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Found 11 results

  1. Hi my names Nick I am a solid plasterer and Cork Coatings applicator in the uk with a nvq level 2 and 3 and over 12 years experience I am considering getting my AQF 3 I have already started my 189 visa application and I am ready for skills assessment. What is work like for a solid plasterer over in Perth? What can I expect to earn. I am also considering getting my Plasterer’s assessors qualification. I don’t mind starting at the bottom and working my way up the ladder. Any advice people and offer me will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Are you feeling frustrated with your current job or are you trying to get a job having recently arrived in Perth? Do you hate waking up in the mornings and going to work? Do you dream of a better job? The Job Market Is Constantly Changing (It’s Not What It Used to Be) If you fail to keep up with how to play the game you will fall behind teh competition in the ever increasing competitive job market Learn how to play the game and win – Get That Job! Unfortunately...MOST PEOPLE never have any control of their career They leave it up to chance and hope things will fall into place…..... And hope…………….. And hope………………… (I used to hope and I realised that I was going NO-WHERE FAST!!!!!!!!!) It’s so common to meet people who are living unfulfilled lives and working in unfulfilling jobs. Why? Because we don’t realise that just like us, careers and jobs have personalities Crazy? True!! The GOOD NEWS is that this is possible to CHANGE With the right knowledge and skills you can actively play the game to win Get THAT job!!! And become your most confident self Sounds good, right? Which is why....... YOU are INVITED to………… A 90 minute seminar On How You Can Take Control of Your Career and Learn How to Play The Game To WIN!!!! You Will Learn: - The Traditional Approach to Your Career and why it no longer works - The Modern Approach to Your Career and how it can WORK for YOU - Learn how to POSITION yourself to GET THAT JOB!! - Learn to play the game to WIN!! And much MUCH more : ) A limited number of seats are available so: 1 - RSVP by sending a text message to 0466 694 511 with your name and date of this workshop being held in Leederville 2 - Make sure to save the date in your calendar 3 - Remember to come along to the workshop 4 – SEATS are LIMITED (only 30 seats are available). Want to bring a friend? Or know someone who needs this? Invite them along as well. The venue is in Leederville on Tuesday 8th March from 645pm to 830pm and close to public transport and FREE parking. See you there! Marilyn Garbin Education Consultant Trainer and Assessor Ex TAFE Lecturer (Business, Retail and Career Development) Careers Advisor Work Experience Co-ordinator Post Graduate Certificate in Career Development (ECU, 2013) Cert IV TAA Cert IV Small Business Management PS: These events always fill up fast and are also advertised elsewhere so please book your ticket early to avoid missing out. See you there!
  3. aussiee007

    Visa advice - help

    Hi I am looking for some visa advice and would be grateful for any help or advice. I am 33 years old been going to Perth since I was 16, been there 11 times. I took my girlfriend (28 years old) and our one year old Son to Perth recently to visit family and friends. We both love the place and want to move over for good. We are all British. My background is retail, customer service and social housing. My girlfriend backgrounds is having her own business as a landlady of a public house - she holds a personal alcohol licence. Please could anyone advice us the best way forward to emigrate to Perth? what is the best visa options etc have been looking at the Australian website immi but am stuck as if my girlfriend obtains a working holiday visa as she's under 31 my Son and I can't travel with her. We be most grateful for any help. Many thanks
  4. Mrs&MrW

    Book ahead or wait?

    Hello everyone! We are new here... we have lots of questions but we'll start with the most urgent one! My husband and I are planning our move to Perth and we are very excited! Our visa is subclass 190 WA sponsorship. My husband is a teacher and for this reason our holidays options are quite restricted. We want to visit Perth and hopefully activate our visa in mid July 14, but we don't have our visa yet. CO have been assigned last week, medicals done on the 1st of March and police checks sent to CO today through our migration agent. From your experience, how long until we have our visa? Is it worth risking booking our holidays now? Flights prices are increasing every day (£116 more since we last checked a month ago), we already lost a great rental accommodation and don't want to loose another one... we are concerned if we wait too long, we'll pay a lot more for everything! Was is the same for you guys? Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. Thanks
  5. jojo1310

    Vetassess Advice

    Good Morning fellow Poms in the UK and Australia!! I was wondering if any of you could give me some advice on VETASSESS. My boyfriend is a fully qualified electrician. I know that VETASSESS is a procedure in which his skills are to be assessed and to see if he can work in OZ, but if he has all the relevant certificates and qualifications, why should he have to be assessed when it is clear to see he is fully qualified? I am just wondering and wanted to know if it is an area of the WA visa application process that we won't have to do, (as it's SUPER pricey!) or whether it's a necessity for my bf to complete before we start the process. Many Thanks! Jo
  6. Hi Everyone, Newbys to the site so still trying to find our way around. A little introduction...We are the Bridge's made up of me (Allie), my husband and our 2 year old son and we currently live in the North West. We are well underway in our move to Perth and have just been called for medicals and police checks - reality is starting to hit home! We are very much looking forward to our adventure but, as many probably are/were, a little scared/nervous about starting all over again. Advice greatly welcome on any settling in techniques!! We have recently started being contacted by financial companies/advisers and this is something we really know little about - do we really need them??!! We are in the process of getting our house on the market but aren't sure what to do with the money once we sell - do we keep it in a British account or transfer it all across?? Any words of wisdom / useful links would be much appreciated... Hope some of you can help Bye for now x
  7. Hey Everyone, I am hopefully going to be moving to Perth in the Near furture through my Current Employer. Just finalising everything and as you may appreciate, I am doing all of my research to find out everything I need to know so that I am best prepared for the Move I will run through what I need to know, and if anyone can help with any of it, I would be very greatful. 1.) So first of all I am going to be a Recruitment Consultant for one of the Leading Agencies in the World. Does anyone know what the Average pay is for a Recruitment Consultant in Perth? 2.) What is a good/realistic Salary to live on? It will be myslef, my partner and our 2 young children of 3yrs and 1yr and my Partner will be a stay at home mum to start with. 3.) We dont plan to have an extorshionatly expensive lifestyle. Just want to be able to pay all of the bills with my wage, being able to save a little bit (All be it, it ma be very little, but saving something is better than saving nothing) So to pay normal bills that everyone else would pay and live confortably (We have no debts to pay niether) 4.) Talking of bills, What bills exactly would I need to be paying? Please can you specify whether its on a Weekly, Monthly or Quartly basis =]. Ive heard people say "Rates" but what is meant by that and also heard the term "Foxtel" or something, what is that? (I Will be Renting) 5.) Talking of Renting, I know there will be a deposit required upfront but what sort of cost is an average? What is realistic. I have not yet decided where abouts in Perth I would like to live yet but If I could have some examples of what prices are like. I will be working in the City Centre between West and East Perth and South of Northbridge on a Road called "The Esplanade" - I do not mind a small comute each morning neither. 6.) What kind of transport is available, Since I will not have a car right away, I will probably be using Public Transport, Is there a bus Metro system and what kind of Charges do they incur roughly? 7.) Banking... What is the best Bank to open an account at? the most reliable and preferably quite well known. All I require is an account to pay my wages into and allow for my standard monthly bills to come out, Use my card at the ATM and pay for things by card in Shops and Resturants. Also is there anything really different about the Australian Banking system that differs to here in the UK. Are there any charges for opening accounts etc... 8.) Medicare?... Can someone explain this please and the costs that are involved with it. This is all I can think of right now but If you feel there is anything I have missed then your feedback will be valued and utilised. I look forward to speaking to you all Regards, Punky
  8. Hello all, I am a 23 year old young mother from California, USA. My husband and I are looking for a better future for our two children and Perth seems like a well-rounded area with opportunities for both myself and my husband as well as our kids. ​I am hoping to learn more about Perth and the surrounding areas through this site. I am interested in health care, taxes, jobs, cost of living as in rent/mortgage, utilities, groceries and gas/car expenses, how natural birthing and breastfeeding friendly the area is and public schools vs. private schools. All advice is gladly welcomed and appreciated. Thank you for your help, ​ Jordan
  9. Hi my name is James, I li ved in Perth for 7 years and as so i have af family and friends out there witch i have managed to set people up with work and contacts and even friends. I have helped alot of people with nearly all aspects of emergrating from who to contact to get it started to where to go and what to once you are in Perth. First thing i would say is, alot of people ask if the life you can have in Perth is a good one, i answer with "without a doubt" you can make the life out there what ever you want with out being held back by some of the things that do back in the UK. You have the advantage of not having any previous history with people so there is not grudges not arguments you get to set your self up as the person you know you can be. If there is anything that anyone would like to know eg. schools, shops, work, pubs, going out andything you can think of pm me and i will do everything i can to help you out. cheers James
  10. Have you moved from the UK and are wondering: Should I leave my assets in the UK? What are my options in Australia? How does the Oz system work? Are there benefits to moving my pensions to Oz? Is there an easy way to organise it? What will I be entitled to here & from the UK? Next free seminar 6pm on Tuesday 27th July at: Mandurah City Football Club Hyundai Stadium Halls Head WA 6210 Register for the next seminar at www.ukpensions.merideon.com.au or call 08 95835299.
  11. Guest

    help needed

    I want to visit perth as I have idea to open a business, it would only be a small business and I couldnt show a great deal of money as my idea would not cost to much to start and would only make me a living. I have no qualifications, my plan would be to come look around, see if my plan would work, to do this a visa is not a problem, how would I get a visa if I wanted to come back to open my business and try it for a year? help please.