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  1. Hi I have just read your post. My husband is a carpenter also. We are looking at moving over in 2019 and have been researching Tapping and surrounding areas. Any updates on best public schools around those areas, and also has the work front improved or set to improve anytime soon. He also has plenty of form work experience. Any info appreciated Thanks
  2. Millie1978


    My husband sat the ielts and needed all 8. We know how your feeling! Remember you are allowed to get a few wrong so fingers crossed you've done enough. Good luck x
  3. Millie1978

    Carpenter seeking work

    thats great news, nice to hear some positivity on the job front. All we seem to be hearing when we say we're moving to Perth and my husband is a carpenter, they say work has really slowed up and has practically stopped! Hope your settling back in again
  4. Millie1978

    Carpenter seeking work

    Andy7....how's the work front been since you've been back in Perth? Is there plenty of carpentry jobs available? Xx
  5. Congrats on getting your visas at long last. We also know that feeling as we only had our visas granted recently as well. My husband is a carpenter and I'm also in the beauty industry and we are making our move to Perth in Jan. We have heard lots of mixed reviews about carpentry but I'm sure there has to be some work out there, there is plenty of jobs being advertised online. Good luck with the packing xx
  6. Millie1978

    Carpenter seeking work

    Hi andy, just read your post. My husband is also a carpenter and we plan to move over in January on our pr visa. We have heard on the carpentry side of things work is slowing down. Is there much work around the city or from your experience will he find it hard to get a job? Any advice welcome xx
  7. Millie1978

    Carpenters advice!

    My husband is a carpenter and we recently got our permanent residency visas. All is looking good for us to be heading out to Perth for after Xmas. With the work slowing up in Perth will it be difficult for him to secure a job? Is there much work in the city or really would he have to travel up towards the new developments like Alkimos or are the slowing down as Well? All advice welcome.
  8. we have our permanent residency visas and my husband (carpenter) will be heading to Perth after Xmas. From your knowledge is the whole building trade slowing up? Would it be difficult for him to secure a job? Thanks
  9. My husband is a carpenter. We got our permanent residency visa a few months ago. It took a long time to come through, but with a young family to consider it is definitely the better option. You do not want to be let go of your job and have 90 days to find another sponsor. Carpentry is still on the list of skilled shortages but in Perth as a carpenter jobs are harder to find as less houses etc being built. For this type of industry I just hope the economy starts to pick up again in Perth for my husbands future.
  10. Millie1978

    Long term rental

    It's unreal when you hear the stories of what your saying! Sounds like the boom has definitely left Perth!
  11. Millie1978

    Thoughts on Butler?

    We have our permanent residency now and are looking at different suburbs, but I want to know why is there so many rentals available? A lot of people seem to be coming home (UK/Ireland) so is this it, or is it because the people that made money in the mines bought second properties and now can't rent them? Quite scary hearing of Perth slowing up a bit xxx
  12. Hi guys, So as most of you know we were granted our 189visa at beginning of July. For the past 2 years of waiting to get this visa we have always been for Perth. Now we actually have the visa an opportunity for my husband has become available in Sydney. He is a carpenter by trade and at the minute the work is endless for his trade in Sydney as the whole city is practically having a face lift. He has got in with a company who is promised years if work. Question is if he decides to give Perth a go is the work going to be guaranteed? We keep hearing carpentry work is slowing up in Perth due to the fact many rentals are vacant so not much need for new housing? plus this whole recession talk especially after the mines have slowed up. we have two little boys coming to. My husband is going out to oz either Sydney or Perth beginning of sept, and we have until end of March to validate our visas so will follow him out. I think for schools maybe Perth would be better? Advice welcome!! our heads are done in from the past two years and now another decision to make. Would love to hear of anyone In our situation and advice from any tradies out there xxxxxx
  13. Millie1978

    Finally our 189 golden ticket has arrived!!

    Huge congrats! We've had ours a week today and still seems unreal but very exciting xx
  14. Millie1978

    Anyone issued their 189 visa today?

    woohoo massive congrats....it's an unreal feeling isn't it? Xx