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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I have a question for those who have experience in working both in UK and Oz as a primary school teacher. I have been reading on Level 3 classroom teacher applications and senior teachers, and I'd like to get a real insite on how it would work for someone coming from the UK to work in Oz. The situation is: primary school teacher with 15 years experience, outsanding teacher, working in school management for the past 8 years, 5 of those as a Deputy Head Teacher, but also keeping some involvement in classroom. Wouldn't mind to move over to Australia and work as a classroom teacher. I read you need to be employed by the Dept of Education for you to apply for Level 3 classroom teacher, and I appreciate the complexity of portfolio, etc... My question is: can a experienced teacher from UK apply for a Level 3 classroom teacher once employed in Oz? Is the UK experience accpted for the portfolio? I know it won't be something that you'd do in your first week there, but I'm wondering if you'd have to work another 15 years in Oz to get there again? Also, I have never seen jobs advertized for level 3 classroon teachers... so how they come about? Also, what is the difference between level 3 classroom teacher and senior teacher? How do you progress from one to another? I'm just trying to get my head around on career progression and keep our expectations realistic. Thanks a lot for your insight. PS: Primary school teacher with Oz only experience are also wellcome to comment. :smile2:
  2. Hi All, This is my first post. To start things off, I have over 6 years in the construction industry (mainly in civil & structural engineer drafting) with experience running my own jobs back home in Jersey. To back all this up I have multiple qualifications (2/3 of my BSc (Hons) Construction Management completed), yet I get turned away from every job I apply for due to the same reasoning "Australian Experience Essential". How is anybody meant to gain experience in nobody is willing to open a door? I have even tried applying for traineeship roles, telling them I don't mind taking the drop in salary, etc, explaining how they will gain out of it due to the fact they only need to teach me Australian codes. Yet I get turned away because I am, to them, "Over Qualified"!! Its so aggravating!! I'm even applying Australia wide for jobs! Still no door opens! Has anybody else had this problem? If so how did you get past it? Rant Over!
  3. Hi New here on the site and maybe looking towards starting a consultancy business for myself, I have been working for the past 5 years as an Australian Career Adviser (Specialising in young people), I have worked with students in schools (year 8-12`s) and TAFE`s (college), Uni`s and Unemployed people. I also know a great deal of info about Employment trends and opportunities in WA. My Qualifications are Certificate IV`s (Advanced/Higher National Diploma) in Career Development, Youth Work and Training and Assessment, I also possess a Working with Children Check Card (mandatory) and a passion for helping young people (and Parents) get great career advice My questions are " 1) Would you as Migrants Pay for Career advice for your kids? a) prior to coming out or b) or once you are out here. 2) If so, How much? I would also, as part of my service to you provide info on Schools, Qualifications and Job seeking mine fields, so you can make better informed choices for you and your family Thanks for your time Steve