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Found 3 results

  1. Steve Brown

    Cost of living

    I'm considering studying in Perth for a year but some people say that it's really expensive to live there. In particular, one person I'd spoken to said that food was really expensive. As someone on a student budget, I wondered whether I'd be able to survive for the two semesters needed to complete the course. I know that there's no such thing as a 'typical' grocery shop, but could someone give me a ball-park figure (AUD) for a week's grocery shopping for one? Thanks.
  2. Hi folks! Myself, my girlfriend and our two children intend to ditch the doom and gloom of the UK in favour of a new life in Australia ASAP but could really do with some help and guidance in regards to how much money would be required before we're able to set a realistic date for our arrival. Okay, so I've done some research of my own and here's what I've come up with: $4,500 to pay for our flights $2,000 to secure a rental property $6,000 to cover our first three months rent $2,500 to allow for three months worth of food TOTAL: $15,000 (just over £8,000 - feel free to correct me if this is wrong) Please bare in mind that I have very little knowledge in regards to day-to-day living costs in Perth and therefore I've had to guesstimate most of those sums. Anyway, I would now like to find out a little more about other expenses, such as utility bills, mobile phones and anything else we may need to budget for in order to ensure that our move goes through without too many hiccups. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Gary.
  3. Hello! Me and my boyfriend are planning to move to perth asap on a working holiday visa. We currently live in the philippines working here as scuba diving instructors. I have work in tourism and hospitality for the last few years and before that i worked in many different bars and restaurants in america and england. My boyfriend is a british electrician. As we have been travelling for the last few years we have very little money. ( i have like £200 and he has about £3000!!! GRRIIMM!) we have been told by so many people we have met, including many of our diving guests from perth that if we went there we could make a killing. we really want to relocate asap, we are looking into beginning of march 2013.... so what i was wondering is is this completely unrealistic?? if the streets are paved of gold in perth why isnt everyone trying to get there? Will we even be able to get visas with my non existent bank balance? how much can we be expecting to pay to get set us (downpayments on a flat, a car, basic living costs). how long until we can get jobs. We have been told we can get one with the click of our fingers but with more research online my boyfrind would have a LOT of money to spend to be legal to work as an electrician in oz. i have heard things about tax numbers, bank accounts etc needed before working.. is this quite straightofrward or could it delay us earning. is there any point to going if we are broke? i know we are only allowed a 1yr working holiday visa so would we forever be playing catch up with bills if we go there with no savings, or woould we be able to have fun and do a bit of travelling with what we could potentially earn? any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!! thank you thank you thank you!!!