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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I am looking at applying for a 190 visa. Providing I get a 7 in all sections of the ILETS test I don't need my partners points as I'll score 65 points, however, do you think it's worth doing anyway so that I score 70 points? I know my partner will have to have his skills assessed and do the ILELTS test as well. I'm applying under "Real Estate Representative", we are a family of 4 and I'm concerned that they won't approve my application if they think my skill is too low level to support a family of 4?? My husband is an IT consultant and has a higher skill level than me. Does it work like that or am I worrying about nothing??? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have gained enough points to submit my EOI for a schedule 2 role. I am aware that once I have submitted my EOI and received an invitation back I will have 28 days to apply. I am also aware that after I have applied I have to email them a 12 month contract of full-time employment offer. I am just wondering the following things: How long it takes approximately from submitting the EOI to receiving an invitation? How long after applying do they allow you to show them proof of a contract of employment? (28 days seems a very short amount of time to find a job and be successful in obtaining it) Can the contract be for volunteer work as long as it is in the correct field of work? Is the 3 month processing time from the date of EOI Submission? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Anyone who is currently or has been through this process please shed some light. I am unsure how i can find a job when I dont know how long it is going to take for the visa to be sorted out? So when am i meant to tell them i could start etc. Thanks.
  3. Hey guys. I've recently submitted my EOI for the 189 and 190 Visa (26/06/15). I have 65points for the 189 and 70points for the 190 visa. 189 visa is my first choice. I am applying for the Secondary School Teacher occupation and have had my successful qualification assessment through. I am currently living in Perth on a Tourist visa. I am wondering approx waiting time for the invitation to come through, as i am hoping to get on the bridging visa ASAP so i can start getting back to work. I am willing to wait 1-2months longer in Aus for the invitation to come through, if it doesn't come by then i'll have to go back to the UK and wait for a response from home. Any ideas on how how long invitations take to come through? I am aware that the next invitation round is happening tomorrow (06/07/15). My points are quite high so i am hoping i will be a priority. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Archie x
  4. Hi, I am desperately looking for contract letter to reply my 190 invitation for Electronic equipment trade worker.
  5. Hi, Australia govt already declared the new point system and SOL list. However they initiated EOI system. I am confused in this system, will it help us or consume more time to give approval of application? Moreover I heard from an Australian friend that govt is not eager to give permission of application to more people though they reduce point. Specially they are very reluctant to Asian to come to AUS. Would you like to inform me about the info that how much it is trustworthy.
  6. Hey I'm doing some research into apply for the 190. I'm going to be to be putting in an EOI for a WA State sponsored Visa in the coming weeks. I had a good chat with an immigration agent there yesterday about my options. I should meet the 60 points fairly easy(hope to have 70 should be get top marks in IELTS and skills assess) The only potential problems he could see on my EOI and applications was me proving my 12months Australian work Experience in my giving trade. Again - this is not a problem, the problem is as I was working as sub contractor.... I messed up, and haven't kept on top of my Taxes. My agent says I might not get asked..... but i "MAY" get asked to shown I've been paying taxes, so be prepared. Has anybody had similar problem? Or been in a similar situation I have the money there for all my Visa expenses - but if I have to repay unpaid taxes in full before the application its gonna cripple me - that's if I can do it. Would it be possible to come to an arrangement with the ATO and pay in installments. This way I can prove that I'm making and effort to pay.... and it wont F**K up my Visa application Im just looking into all options before I sink my life savings into this, last thing I want is to pay all this money only for them refuse. Any solutions or help greatly appreciated
  7. Scotty

    EOI Question

    Hi, I was told the answer to this question before but I have forgotten the answer so some help would be good. I will be 32 when I submit my EOI so this will get me 30 points but it will only be a couple of months until I am 33, when I will only be eligible for 25 points. If I submit my EOI when I am 32 but I do not get invited to apply for a visa until I am 33, what happens? Do I still get the 30 points? but the visa application must be for some points as the EOI? Any advice would be great!! Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi, Under EOI I have included the following qualification - 1. Bachelor degree (assessed and claimed 15 points) and 2. Professional qualification – ACCA In addition, I have also completed 1. BBA degree and 2. Diploma in HM (no points claimed and not mentioned in EOI). Now I have received invitation. Should I included these additional qualifications or not. I am worried about the inconsistency of information. Also I have not mentioned about part time jobs in non-related occupation under EOI. Should I included these under visa application. Thanks. Raj
  9. Hi all. Our EOI was submitted today, I was just wondering how long did it take for you to get an invite (btw, we are applying for a 489 visa)? Thanks in advance
  10. mintpro

    EOI Checklist

    Hi All, I'm wanting to gather all the documents together to submit my EOI but I cant seem to find a checklist. I've done the IELTS and degree assessment etc but I'm looking for what other documents I need eg birth certificate, any immi forms. My partner is also on my application so what documents does he need. I'm struggling to find a checklist I can use which has all the documents on it. Any help would be amazing.