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Found 7 results

  1. The Rudd Government’s changes to the temporary skilled migration scheme are delivering the skills Australia needs with new figures showing almost a quarter of all primary subclass 457 visas granted in the first five months of 2009–10 were for workers in the health care and social assistance sectors. Registered nurses, general medical practitioners and medical practitioners in training top the list of occupations, along with computing professionals, for primary visas granted to temporary skilled overseas workers to November 30. The average nominated base salary increased sharply to $85 300 compared to $74 700 for the same period last year and almost 90 per cent of primary visas granted were to managers and administrators, professionals or associated professionals. Approximately 26 per cent of all primary visa applications granted have been to citizens of the United Kingdom, with 14 per cent to citizens of India and eight per cent to US citizens. However, at the end of November 2009, there were 73 000 subclass 457 primary visa holders in Australia – 11 per cent lower than the end of November 2008 and 12 per cent lower than the peak of 83 130 at end of February 2009. In the current economic climate, the Rudd Government recognises the need for industry to access temporary skilled overseas labour where there are demonstrated skills shortages but is committed to ensuring they are not employed ahead of local workers or used to undermine Australian wages and conditions. These latest figures show that the subclass 457 visa program is responding to the changes made by the Rudd Government to protect local jobs. The Rudd Government’s worker protection laws, which came into effect on 14 September 2009, includes the requirement to pay overseas workers market salary rates, so that subclass 457 visa holders are on the same wages and conditions of employment as those provided to an Australian worker undertaking equivalent work in the same workplace. The laws also provide greater protection for more vulnerable subclass 457 visa holders to ensure they are not exploited. The legislation increased sanctions, including fines, for those who breach their obligations. In addition, skills assessments for subclass 457 visa applicants in trade occupations and chefs were progressively introduced from 1 July 2009 to maintain the integrity of the scheme. Media Release URL: http://www.minister.immi.gov.au /media/media-releases/2010/ce10002.htm Last update: 12 January 2010 at 10:02 AEST
  2. hi im a 457 visa holder married status when applied in Australia got my annulment and want to change my martial status to de facto to get my partner a 457 visa extension (partner visa) how does it work? thank you
  3. SENIOR WEB DEVELOPER - RUBY & JAVASCRIPT We are looking for an extremely passionate and highly skilled individual to work on an exciting web based software project. Working with a team of six talented developer's you will be working in an agile development environment that is fast paced and will allow you to develop your skills with emerging technology. Role is Sydney Based. Web application development API code development Documentation Testing and support Criteria: Significant Ruby experience Javascript experience. In particular JQuery, Scriptaculous and Sproutcore CouchDB or other document-based database experience Significant HTML/CSS experience Experience with source control software (SVN/Git/etc) Linux/Unix command line + scripting, server admin experience Excellent problem solving skills Dedication and a strong passion for web application development Excellent communication skills - both written and verbal Ability to listen, interpret and thrive off feedback Experience with Mobile Application Development This is an extremely exciting opportunity to become part of a growing Australian web based software company. Client is also offering 457 Visa Sponsorship (Australian work visa) for the correct candidate. Konnecting is an Australian Skilled Migration & Recruitment Consultancy, who sources candidates for niche role. We are a registered migration agency who can also process the Australian employer sponsored 457 visa. Australian 457 Visa Sponsorship is available to suitable candidates. Contact us at recruit@konnecting.com or visit our website konnecting.com Fred Molloy Registered Migration Agent: MARN: 0853698 Konnecting - Skilled Migration & Recruitment
  4. Guest

    Hi all

    Hi everyone. Really enjoying the forum, and the advice given is first class - able to answer the questions we had by reading the posts, plus found answers to questions we didn't even know we needed to know... if ya get my drift . Anyway we are really early on in the moving to Oz stage. We have only recently decided to go for it and have gone full speed into making it happen. I am a Warehouse and Logistics manager with over 20 years experience, my wife is a contract manager for a recruitment agency and we have 2 boys (15 & 13). So have looked at the Skilled visa route as a first choice - Supply and Distribution Manager (133611). Unfortunately the specs for this have been tightened over recent years (so we are told), and the stipulation of being a senior manager that reports into the CEO does not quite meet my own role, as although i am a senior manager i do not report into the CEO. So.... We think that the 457 visa route is the one to go down. I know of 2 people in the last 12 months that have gone down this route, and understand it can be very hit or miss, but we are going to go for it and see what happens. We have been advised that if we are serious about the move, that it would be advisable to NOT fixate on moving to one particular area (which makes sense), so although we want Perth to be our new home it may have to take a back seat to another area. There is an Expo next month that we are going to, so fingers crossed..... Thanks
  5. Has anyone tried this route? If you have, what was your experience please?
  6. if you PM me i will give you the email of a company who is only looking for welders boilermakers and coded welders. you need to be from uk or ireland canada or usa it is $33.75 per hour 55 hours a week plus more ample overtime this is 457 visa on labour agreement after 2 years you can get pr status hope this helps some bud's josh.
  7. happyhosefitter

    Adding family to my 457 visa

    I'm the holder of a 457 visa and would like to add my children & defacto partner as secondary applicants to my visa. I have contacted my employer but for some reason he seems to be delaying the process of permission to add them to my visa. All he has to do is sign a form giving permission (which I've supplied). He emailed me back suggesting "his friend" as an agent (who now sends me lots of unwanted spam emails) and he also does insurance apparently. I have an agent in place, whom was extremely helpful with getting me here, and I remain in contact with and I already have insurance in place. Has anyone else come across this problem and could I get the Australian immigration agency to look into this? It almost seems like he is under the impression that my visa is his and it feels like I'm being held to ransome. I've been very reasonable so far in my responses despite my increasing worries. Any advice would be good.