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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everybody Apologies if this topic has already been covered and answered! I have lived in Perth for 4 years and after 4 years of working in senior management, saving for my wedding and building a house I am now in the process of obtaining my non-practicing teaching registration. I had gathered and submitted everything that they needed to process the application 3 weeks ago, bar, a police clearance less than 12 months old from the UK (this I have applied for). Or so I thought… I did a 3 year BA (Hons) which I graduated from in 2007 and then in 2010 (after a period of working and saving to do the course) I began my Post Graduate Diploma in Education at The University of Bolton which I completed in July 2011. My course only provided me with 30 days SUPERVISED TEACHING (as in I was only observed in the classroom by my mentor, 30 times and it was at the end of the course signed off on and the rest of the teaching practice (7 months, 4 days per week, full-time teaching) was carried out non-supervised and therefore I can only evidence 30 days which is UNDER the minimum requirement of 45 days in Australia. I joined New Directions Education Agency in summer 2011 and stayed with them until I left the UK to move to Perth in Oct 2013. I have obtained a reference from New Directions Education Agency (my employer) and it lists my schools of which I worked within, the exact dates to and from on a letter headed document (as requested) and this is now deemed not enough evidence to support my application despite it saying I worked for them as a relief teacher and the dates. They now want me to contact every secondary school I worked for (as far back as 2011 and in some cases some schools I worked in for a little as a day) and ask them to provide evidence of my work and evidence of the SUBJECTS I taught in the school itself. Once again, let my reiterate that I have got evidence of the schools and the exact dates I worked for them from my employer. This evidence taken me 4 weeks to obtain from New Directions due to me leaving them 4 years ago and the work was carried out in some cases nearly 6 years ago. I have contacted every school I have worked for as recommended by the TRBWA in the hope that they have some sort of record but I am not holding out for any responses and if they do respond I am most certainly not holding out for any record of my subjects I taught as a relief teacher. I am wondering firstly… Are these types of records from schools, something schools keep? Does the evidence from the employer (teaching agency) seem sufficient as it lists the schools themselves and the dates? Is there perhaps any other method of obtaining information? Secondly has anybody else found themselves in a similar/ or the same issue? I am finding this process difficult to conquer as I can’t/finding it difficult to evidence what they need further to support what I have already evidenced. Any help/guidance/clarity of shared experiences would be greatly appreciated…as will words of sympathy! Thank you Chelsea…:o)
  2. Hi everyone, If anyone could offer me some advice it would be very much appreciated. We are hoping to move to Perth in the not too distant future, but due to being 5 points short for a permanent visa we would unfortunately need to apply for a 489 T/V with a view to applying for the 887 P/V after 2 yrs. We have a daughter who will be 18 when we apply who would apparently therefore need to be in full time education to be able to be included on our visa due to her age? We have looked into a full time college course that interests her but she has also been offered the same qualification but as an apprenticeship which she would get a small wage for; £350 p/m. She would still be living at home and obviously would be dependant on us still on such a low wage. Therefore my question is... although this apprenticeship wouldn't be classed as being in full time education, as most of her week would be hands on in placement, it is still a learner course so would this still make her eligible to be on our visa? Sorry to make it long winded but thought I need to properly explain my circumstances. Thank you in advance.
  3. Jamie platt


    Hi, I have 2 kids at the age of 15 and 10. could anyone recommend any decent schools south of the river.
  4. returning to perth

    Schools and suburbs NOR

    Hi, We are moving from Adelaide to Perth before Christmas. Having trouble deciding where to live. We have 3 kids aged 9,10 and 12. 12 year old starting high school 2016. We like the look of Carramar, Tapping and Banksia Grove area, Warwick and Hamersley, Duncraig, Greenwood, Ocean Reef etc! Any feedback on Joseph Banks Secondary School, Warwick Senior High school, Belridge Senior High School, Duncraig SHS, Greenwood Secondary, Ocean Reef and any other. Also Neerabup Primary School and any others in these areas. I know its a lot but I want to get it right so the kids don't have to change schools again.
  5. I'm considering applying to do a course at Central Institute of Technology. Just wanted to check that it's a bone fide institution. Does anyone know of the place, and anything about what it's like there? Thanks, Steve
  6. Hiya Am trying to work out the best time to come to Oz. Due to a delay in plans (we were supposed to be there in Summer) I have a 15 year old daughter (DOB 03/11/99) who, now that she has started GCSE year, understandably wants to stay in UK until she has finished her GCSE's and leave school with the friends she has had all the way through. Her aim is to go to soccer university in USA so she doesn't want to go to an Australian or English university. She needs to get a WACE or an International Baccalaureate or A levels, alongside passing football trials and entrance tests to qualify. Am thinking therefore that we come next July (2016), then because she would be starting mid way through year 11 getting her to start year 10 with the year below and then going into year 11 in Jan 2017 so that she gets the full 2 years of senior school. However I have seen an online year calculator which seemed to say that we will be coming mid way through year 12 instead which means she has no way of doing her last 2 years of school in Australia. Am so confused with it all, can anyone tell me what year she would be in July 2016? Thanks
  7. We are hoping to move to Perth in April next year and have been looking at schools NOR. I've looked at Kingsway Christian College for my two (12 and 14yo) and wondered if anyone has any opinions or experience of the college or sends their kids there and would like to tell me what they like/dislike about it! Thanks
  8. Morning all, Have any Secondary School teachers had any success in securing work prior to arrival in WA? The 190 VISA means I would basically be leaving a secure job in the UK with potentially no employment upon arrival in Australia. (although reading the posts on here it looks as though relief/supply work would be available) I wondered how many teachers on here managed to secure employment sponsorship for their visa prior to arrival and have any information / advice as to how they went about it? Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance, Ryan
  9. BigAngel

    Universities In Perth

    Hi, We are currently considering a move to Perth, I have two Daughters aged 17 and 14. I am looking into possible Universities for my eldest and would like some advise and guidance. I am interested to know the cost and which are the recommended Universities. Thanks BigAngel:cute: