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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I have just completed a Bsc Civil Engineering degree, have got a 176 sponsored by WA. Does anyone know what are the Graduate Civil Engineering opportunities in Perth are like? I'm hearing two different sides from the uk, one saying there are loads of positions waiting to be filled, the other it's very hard to get a job with no Australian experience. Any help would be appreciated. Mark
  2. Hi All I want comments from your worthy experiences as its a bit frustrating for me and want a forum where I can share my concern. I am a Civil Engineer with 4+ years experience living in WA since Nov 2012 and meanwhile I applied for PR which is due for grant soon as I was on 475 but thought PR is much better if you plan to stay here forever. I am working for a local builder at the moment. Recently, I got interviewed for Manager Infrastructure position in a Shire. The interview was conducted by a panel comprising of CEO, Manager Corporate Services and the Executive Manager Technical Services (The main guy who is hiring). Must tell you that only 3 applicants were shortlisted for interview. My interview was for atleast 1 hour and a half which was a bit surprising and they asked me questions from technical matters to behavioral aspects including my salary expectations and notice period.....At the end of interview we had an informal chit chat as well and they told me that they will be in touch next week. When I was leaving, the Executive Manager walked out with me to the door and the first word he said was " You have done exceptionally well and I am very glad and I will get in touch with you soon" I was very encouraged and happy as I could feel I have performed very well. I also sent them thank you emails individually for the interview and again showed them my interest to pursue the job. I gave the Ex. Manager a call the following week and he said they still have to reach a decision on thursday and again said you have done well. I then called HR on friday to know if there was an update so the lady from HR said they were discussing it on today (Friday) and should know something by monday. I somehow waited till sunday but didnt hear back on monday. upon inquiring the Manager did not come to office on monday so I am waiting if something happens today. Just to let you know the current Manager Infrastructure is leaving the job at the end of month so the position is still not vaccant. I want to know if I should keep high hopes or should I stop expecting a big news from them anymore. I am sure you guys can atleast comment to end my frustration from the long wait. Cheers.