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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, I am desperately looking for contract letter to reply my 190 invitation for Electronic equipment trade worker.
  2. Hello all, I'm really hoping someone can help put my mind at ease as I'm really starting to panic. I've gone through the entire process of the State Nominated Visa; - Vetassess Completed - EOI Submitted, invited to apply, applied and approved. I was sent a nomination agreement to sign and send back which stated that once returned, my EOI will be updated on SkillSelect and I would be able to apply for the visa. I sent the form back almost 3 weeks ago and I've not heard a peep from either SkillSelect or the DIAC. I've sent them a few emails but have had no response back. When I call, I stay on hold for so long that I end up putting the phone down. Is anyone else in the same boat? Has anyone else had their state sponsorship application approved but still waiting to be invited to apply for the 190 visa?? I'm so confused and pretty stressed out about it all :frown:
  3. Hey guys. I've recently submitted my EOI for the 189 and 190 Visa (26/06/15). I have 65points for the 189 and 70points for the 190 visa. 189 visa is my first choice. I am applying for the Secondary School Teacher occupation and have had my successful qualification assessment through. I am currently living in Perth on a Tourist visa. I am wondering approx waiting time for the invitation to come through, as i am hoping to get on the bridging visa ASAP so i can start getting back to work. I am willing to wait 1-2months longer in Aus for the invitation to come through, if it doesn't come by then i'll have to go back to the UK and wait for a response from home. Any ideas on how how long invitations take to come through? I am aware that the next invitation round is happening tomorrow (06/07/15). My points are quite high so i am hoping i will be a priority. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Archie x
  4. Hi everyone, I just wanted to see if anyone has ever had this email from the Department of Immigration before? I am going on a 190 visa, I've completed everything, been asked for more information so have passed police checks and medical. I was planning on realistically being there November this year but received this email about processing times.... (just selected a brief paragraph) The visa for which you have applied is part of the Skilled Nominated category. The Migration Programme determines the maximum number of visas that can be granted in each visa category. Applications for this visa are processed in line with Migration Programme planning levels. These planning levels have precedence over indicative client service standard timeframesThe Migration Programme planning level for the Skilled Nominated category now has limited number of places left for the 2014-15 program year. This means processing times will be longer and that once the remaining places are used, the Department cannot grant further visas in this category during this programme year., Any thoughts or advice please? my processing time is supposed to be 3 months, I don't mind even if its 5-6 I'm just worried it won't even be this year
  5. Dear Perth Poms! I'm very please to say that after over 18 months we received our visa!!!! Our migration agent was kind enough to call us and tell the good news! It wasnt in time enough for us to go now in August, so we are adjusting our plans to activate our visa on Easter half term next year! We would love to go ASAP but this will be a important time for us to plan our move properly, so it's for the best to wait a few months! Now the fun bit to plan our trip!!!
  6. Hi, I had lodged my application on 6 March. I know peple have received delay mails from their CO's Till date have not received any communication from DIAC. My application was VIC govt sponsored and I currently hold 457 Visa and am based in australia itself. I applied for Software Tester. Any latest news, when could be the earliest date when DIAC starts processing applications again?
  7. Hey everyone! I have been browsing these forums for a few weeks now, it's really great to see everyone's experiences and to see people's progress as they apply for visas. I have a 2 questions though... 1. What are the big differences between the 189 and the 190 visa. What are the advantages/disadvantages for choosing one over the other? I am confused as I have been researching the 190 and now realise that my OH (who is an electrician) has been told by a migration agent that he could apply for 189? 2. Second question....I realise that everyone's application process is different but what is the time frame I am looking at if I were to do the 190/189 visa myself? Would it take a shorter amount of time if I were to do it instead of through a migration agent? I guess this depends on whether we pass certain stages of the application process or not. Sorry for the ramblings, but I feel like this is the place to ask those kind of questions! Thanks Jo
  8. Dear Folks , Today I observed in my e-visa page that my medicals got cleared. Message shows all three of us, No health examinations are required for this person for this visa subclass based on the information provided to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Last evening I observed it too and medicals link was there. Today is saturday and holiday in all over Australia. So MOC is not working today. Thats means my medicals got Auto cleared. Same Thing happened when my medicals got referred. The date was 28th July sunday as per my CO. So, medicals got referred Auto. What a funny!!
  9. Hello everyone! Well, I am not sure where to start but I have just discovered this forum and thought it would be a great idea to join. My boyfriend and I are considering moving out to Perth and we are in the early stages of researching the whole notion! We have been to Perth twice now; first time, on a working holiday visa where we spent 7 months living with family and working (in a bakers and as an electrician) and the second time as a holiday for 2 weeks. It wasn't long enough! But it reignited our desire to return and try it out for real!! So, we're looking at the skilled 190 visa, as my bf is an electrician I will be his defacto. I just wanted to hear about everyone's experiences; good and bad. What should we expect, costs, waiting times, how hard/easy did you find the whole application process? Were the IELTS tests hard? How are you mejoying Perth if you are now there and settles. I have so many questions and just want to hear peoples experiences and gain some tips for when we start our application process! Thanks guys and hopefully hear from you all soon! Jo
  10. Guest

    Medicals - An Update

    Received this today: Dear Claire Thank you for your email. Please be advised that your medicals have been assessed and finalised. Please contact allocated case officer to follow up on the progress of the visa application. If you have any further enquiries or system issues, could you please contact us again. Regards, Hansa Hirani Health Strategies and Coordination Section Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) Email: Health.Strategies@immi.gov.au Fax: +61 2 6264 1380 Does this mean that we have passed the medicals??? I am going to contact our case officer but has anyone else received an email like this when their medicals have been approved? Thanks Claire
  11. Hi, I am looking at applying for a 190 visa. Providing I get a 7 in all sections of the ILETS test I don't need my partners points as I'll score 65 points, however, do you think it's worth doing anyway so that I score 70 points? I know my partner will have to have his skills assessed and do the ILELTS test as well. I'm applying under "Real Estate Representative", we are a family of 4 and I'm concerned that they won't approve my application if they think my skill is too low level to support a family of 4?? My husband is an IT consultant and has a higher skill level than me. Does it work like that or am I worrying about nothing??? Thanks!
  12. Got the email this morning from DIAC that weve been waiting for, Visas Granted!!!!! OMG! Entry date 25 January, now the planning can commence.
  13. Guest

    Just a waiting game

    We applied for our 190 back in December 2012, sat medicals on 25 Jan and medicals were sent to DIAC on 22 Feb. Not heard a thing yet and checking frantically every day! We went through an agent and they just advised that it can take up to 12 weeks for the medicals to be processed and then a further 6 weeks for the CO to process. Waiting is fine if you are patient! Patient I am not!!! Is there a way to check medical progress online as I dont even know whether they have looked at the medicals yet?? How is everyone else getting on? Claire. x
  14. Hi We have just received a positive response from Vetassess but they only gave my OH 7 years work experience which means we have 50 points in total. We did want to apply for a 190 VISA but my OH doesnt want to do the IELTS test as he doesnt think he will pass (wont even try) so our other option is a 489 visa and to live in a designated area outside CBD. Having looked at the postcode list i think our best option is Mandurah (first choice) or Bunbury. The other thing is i have family in Joondalup so dont want to be too far from them so i can visit. Our last option is to wait until May 2013 and then my OH will have 8 years work experience and 55 points and we can apply for a 190 and live where we want. We are unsure what to do, while i dont want to wait until May to lodge our visa and then wait to see if it gets accepted. While no one can make our decision for us i appreciate any help and info you can give Thanks
  15. Hey I'm doing some research into apply for the 190. I'm going to be to be putting in an EOI for a WA State sponsored Visa in the coming weeks. I had a good chat with an immigration agent there yesterday about my options. I should meet the 60 points fairly easy(hope to have 70 should be get top marks in IELTS and skills assess) The only potential problems he could see on my EOI and applications was me proving my 12months Australian work Experience in my giving trade. Again - this is not a problem, the problem is as I was working as sub contractor.... I messed up, and haven't kept on top of my Taxes. My agent says I might not get asked..... but i "MAY" get asked to shown I've been paying taxes, so be prepared. Has anybody had similar problem? Or been in a similar situation I have the money there for all my Visa expenses - but if I have to repay unpaid taxes in full before the application its gonna cripple me - that's if I can do it. Would it be possible to come to an arrangement with the ATO and pay in installments. This way I can prove that I'm making and effort to pay.... and it wont F**K up my Visa application Im just looking into all options before I sink my life savings into this, last thing I want is to pay all this money only for them refuse. Any solutions or help greatly appreciated