really odd, as I’ve wanted to move for so long and now I’m secretly hoping that my wife will day at some stage that she’s changed her mind and we should just stay in the UK.
  3. Uturn

    Typical Rental Periods

    If I may ask, why have you moved 3 times? My wife says that if we don't like it there or it doesn't work out with jobs then we can just move back. I'm loathe to go down that path as I'm not sure I could afford to move back; and i suspect that if we do I will only want to move back a few years later. Just interested to know if the 3 moves you had were down to lack of work, missing family, or something else? Thanks.
  4. Uturn

    Typical Rental Periods

    I’m just going off of a Google search. If it only takes 6 weeks then that’s great Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Uturn

    Typical Rental Periods

    That's what I was afraid of. I guess I'll just try to get into a longer term rental as soon as possible. Thanks.
  6. Uturn

    Typical Rental Periods

    Thanks verystormy, appreciate the information. Its all very nerve wrecking. But that makes sense, and I guess I thought that's how it would have to work, just wasn't sure if I was missing a trick somehow.
  7. Uturn

    Typical Rental Periods

    Follow-up question: If you go into a short term rental initially, like through AirB'nB are you still able to register your children at a school that falls within the catchment area of the rental? Thanks
  8. Hi. I am hoping that folks with experience of renting in Perth are able to help me with some information. We are looking at moving to Perth in January 2020 (family of 4.) I am trying to work out how to handle renting a property when we first arrive. We are having our house goods and furniture shipped, which will take between 10 to 12 weeks. So I guess we need to initially rent a furnished place for that period, but do landlords on sites like Domain generally let their properties for that short a period? Also, how do people usually handle it when their goods arrive? Do folks usually rent a furnished place until their goods arrive, and have them delivered there. Then move to an unfurnished rental and have their goods moved again? Appreciate this may be a daft set of questions. I'm just trying to work out how I minimise cost while at the same time ensuring we have roof over our head and land up in a good catchment area for schools. Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. Uturn

    Money Transfer Companies

    Thanks gar374; I'll contact John as my next step. The info you provided was really helpful, thanks
  10. Hi I've noticed from the forum that a lot of folks on here have used or do use MoneyCorp as their preferred foreign exchange provider. I've started researching the different options to work out the most cost effective way of transferring cash from the UK to Australia. It appears as though the rates and charges offered by companies such as TransferWise and CurrencyFair are better. Has anyone had any experience using these other providers or are there any others you would recommend or suggest? Thanks
  11. Uturn

    Container booked for Wednesday ...

    Has anyone had a quote for a 40ft container recently? We've had a quote from John Mason, quite is £6.6K. Seemed really professional and friendly. We are going to approach some other movers, but thought I would get a quote.
  12. Uturn

    189 visa granted today whooooop

    How old are your kids? We have 2.5 year and 7 week old.
  13. Uturn

    189 visa granted today whooooop

    I feel the same way, rather stay here a little longer and then save as much as possible. Speaking with the OH last night, we are thinking of booking our flights for Jan of next year. Would be nice to spend one last Christmas in the UK, and then go straight into summer in the New Year. Like you, I also want to save as much between now and then to help see us through until we have jobs. We don't have any family over there, and only a few friends, so having money is essential. The dilemma we are battling with at the moment is whether to sell or rent out the UK property. I like the idea of renting it out and having that investment in the UK, but if we had to sell say a couple of years later I believe there would be all sorts of tax implications and we would loose money. Would also be nice to take the equity now over to Aus. Not sure what we are going to do, I think we need to do more research on the tax implications. There are also so many other things to think of. As an example, our UK pensions. Having worked in the UK for so long, we dont want to loose our UK pensions, so need to investigate how we keep that going. Then there's what to sell and what to transport over there; I need to investigate the rules on that too. I was thinking of buying this book: http://www.amazon.co.uk/living-working-australia-David-Hampshire-ebook/dp/B00A2QTVEI/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1426241900&sr=1-1&keywords=living+and+working+in+australia A few people have said to me that it will tell me everything I need to know about what needs to be done before leaving to settling in Aus. I think I'll buy it and perhaps start a thread on this forum sharing what I have learned. Maybe it will be of some use to others.
  14. Uturn

    Good News and Bad News

    Wow, thats not great - really sorry to hear that. We were notified of our visa's being approved today. Up until now my OH didn't seem that interested and I think secretly was hoping it would all fall through. However, she is super excited now. I'm pretty excited too, but stressed out thinking about job opportunities and the decline of the Aussie economy. Its really unsettling thinking that we are going to sell everything and effectively start all over again in a new country and with two young kids. Really hope your OH comes around. I suspect she will, and just needs a little time. It's a massive change, I suppose we just have to deal with the anxiety until we are down under, then I'm sure things will just slot into place.
  15. Uturn

    189 visa granted today whooooop

    Congrats! We were informed today too that our visas had been granted. Really excited, but also extremely nervous. We don't have any jobs lined up, but know we need to choose a date and get moving.