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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I am currently considering moving to Perth late 2022 (all being well with the borders). I have just gained my ACA qualification and am looking for some advise on a few things. If anyone could help I’d appreciate it. 1. Visa - I am unsure whether to go out there on a working holiday visa and try and get a job on the hopes of getting sponsored by an employer within the year. Or I could start the process of applying for a skilled worker visa 189, however from what I’ve learned online this seems to be a timely process and I may not even get invited to apply. 2. Jobs - I currently have 5 years experience working in practice (1 year doing accounting technicians, 4 years doing chartered accountants exams), but have just recently gained my qualifications. I was planning on getting my qualifications assessed and transferred to chartered accountants Australia and maybe doing some CPD courses in the Australian tax system before I move. Would this help my chances in getting a job? Would my lack of post qualification experience affect me? If I was to take a lower level job on a working holiday visa (Assistance accountant/accounts receivable/payable) to gain experience in the country would this help with the possibility of maybe applying for the skilled worker visa while I am in the country? Thank you in advance for advice given, really appreciate it. Aine
  2. Ashlenelouise

    Info about the 189 visa please

    Hi guys, just wondered if anyone could help with my situation ... I have sent off my skills assessment - just getting my things certified for my registration .. Then send that off how ever I am unhappy with my recent work commitments .. Just wondered if you need current job details for 189 or if a previous job details will suffice ... ?
  3. Hi all Firstly, apologies in advance for any ignorance on my part, I am a newbie to this all. My husband and I are currently looking into our options to move to Australia. We have visited twice and it has long been a dream of ours to settle down under. My husband is 35 next month, I am 32; and we do not have children. My husband has been self employed as a carpenter and kitchen fitter during the last 10 years but most of his skills were acquired on the job and, as yet, he has no qualifications. He would be able to provide customer references throughout the years, photos/videos of carpentry work he has done, tax returns, copy invoices and letters from other carpenters he has worked with throughout the years. We would be willing to invest in any necessary training or assessments. The question I would like to ask is, do we have any chance of getting a 189 visa in spite of my husband's non-qualifications? Thank you
  4. On Monday I had my technical interview in Manchester for carpentry, logged on this morning to the Vetassess website and it said "positive" under the results The interview went well and the assessor was easy to get on with, it lasted approx hour and a half and there were about 40 questions. It was done over the internet via webcam conference with the assessor based in OZ. He skipped quite a few questions especially the h&s questions as he said there is no point questioning me on them as I work within that role at the moment and the carpentry questions were basic and anyone that has worked within carpentry for a few years would easily pass. The questions are based on what they teach Australian apprentices and is similar to what uk students are taught. Now I have to wait for the results to come through the post for the much needed reference number unless anyone knows what number I need to use from the vetassess login page? Then I can submit my EOI and then hopefully not too long to wait until I get invited to apply for my 189 visa. All very exciting, fingers crossed carpentry isn't removed from the occupation list before I apply for my visa.