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    Merry Christmas

    John whats the story with moneycorp changes? I'll PM you.
  2. wee_me

    Health Visitor

    Hi you should look on gov't website for community child health nurse jobs. They recognise and welcome SCPHN qualification. Depending on where you work in the uk will have an impact on the transition shock lol. If you are jumping with a heavy caseload/ child protection/case conferences/court in the UK it is VERY different here! Happy to chat over PM
  3. Hi the information you are looking for is somewhere! Were you at an old school of nursing with a university providing your degree? I was project 2000 and that's what I had- old school of nursing (in an old asylum) with degree provided by Strathclyde Uni. The uni that provided your degree will have the information on file To get registered the school would have had to send your academic and placement info to the old UKCC (NMC). I'm not being funny but your agent should have this sorted for you try the NMC and see what they have from your entry to register
  4. Hi just looking to see what people have set up re last will. i have assets in UK (property) and just bought here. Wondering if a will in Aus will suffice for both countries. I have apt with lawyer in couple of weeks but wondering what others have set up. Thanks
  5. wee_me

    Boxes wanted for moving

    thanks- having no luck with gumtree
  6. wee_me

    Boxes wanted for moving

  7. Hi we are moving house and looking for boxes- can anyone help? We are in Perth Thanks
  8. Hi jasmin the nursing society have a gathering this Friday 31st July- tickets are $15- you will get ticket from nursing society on campus. This will provide you an ideal opportunity to meet more people. The nursing society will also have a list of other events on.
  9. wee_me

    Nurse and Engineer moving to Perth..a few questions

    Hi did your wife do the community specialist nurse course or the advanced nurse practitioner course? I know you said that you have contacted people but.. to my knowledge what you have been told conflicts with what I understand. Your wife has effectively topped up her diploma with a nursing course at degree level (or above) Has your wife directly spoken to AHPRA/ANMAC? It would be different if your wife's MSc was in something other than nursing- did she explain the qualification? Good luck
  10. wee_me

    Nurse and Engineer moving to Perth..a few questions

    Hi The professional part of your wife's nurse practitioner qualification, that is, the prescribing, assessing, diagnosing part won't be recognised here. Nurse practitioners are having a pretty rough ride of it just now- they are having hours cut and jobs are hard to come by. Medics here (on the whole) don't want NPs it's quite political The NPs role here is not as autonomous as UK NPs. Nirsing here is very (very) different. Patient load smaller, autonomy is very limited- they actually have "doctors orders" lol However, in saying all that... good opportunities for UK nurses and money is better. Good luck
  11. Thanks for the replies- yes I understand the whole mortgage situation Im asking about when you submit a formal written offer to an estate agent. To clarify- do you give the estate agent a deposit along with your offer to show you're 'serious' or not? If so how much is 'normal'
  12. Hi when you submit a written offer for a (prebuilt/old) house do you always have to provide a deposit to the real estate agent? If so how much? Thanks
  13. wee_me

    South facing back garden

    Thanks yes it is a beach suburb we are looking at. I'm not bothered about the wind at all I just don't want a dull/shaded garden area
  14. Hi does a south facing back garden make as much of an impact on light like a North facing one does in the UK? For instance does it impact and shade the pool area and garden area? I have read mixed reports online so keen to hear from Perth people who have/had a south facing back garden
  15. wee_me

    money for abroad

    Thanks for the info Ill look into the Bali thing- not overly worried given the UK was in high alert for ages and everyone just got on with it! We go there middle of year, going to KL soon- can't wait!