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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone Looking for some kind advice from people that have been in a similar situation to us. We are from Scotland and are soon to be a family of 3 with our little one making an arrival end of October :-) I am 28, i have been a qualified electrician for about 8 years now an have been currently working offshore for the past couple of years. My partner is 26 and a nursery nurse an has been doing this for a few years also. My partner has travelled Australia for a couple of years previous to us getting together and i have looked at Australia for the last 10 years and we have decided between us that we would love to give it a go down under Due to my trade i will be working the first year in oz basically on apprentice wages until i get my A License and my partner will be caring for the baby We will be looking to come over with between £35k - £40ksavings With working currently offshore you miss enough going on at home as it is never mind all the precious moments of the baby growing up so i will not be looking to continue this in Australia as we want to spend as much family time together as possible and have weekends etc together Due to this reason i also don't see the point in me working Monday to Friday and my partner working nights through the week it would completely defeat the purpose of family time, at least for the first year or so anyway Has anyone been in a similar position with being a family of 3 and making ends meet on one wage and savings? Is it really achievable? We would be looking to rent until we found our feet and got stable work etc and would be budgeting around $500 pw rent for somewhere nice with a pool We realise this isn't going to be a walk in the park and will be alot of hard work but we are really looking forward to the challenges ahead and life is far too short for regrets Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post lol Tony
  2. Hi, myself and Linda my wife are looking to apply for Contributory Parent visas within the next 2-3 months, we would love to hear from anyone who is doing likewise or has gone through the process and can offer any advice. We are looking at applying for the Temporary Subclass 173 visa first as that will give us 2 yrs to find our feet in Oz before applying for the expensive Subclass 143. Our son is a Police officer in Perth and recently married so they are willing to be our sponsor. We have so many questions and would appreciate any advice or chat with members of this very informative site. Thanks Paul & Linda
  3. Punky

    Perth City Centre

    Hi there, I keep seeing people say that I wont get accommodation in the "City Centre" for less than $800. What areas are considered the City Centre. I am seeing on REIWA.com.au prices for 3 Beds in Wembley and Cannington. Is this considered City Centre? Thank you.