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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, We started the process in August to emigrate. All our documents have been sent over and are finding out around Christmas time whether we will be accepted He has just been taken into hospital with a suspected mini-stroke and has double vision. The doctors have said it wasn't a mini-stroke but theres a 50/50 chance it could be MS. We are waiting for an appointment to see the neurologist but they have said it could take 26 weeks (which takes us to April time) before even having an appointment. He has read somewhere that they can't diagnose MS until you have 2 episodes of it. He still has double vision but now has glasses to correct this, he is still working as a plasterer full time and doing activities i.e. climbing and mountain biking. We had started to get so excited and plan our future out there, but now worrying The visa's are going through based on my profession and my husband will be coming over as my partner. I was wondering if anyone has been through similar or knows if they will still accept us and pass him on a medical etc? Any help would be brilliant, Thank you Danielle
  2. James84

    Lost Brit in Perth

    Hi to anyone reading this post. I stepped foot into Perth 5 days ago with my girlfriend we are both 30 and looking to emigrate here and both have working holiday visas. 2 days ago I had an interview with volkswagen ahg group and was offered a job as a car salesmen which has been my career for the last8 years, only problem is I don't have the correct visa, I needed a 457 working visa to complete. Really frustrating as this is not a sponsored career recognised on that particular visa. Being more than capable at most things with a professional background i.e customer service, sales and marketing, I'm desperately now trying to find work here in Perth and live the dream with my better half. If anyone has any suggestions or can help it would be greatly appreciated. I'm still here in Perth WA until the 27th. I look forward to hearing from you all the best.
  3. aussiee007

    Visa advice - help

    Hi I am looking for some visa advice and would be grateful for any help or advice. I am 33 years old been going to Perth since I was 16, been there 11 times. I took my girlfriend (28 years old) and our one year old Son to Perth recently to visit family and friends. We both love the place and want to move over for good. We are all British. My background is retail, customer service and social housing. My girlfriend backgrounds is having her own business as a landlady of a public house - she holds a personal alcohol licence. Please could anyone advice us the best way forward to emigrate to Perth? what is the best visa options etc have been looking at the Australian website immi but am stuck as if my girlfriend obtains a working holiday visa as she's under 31 my Son and I can't travel with her. We be most grateful for any help. Many thanks
  4. Hello. Everybody My name is Nicola Chamberlain and would like some help or advice about emigrating as a Nurse. i qualified as a Nurse in September 2012 with a Diploma in Nursing Studies in Higher Education and now have nearly two years worth of experience. I have also recently started my first managerial post; being in charge of a nursing home. I was wondering if there are similar positions available in Perth. Also, I have booked the ILETS Exam as I understand this is a requirement. I was wondering what would my next step whether to get nursing registration in WA or apply for my visa first. Any help or assistance would be much appreciated. Its all exciting now I have made to the decision to go. Nic
  5. Hi All, Thought it might be useful to start a thread about the costs associated with emigrating. We are just starting the process and attended one of the Down Under Live Expo's today. We gathered lots of information regarding what is involved in the emigration process and also some approximate costs. Here is some of the info we found out at the expo and also what we have been told by other members of this forum. (These are all approximate costs). Agent Fees - £1200 (not compulsary to use an agent) Medicals- £295 per adult (child prices are less and you may be able to get a discounted family offer) Police Checks - £45 Removals & Storage - £4000 (this is for a 20ft container which would be enough to move the contents of a 3 bed house) or £2800 to share a container + $500 customs inspection fee in Oz. Car Shipping - £2500 (not sure if this is accurate as I have also heard that Oz charge 15% of the value of the car) Pet Shipping - £1800 for a cat. £2500 for a dog (Price for a dog will depend on the size of the animal - This is for Labrador). ILETS - £150 (not compulsary but useful in order to get extra points) State Sponsorship Application - $300 (this is for WA) Visa Cost - $7000 (for a subclass 475) Skills Assessment - $300 (This is for TRA) Flights to Oz - £900 per person We were quite shocked today at the costs involved and I hope this thread will be useful to those people who have just started thinking about moving to Oz because obviously there is alot to consider. Costs will differ depending on your circumstances - For example if you are being sponsored by an employer they may pay your visa costs, medicals and police checks and also pay for your flights. All of the above are approximate costs and I know that people will have paid differing amounts - Please add a post and let everyone know how much your move cost and was it worth it? Someone once told me they spent about £18,000 altogether! Sue