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Found 2 results

  1. Not sure where to post or even start! The whole visa process has taken us 12months but the final part of it being granted has taken us by surprise. Last Friday we submitted the final info (policy checks, medicals and form 80's) and we were told it would take about 8weeks - we found out yesterday our visas have been granted (so 2 working days) and now not sure where to start! Removal/shipping flights (extra baggage) Car hire Jobs We're lucky that my brother and his family are in Tapping and are kindly putting us up to start with. I'm just not sure where to start and would welcome recommendations to help me with the above areas. Also are there cubs (scouts) in WA - my eldest daughter loves it and I want to find social activities for her to help her settle in (she's my biggest challenge for this relocation as she can be quite sensitive and recently turned 9). Thanks in advance for your assistance Kate
  2. Hello I hope someone can help. For the last 7 years my mother has been flying from the UK to Perth and spending 3 months visiting her friend. He has spent 3 months each year coming over to the UK. We want to organise a trip for mum to fly out to Perth again (feb 2012). Mum has had Alzheimer’s for the last 5 or so years and is now at the stage where whilst she is otherwise very healthy and alert we feel it would be best if someone (preferably female) accompanied her on the flight. She is very cheerful and easy; most people wouldn’t realise she has a problem. She needs no medical assistance just company to provide her with reassurance so she doesn’t get disorientated. We need someone to make sure she does the transfer in Dubai properly and picks up her bags at the end of the flight. She would be dropped off and picked up at either end. We need someone to fly with mum from the UK (London or Manchester) to Perth at sometime over the next month (we can be fairly flexible) and then come back to UK 3 months later. We will pay for that person’s flight. Our hope is that there is someone in the UK who would like to go back to Perth for 3 months to see friends or family and having the flight paid for (circa Aus$1,300) would be a real help. I appreciate this is an unusual request and you might not feel you can help. However I would really appreciate if you could consider it for a few minutes and make any suggestions. Kind regards David