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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, has anyone tried to send just a few boxes back home through a shipping company, maybe share a container? We have several boxes of toys to send to our son who decided to stay in the UK. I've looked at small companies and their prices are astronomic. Thanks
  2. Slyness


    Hi guys I'm new to this site, I'm leaving for perth in just over 2 weeks and starting to get nervous about my salary and if I'm going to live comfortably or not. How expensive is perth compared to the uk? Can someone give me some comparisons please? Also I will be starting on a salary of $900 per week, is that enough for a single male? In the uk I make £30000 per year. Thanks
  3. Hi folks! Myself, my girlfriend and our two children intend to ditch the doom and gloom of the UK in favour of a new life in Australia ASAP but could really do with some help and guidance in regards to how much money would be required before we're able to set a realistic date for our arrival. Okay, so I've done some research of my own and here's what I've come up with: $4,500 to pay for our flights $2,000 to secure a rental property $6,000 to cover our first three months rent $2,500 to allow for three months worth of food TOTAL: $15,000 (just over £8,000 - feel free to correct me if this is wrong) Please bare in mind that I have very little knowledge in regards to day-to-day living costs in Perth and therefore I've had to guesstimate most of those sums. Anyway, I would now like to find out a little more about other expenses, such as utility bills, mobile phones and anything else we may need to budget for in order to ensure that our move goes through without too many hiccups. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Gary.
  4. Hey All, We are coming over to Oz in Jan13 with our then 2 year old. I know that he will have to go into daycare when I start work (Hes currently at nursery here in Birmingham in the UK) does anyone have an idea of costs and waiting lists if any for these? any recomendations?
  5. Guest

    Average cost of container UK-Oz

    Can anybody give me ball park figures for the cost of a container be it 20 Ft or 40Ft. Is it based on both weight and size or size alone? Would consider car from UK but package allows transport and insurance up to $20K. How/where does this fit in? Your help most appreciated Thanks Hossman
  6. Hi All, Thought it might be useful to start a thread about the costs associated with emigrating. We are just starting the process and attended one of the Down Under Live Expo's today. We gathered lots of information regarding what is involved in the emigration process and also some approximate costs. Here is some of the info we found out at the expo and also what we have been told by other members of this forum. (These are all approximate costs). Agent Fees - £1200 (not compulsary to use an agent) Medicals- £295 per adult (child prices are less and you may be able to get a discounted family offer) Police Checks - £45 Removals & Storage - £4000 (this is for a 20ft container which would be enough to move the contents of a 3 bed house) or £2800 to share a container + $500 customs inspection fee in Oz. Car Shipping - £2500 (not sure if this is accurate as I have also heard that Oz charge 15% of the value of the car) Pet Shipping - £1800 for a cat. £2500 for a dog (Price for a dog will depend on the size of the animal - This is for Labrador). ILETS - £150 (not compulsary but useful in order to get extra points) State Sponsorship Application - $300 (this is for WA) Visa Cost - $7000 (for a subclass 475) Skills Assessment - $300 (This is for TRA) Flights to Oz - £900 per person We were quite shocked today at the costs involved and I hope this thread will be useful to those people who have just started thinking about moving to Oz because obviously there is alot to consider. Costs will differ depending on your circumstances - For example if you are being sponsored by an employer they may pay your visa costs, medicals and police checks and also pay for your flights. All of the above are approximate costs and I know that people will have paid differing amounts - Please add a post and let everyone know how much your move cost and was it worth it? Someone once told me they spent about £18,000 altogether! Sue