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    I would prefer colder weather because Perth is too hot for my liking. By colder you don't mean freezing cold, is it?
  2. shresthaz


    Can anyone here provide me some information about Albany? I mean likes of weather, transportation system, housing and jobs. Thank You
  3. shresthaz

    World cup

    That's a very good news
  4. I don't have any WA experience as I have just recently migrated to Perth. That means my chances of landing a job is .....
  5. shresthaz

    job market in perth

    Is Perth that bad? Have I landed myself into trouble by moving to Perth then? OMG!!!
  6. Does contacting directly to the potential employers holds true for consulting companies as well?
  7. shresthaz


    Is it mandatory for the new arrivals to register with centerlink? And if yes, can it be done online? Thank you in advance
  8. I am also a civil engineer with design experience. I have applied for several jobs but couple of them had already rejected while waiting response from the rest. But I am not that positive. Have heard that job market is down. Hopefully it will go up soon. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  9. shresthaz

    Rental cost to wages

    Can you share that excel sheet with me as well?
  10. We are planning to move in early Feb 2014. But till now we haven't managed to find an accommodation for us. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  11. We don't have any friends there. So we need to look out for cheap temporary accommodation for at least a couple of weeks. I have marked couple of places in airbnb but nothing's finalized yet. BTW, how did you manage the long term rental? I mean don't you need any kind of reference for it? Regards
  12. 1k a week!!! Shocking...
  13. What would be an average rent near the city?