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Found 9 results

  1. Hi All. Could anyone please tell me if you can obtain a mortgage on a 457 visa please? Many thanks.
  2. Hi guys!!! I'm going crayz because of very long processing time on my visa applicaiton. I've been checking the visa tracking information on daily basis from the immigration website and there is no update since 29 May 2013. It has been almost 4 months and still no good news (( I would really appriciate it if anyone can advise me what the reason could be for this long delay and when I expect to receive an update???? Application 457 Business Long Stay Primary - XXX 28/03/2013 Application received - processing commenced 28/03/2013 Application fee received 02/04/2013 Application being processed further Person 1 XXX 02/04/2013 Further information required 29/05/2013 Health requirements finalised 08/04/2013 Further medical results referred ??????
  3. JJE

    457 to PR

    Hi all, I have been employed on a 457 since march 2015. I was looking for answers with how eligible I would be to apply for PR, my contract is a casual contract but states guaranteed 38hr minimum week, I have 27 weeks in total where I did not hit 35 hours since being employed, and all together including my holidays and the days off due to no work count up to 140 days, I was also made redundant by said company early this year then re-employed by same company, I hit the guaranteed minimum $60,000 dollars for this years payment summary, but unfortunately not for 15/16 year. Can anyone tell me if I have to many wrongs against the contract to be eligible for the ENS transition to PR? Thanks
  4. I have applied for a sponsored 457 Visa which all seems to be going OK. but just taking what seems a long time. The application was lodged as soon as the Job nomination came through on the 1st May and we have heard nothing since. the case officer has all the details and when contacted just said that it was being possessed. Is this normal? i have read alot of people get theirs through with in a few weeks especially with a sponsored visa. Now heading into month 4 and still don't seem to be any closer. Many Thanks
  5. Checked immigration website when I got up this morning like I do each morning and our 457 visa has been granted get in there Ben 4 weeks since submission so it is a quick turn around Looking to be in Perth by the end of oct I am so happy this morning My two kids and wife are over the moon Josie 6 and Harry 1 Se you soon Perth
  6. Hi I am a CIMA qualified management accountant and I am looking for employer sponsorship for a 457 visa as my family and I would love to migrate to Oz. I have had my skills assessed and approved by CPA Australia and taken the IELTS assessment. My ideal would be to find an employer from Perth to sponsor me but I am flexible and would also consider other areas of Oz. I am applying to jobs on the various websites eg SEEK, my Career but I wonder if there is anything more proactive I can do. Thanks for any help you can give. Cheers Mark
  7. Hi everyone, If anyone could offer me some advice it would be very much appreciated. We are hoping to move to Perth in the not too distant future, but due to being 5 points short for a permanent visa we would unfortunately need to apply for a 489 T/V with a view to applying for the 887 P/V after 2 yrs. We have a daughter who will be 18 when we apply who would apparently therefore need to be in full time education to be able to be included on our visa due to her age? We have looked into a full time college course that interests her but she has also been offered the same qualification but as an apprenticeship which she would get a small wage for; £350 p/m. She would still be living at home and obviously would be dependant on us still on such a low wage. Therefore my question is... although this apprenticeship wouldn't be classed as being in full time education, as most of her week would be hands on in placement, it is still a learner course so would this still make her eligible to be on our visa? Sorry to make it long winded but thought I need to properly explain my circumstances. Thank you in advance.
  8. G'day. Just a quick question in case anyone is in the know - my husband and I are awaiting a 457 visa. It was submitted on the 14th Sept which means that so far we have been waiting nearly 7 weeks now for it to be authorised. Starting to panic as moving out of flat, etc, in the next couple of weeks. Are other people experiencing delays (was told originally it should take 4-6 weeks to come through) and if so how long did it take you? I know there is nothing that can realistically be done to speed it up, but it would be good to have a rough idea as to how much longer we need to wait. We are so excited to come to Perth and just want to get moving now! Any ideas?
  9. Hello everyone, I realise this topic has been covered many times before but I was looking for a more definitive answer if anyone could help. My partner and I are over here on 417 Working Holiday Visa's, she's a nurse working for a large private hospital and will likely be offered sponsorship shortly. I've been offered sponsorship with my current employer (on the list etc etc) but don't intend staying with the company due to a variety of reasons. Anyway I was thinking of going defacto on her 457 visa when it is proposed as it would save a lot of hassle and also allow me to look for a new job without the restrictions that a WHV brings. I'm under the impression that as a defacto on a 457 visa it's not a requirement to have been living together for over 6 months - although it certainly helps. But the main priority is to demonstrate a relationship has existed for over 6 months? My partner and I have been together for over 7 years but have only moved in together since arriving in Oz so just over 3 months really. We've got a joint bank account over here, both names on lease, bills etc. We would be able to provide countless amount of evidence in terms of statements from parents, friends, friends with PR Visa, holiday photos, flights etc. My understanding is that if we can demonstrate that a relationship (over 6 months) exists then there shouldn't be an issue. Something which I think we wouldn't have a problem doing. If someone could confirm this is correct then that would be great. Another option we do have would be to live together for 6 months in our current rental then add myself as a Defacto at a later date. Although I don't think this would be ideal as the company would likely be using an agent and would prefer to do everything in one go. Any help would be appreciated, Kyle