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Found 4 results

  1. Wasting your summer holidays in playing video games, roaming around streets for no good reason or just fighting up with the sibling at home is not a good idea at all. Consider a fact that you are no more a kid and now you should do something that is worthy and that can teach you some god lessons or skills so that you can use them all in your future. Here are some tips that can make your college summer holidays productive with very little expense. DIY Tutorials There a number of tutorials available on the internet which is totally free and can teach you amazing new skills very easily. Even you can learn new software through tutorials. There are a million of tutorials available for interior designing, product designing, cooking, baking, yoga etc. Do not follow a common habit of just watching millions of tutorials and try not a single one. The best way is to watch one then start collecting material and try to produce something. In this way, you can even earn some money by selling the things that you have learned through tutorials. Learn Calligraphy It`s really easy to learn different fonts and styles of writing at home. What you initially need is a pen, ink, white papers and tracing papers. Layouts of fonts and proper writing exercises are available on the internet. All you have to do is to use Google and type the font name you like. Mostly cursive writing is a nice choice. Whatever font you have chosen to take out some printouts of it try tracing then again and again. After some practice, you will surely be able to write the font by your own self on white paper. You can also buy some writing series for this purpose they are not very expensive as well. Be a Reader Start reading habit because it is a good way to explore new worlds with perspectives of some smart and intelligent authors. Also reading increases intelligence and vocabulary treasure. Be a Writer Along with reading also try to write something by own self. Produce a review, blog or article anything that you feel is appropriate for you. Creating content actually makes you creative. Mind opens up because it is like a therapy to say what you want to in your own style. You can even earn through writing. There are so many websites that offer a good price of pieces of writings. You can even help the student to complete their assignments through True custom assignment help and can make money from it. Debate and Discuss Participate in debate competitions. You can also join online discussion and debate forums. Actually, the practice of debating and discussion is healthy for the human mind. It let you know new perspectives in life also give you a chance to improve your communicational skills. Your repartee skill development can reach new heights through such activities. It also let you know that what thoughts, views, customs and traditions you follow are false and immoral for society. These activities can help you learn how to argue in a healthy environment and how to accept contradictory views. You also learn to research to combat your viewpoint. All the mentioned ideas are to make your mind more productive for future. All these learning can help you throughout your life directly and indirectly so, rather than wasting your summer vacations, it better to try something that you haven’t tried yet.
  2. I'm considering applying to do a course at Central Institute of Technology. Just wanted to check that it's a bone fide institution. Does anyone know of the place, and anything about what it's like there? Thanks, Steve
  3. Alburys TitleJunior Member Join DateFeb 2013 LocationCurrently living in Albury, Surrey, England Posts1 Liked0 times Rep [h=2]School at 16 - Or is it college?[/h] Hello, this is my first question (probably of many...) We are looking at moving to Australia in 2016 when my son has finished his GCSE's - Can anyone tell me what level of schooling he would go into? Would it be college? And when do they take exams and get ready for university? And is the school year any different? i.e.. does it go from September to July like in England? - thank you
  4. Hi there, My daughter is repeating year 11 due to missing so much school during out move etc. She will finish year 11 and then 12. Once and hopefully she qualifies, will these qualifications be transferable to a College or University back in the UK?