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Found 13 results

  1. Can anyone please help me. Have been trying to get an electrical post for over two years with no luck. All I want to do is complete my gap training so I can do my final exam. I have applied for job after job! Talked to companies and sent emails. There is literally no company that will give you a chance if you are qualified from the UK. Yet it’s ok for the system to take your money for courses and make it so difficult to get your qualification. All everyone wants is an AGrade licence, TAFE wants practical experience so how’s that even possible! It’s a situation that is so frustrating.
  2. Hi All, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I am living in Perth, WA and trying to find electrical work to gain the "A grade electrical licence". I hold a provisional electrical licence and require "gap training" before I am allowed to take the required capstone exam. I have been in Perth for almost 5 years. I tried to get a job when I first arrived with no luck. As a result of this I started working international in the oil & Gas. I am now trying again and facing the same problems I did 5 years ago. I have pretty much applied to every company, agency and rope access company with only one company offering me a start, unfortunately he didn't want to pay me. Unfortunately most companies in WA are not aware of the process for a overseas electrician to gain an Australian electrical license and have no interest in employing a overseas qualified electrician. They simply prefer to employ a Australian qualified electrician or an apprentice. I have done some Australian courses and licences such as EEHA, High risk work, MSIC, White card If anyone can help with regards contacts etc it will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi Everyone! I am a UK qualified electrician who is looking for an opportunity to complete my A grade electrical licence under general supervision. This involves, completing my E-profiling log book and only needing to finish "on the job practical section". I believe I am skilled and competent in all aspects of electrical maintenance and installation and require a chance to prove and show my capabilities in Perth. Is there anyone here who can help? If there is please contact me and I can send you my resume, cover letter and Licence. Thanks Prez
  4. Ryan Richardson

    UK Electrician

    I am a fully qualified UK electrician looking for work in Perth. I have experience in domestic and commercial but mostly industrial fields of work. qualifications - NVQ Level 3 17th Edition AM2 Inspection and Testing just looking for any information/advice about moving to Perth and being an electrician. any information will be appreciated !! Thanks.
  5. jennyweaver

    sparkies in WA

    using the wife's Poms account: Hi fellow U.K sparks just wanted some advice if possible. I have emigrated to OZ 4 months ago and am a qualified sparks from the U.K I have had my qualifications verified and passed my trade exam and now going to be issued with a restricted licence. I now know that I have to complete a log book and be "supervised" working as a ta. Problem being is I am currently living on the gold coast and I am really struggling to find work as a ta I have applied for loads of jobs never usually hear back but more concerning it seems it is like this across the whole country?. I am considering moving to Perth as it seems there is more ta work on that side? Is this true? any feedback would be most appreciated? It seems like a nightmare trying to be a electrician out here and might consider doing something else. I know a lot of sparks have had to do this coming over from the U.K and just wanted to know if the job scene in WA is better than the gold coast (non existent thanks
  6. Hi All! I am currently going through the motions of gaining my licence in WA and would like to start a dedicated Electricians thread to help assist both locals and those looking at making the move. This hopefully will save us all a bit of time and get us all qualified that much sooner!! Please add and/or revise anything you feel may be beneficial to the Expat Sparks! So here is how things stand: Arrive in Perth and apply for your Provisional Licence. Find work with an Electrical Contractor. Apply for your logbook through e-Profiling. Register with a TAFE (Part A 2 weeks, Part B 1 week and now Part 3 Comms Licence 1 week) Pass College and gain Level 3 Cert, complete 1000hrs in your log book. Apply for WA Licence. Happy days, you are now a recognised Electrician once again, depending on hours worked you can get this whole process done within 9 months apparently, but you should factor in for at least a year. Regarding employment, there appears to be a lot more mention of work for Unlicenced/Provisional Electricians over East, not saying there is more work there, just that they appear to have taken on board the new process for foreign Sparkies. To date I have not spoken to many contractors/employment agents who are up to speed with the whole Provisional Licence thus far in Perth. This being said, the best way of getting started on your new journey is to apply for Electrical Trade Assistant Jobs, even these require a number of local courses/tickets too. The list is exhaustive however as a start they all seem to be after the following: White Card EWP Forklift Working at Heights Confined Spaces Having these will not assure you of work but they can help. (Depending on who you are employed by, they may put you through a number of these.) Other than that you may have to find work as a labourer pending finding TA work, so be prepared to get stuck in, hard hat, steel toe boots, hi vis, own transport and a white card should be sufficient. Websites: seek indeed trovit byron gumtree hays google: electrical trade recruitment be part of something big wheatstone Register, get the persons name and email and keep hounding them, they will try to tell you to apply online and they will get back to you, never to be heard from again! Even if you apply, always ring to confirm they have your resume etc or you will just be left in an inbox gathering dust. That is about it from me for now, all the best! Regards, Glen
  7. Hello everyone! Well, I am not sure where to start but I have just discovered this forum and thought it would be a great idea to join. My boyfriend and I are considering moving out to Perth and we are in the early stages of researching the whole notion! We have been to Perth twice now; first time, on a working holiday visa where we spent 7 months living with family and working (in a bakers and as an electrician) and the second time as a holiday for 2 weeks. It wasn't long enough! But it reignited our desire to return and try it out for real!! So, we're looking at the skilled 190 visa, as my bf is an electrician I will be his defacto. I just wanted to hear about everyone's experiences; good and bad. What should we expect, costs, waiting times, how hard/easy did you find the whole application process? Were the IELTS tests hard? How are you mejoying Perth if you are now there and settles. I have so many questions and just want to hear peoples experiences and gain some tips for when we start our application process! Thanks guys and hopefully hear from you all soon! Jo
  8. Hello! Me and my boyfriend are planning to move to perth asap on a working holiday visa. We currently live in the philippines working here as scuba diving instructors. I have work in tourism and hospitality for the last few years and before that i worked in many different bars and restaurants in america and england. My boyfriend is a british electrician. As we have been travelling for the last few years we have very little money. ( i have like £200 and he has about £3000!!! GRRIIMM!) we have been told by so many people we have met, including many of our diving guests from perth that if we went there we could make a killing. we really want to relocate asap, we are looking into beginning of march 2013.... so what i was wondering is is this completely unrealistic?? if the streets are paved of gold in perth why isnt everyone trying to get there? Will we even be able to get visas with my non existent bank balance? how much can we be expecting to pay to get set us (downpayments on a flat, a car, basic living costs). how long until we can get jobs. We have been told we can get one with the click of our fingers but with more research online my boyfrind would have a LOT of money to spend to be legal to work as an electrician in oz. i have heard things about tax numbers, bank accounts etc needed before working.. is this quite straightofrward or could it delay us earning. is there any point to going if we are broke? i know we are only allowed a 1yr working holiday visa so would we forever be playing catch up with bills if we go there with no savings, or woould we be able to have fun and do a bit of travelling with what we could potentially earn? any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!! thank you thank you thank you!!!
  9. Hi, I'm posting on here to ask how other UK electricians are doing when it comes to finding jobs in order to complete the gap training course. I have my provisional electrical workers licence and letter from Energy safety which says that I need to contact a lady at Poly technic west to book my gap training but, as most people, I'd much rather do the 2 week course at CET to get my licence. I had a run around the other day to CET, Polytechnic West and Energy Safety and spoke to people at each place - I was told that it is like this: The old system is the 2 week ETL course which you will need to have your skills assessed by TRA (with an ARTC) to sit this course. If you already have a vettassess OSTR then TRA aren't supposed to assess you (but they often will so its a bit of a gamble?) The TRA assessment require you to fill in the application form and sent copies of certs etc which have to be certified copies (certified by a migration agent or other aussie listed person) costs $300 and takes around 3 months. I'm not sure but I get the feeling that this systme may be being phased out? The gap training course takes upto 12 months and consites of 2 weeks college, on the job gap training then 1 more weeks college. It is often completed in much less than 12 months depending on what access you have to the tasks needed to fill out your log book. This will depend on the work that your employer is doing. Heres the catch as far as I can see: Electrical contractors aren't interested in employing people on provisional electrical licences when there are other guys with A grade licences or Aussie apprentices applying for the same jobs. Is anyone out there part way through the gap training and have a job? All I see on these forums is that its impossible to get a job which would mean that the gap training system doesn't work as you cant do the er... Gap training? I'm a bit confused and down at the moment - tell me it's possible! (to do the ARTC system I will have to wait for my container with all my qualifications then apply for the ATRC, then apply to Energy Safety, Then apply to sit the ETL before getting my licence - I'm a bit worried about this as I think that will take a really long time and ther'se a big risk that it will fail at some stage if TRA wont assess me or they stop using the ETL route?) Thanks for any advise - and do let me know if any of my info is wrong!!
  10. Guest

    cable jointer

    hi, iv been looking for a cable jointing job based in the perth area for some time. seems to be only linesman/persons jobs out there. Heard that my trade was highly sought after, this doesnt seem to be the case western power dont have any vacancies at the moment, applied for transfield services, but no response as yet. im looking for a fairly large company, to take care of transport, visa's etc, as i have a young family and wife. Anyone know of any company's that are seeking? anyone know the going salary for a hv and lv jointer upto 33kv? thanks all
  11. hello, I have recently moved to perth and i am a electrician. I have applied for my trade to be recognised and i am after any infomation regarding the trades test i have to do? Thanks for your help
  12. Hi All, My family and I are desperate to emigrate to Oz, me (32), husband (33) and two kids with a third on the way. (7 & 18 months). My husband is a spark and he has been since leaving school, are there any electrical contracting companies out there who are willing to sponsor people from the UK. The PR route seems so long and we would love to get over there sooner rather than later.
  13. Vetassess assesment is very broad, it seems to look at electronics, domestic wiring as well as light industrial, they seem to be looking for a general level of competance and an understanding of most things. You need to know electrical units V, I, R, Z and all the different variations of ohms law,also power factor is important,there are Q on ELV,50V in AC circuits and 120 in DC... Prepare yourself for questions bout transformers as this comes up,they ask alot of questions bout health and safety and also on safe islation.. They start the day with registration bout 0800.driving license or passport will do for id. You sit a paper based exam on all the above mentioned,ohms law reisitors in series parralel etc,transformers and a bit about H&S. The day normaly finishes about 1600 and you get a lunch break at about 1200. You get a booth where you have to do a mock up install,this is from a drawing and requires 2 way lights Socket Using all material provided plastic conduit,twin and earth clipped,this part takes all day and you get called of to do other bits throughout. Wire up a DOL starter motor with start stop,you have to do this in star or delta,while this goes on yu get asked 3 phase questions. Pin board setup,once again from drawing,this is resistors connected in series and parralel,at the end you have to take some meusurements voltage, resitance, and prove your calculations. Then comes the safe isolation part,this is very strict,they wnt to see you do it right.tag and lock procedure,test and prove dead etc. They say bring own tools but its not the ned of the world if you dnt they supply everything... Hope this helps Feel free to ask any questions did mine in oct so its all still fresh in my head