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  1. Osfarooq

    Anybody moving from UAE to Perth

    Hi Sarah, We are moving to WA in July this year, currently we are in Qatar. Would like to stay in touch for info sharing.
  2. Yes Usman Mandurah is regional and you can live and work there.
  3. If you are sponsored by WA state to get 489 than you required to live and work in regional areas outside of Perth. But if you are sponsored by eligible family member to get 489 than you can live and work anywhere in WA.
  4. Hello Lucy We just got our visa and planning to move to Bunbury in October this year. Would you please tell us that in which suburbs you got settled and how is the scene there for a family with a 3 years kid? Appreciate your help.
  5. Migration outcomes Australia did it for me. Stephen Dickson is the head and what a gem he is.
  6. Thanks guys, i already received my grant letter today.....cheers
  7. Hello Members, I paid VAC 2 charges for WA SS 489 visa on 18th Feb 2014 and got the invoice on same day. But today i received email from CO that my visa will be delayed because the allocated number of visas in this category are reaching there limit for 2013-14. CO also stated that he cannot give me any time frame for when he will be able to grant visa. Please tell me if this is happen to anyone else for any visa category. As you know that VAC 2 is only paid once visa processing is finished and ready for grant. But this is something new?? And this is annoying. Any thoughts on this guys? Thanks in advance.
  8. Osfarooq

    2015 arrivals

    We are planning to move early next year like january or February 2015. We are family of three including our 3 years old son. I will be looking for jobs in oil & gas sector. Would love to meet people there and make new friends...
  9. Osfarooq

    Anyone won IELTS appeal?

    Really sad for you Levi Better luck next time
  10. Hello Everyone, I have just received an invitation to apply for WA Ss.EOI for 489 submitted 4/9. Invite to apply for WA SS today. Omer
  11. Hello Murray146, Thanks for sharing. I also submitted my EOI for 489 visa last Wednesday on 4/9 but yet to hear anything. Hopefully we will get the response soon. Please keep updating on your status. Regards Omer
  12. Hello Friends New to this forum and happy to be a part of such informative community. Really appreciate the time and effort people are putting to help the newbies like me. Here i am in with the first question. I have just started the procedure to get my 190 visa with WA state sponsorship. I may get it in next coming year. I am currently working as an LNG Plant operator with more than 5 years experience in oil & gas sector and looking for jobs in the same sector in western Australia. If anybody having some idea or someone is related to LNG & Oil&gas sector, please put in your thoughts. Will there be any jobs in the future for Plant operators in Oil & Gas sector? What is the current situation of jobs in western Australia in LNG or Oil & Gas sector. Thanks in Advance Omer