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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys, Newly joined the site having been in Australia since July 2014. Myself and my fiancee lived in Adelaide for the first year, but then moved to Perth with her job as a Senior Sales Manager in Retail. I have struggled to find work throughout my time here in Australia, and we are now in the desperate position that if i do not find some work very soon, then we will be forced to return to UK, one year short of being able to apply for Citizenship, and therefore unable to ever return to Australia in the future. I have an extensive set of 'O' and 'A' Levels, and am Degree Educated in Chemical and Process Engineering, with over 25 years experience as an engineer, both on-site and in the office. I am an extremely practical, 'hands on' guy, able to turn my hand to most things. My last professional job was Commissioning a multi-million dollar plant in Indonesia, working in a team of two others, 10 - 12 hours/day, 7 days/week, for 6 and 7 weeks at a time, without a break or returning home. I am therefore no stranger to hard work or long hours. My last actual job was washing cars at a Dealership in Wannaroo, before that came to an end. I am looking for any work that is going to be able to make up the short fall in our finances to allow us to stay here rather than continue to die a slow death of outgoings exceeding incomings. I am happy to talk to anyone that may want a practical guy for short term or even cash in hand work. I have a profile on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/neiljefferies1 if anyone would like to view my CV.
  2. Hi Everyone, I am an integrity engineer in the oil and gas industry and I have determined that I have to go down the daunting CDR path. Anyways, I am looking to apply an industrial engineer as the description on that is a better fit than mechanical engineer for what I do. I have a bachelors degree in mechanical engg. and a M.Sc. in Asset Integrity Management (well....almost:biggrin:). My work experience has been quite varied in nature from development of corporate management systems for Asset integrity to cathodic protection and safety risk calculations for submarine pipelines. Having said this, could I include elements from these projects in my CDR, even though they may be an overlap with the skill sets of occupational health and safety experts, electrical engineers and other professions? As an integrity engineer, ne is expected to deal with a plethora of issues, therefore, the variance in my experience. Thanks Cheers
  3. Hi,I need some help for migratin advise.My boyfriend is 30 years old and have a bachelor degree of electronic engineer but worked as project engineer for the past 5 years. So we should apply for electronic engineer or project engineer? And if our qualification is a non-credited,can we still apply for this? 1- can we apply for the skilled assement without IELTS result? 2-How long does the skilled assement take?
  4. Hello Perth Poms! Please be gentle as this is my first post on this forum. Me and my partner are looking to relocate to Perth within the next few years and are looking to get some advice from all you knowledgable folk. First a little about us. I currently work as a Graduate Structural Engineer for an Oil and Gas services company in Aberdeen. My girlfriend is a qualified nurse currently working in theatre (known as a scrub scout in Oz). We are both 23 and graduated in July 2014 (this will become relavant later) and looking for a fresh start in beautiful Perth Australia. In terms of Visas, I feel we may have two options. These are: Option 1: Apply for a Skilled - Recognised Graduate Visa (subclass 476). I am able to apply for this as I have a Masters degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Strathclyde (Washington Accord institution). This Visa is currently around £250, therefore it is significantly cheaper than a skilled migrant visa. However this Visa is only temporary (18 months). I also have to apply before the end of July 2016 which we intend on doing anyway. Do you think this type of visa could hinder my chances of securing a graduate position? Option 2: Either myself or my partner get sponsered on a skilled migrant visa. ( In the current Oil and Gas market, this would likely be my other half....) Do you think with this visa being permanent would help my chances of securing a position? As I mentioned previously, the oil and gas market is rather bleak at the moment, therefore I am more than willing to go into onshore construction works if need be. Is there any recent graduates currently in Perth who could give me any advice on applying? Do graduate programs typically hire international graduates? Thanks for your help in advance. Regards Craig
  5. Jclcncoc2015

    Help please - Where to begin?

    For a couple of years now my husband and I have been thinking about moving to Perth. In the beginning he took an IELTS to top up his points and passed. To be honest life has just gotten in the way and we have plodded along with a daily routine, he works away a lot and we have little time to discuss our future plans or look into how to begin the process. I think life is just passing us by and I really want to seriously think about moving. Can anyone point me in the right direction, what do I need to do? My husband is ex-RAF, he is 42 and spent 23 years as a rigger/aircraft engineer, he is currently Production Manager for a UAV company. I am 39 and a Procurement Assistant for a large fashion retailer. We have 2 kids aged 9 and 13. I'm guessing State sponsorship might be the best route? Although I do have a step brother in Melbourne, would family sponsorship be another possibility? Please can anyone offer any advice of the best route to take? Thank you
  6. Hi All, This is my first post. To start things off, I have over 6 years in the construction industry (mainly in civil & structural engineer drafting) with experience running my own jobs back home in Jersey. To back all this up I have multiple qualifications (2/3 of my BSc (Hons) Construction Management completed), yet I get turned away from every job I apply for due to the same reasoning "Australian Experience Essential". How is anybody meant to gain experience in nobody is willing to open a door? I have even tried applying for traineeship roles, telling them I don't mind taking the drop in salary, etc, explaining how they will gain out of it due to the fact they only need to teach me Australian codes. Yet I get turned away because I am, to them, "Over Qualified"!! Its so aggravating!! I'm even applying Australia wide for jobs! Still no door opens! Has anybody else had this problem? If so how did you get past it? Rant Over!
  7. Hi, Ive just started to look at Perth as an area to move to. I used to work in shipping but gave all the 9-5 life up and Im currently running my own dog grooming business from home in the UK. I would love to continue my passion in WA. Please can you tell me what areas are dog crazy and what kind of prices you pay for grooming and if you have to wait a long time to get an appointment and anything else that could help me find out if opening my own home based salon is allowed. My husband works in Telecommuncations as a field engineer and I would also be interested if you know where is best to live based on his work. Its very early days and Im reading as much as I can to figure out but know a few helpful starting points from you in the know will help so thanks in advance x
  8. Hi there! We are a young couple from Scotland living in Perth WA. We are currently in the running to WIN our wedding in an online competition We are up against 4 other couples, one America based and 3 UK based to win the entire wedding! It is an amazing opportunity for us and having been together for 10 years (childhood sweethearts!) we cant wait to get married! We now need to get as many votes as we can to win the wedding... thats where your help comes into this....! It is quick and easy to vote, all you have to do is go online to- It is only one vote per person and we have all of our friends and family back home voting for us but we dont have many friends here in Australia yet so we are really hoping that you lovely people might help us out. It would be very much appreciated! We have until Wednesday 7th to get as many votes as possible! Thank you so much! Lauren & Billy xxx
  9. Hi all, I am a fully qualified electrical technician (27) from the UK. I'm at the stage of having just submitted my EOI for the WA state sponsored skilled working visa, so hopefully within 6 months I should get the thing! My question is: To secure employment with a company in WA will I need any additional qualifications relevant to Oz? If I cannot secure employment beforehand I do not want to go and struggle due to not having 'a' licenses etc... Any help would be appreciated along with recommendations of companies to contact around Perth or Albany. (experience with plc's, hmi's, scada, industrial automation equipment) Many Thanks Craig