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Found 34 results

  1. shalane

    Couple looking to meet new friends

    Hey everyone, First time on here, we looking to extent our social circle of friends I’m 31 my husband is 37. Love being here and definitely not homesick but really missing not having a network of people like I did back home. Anyone got any advice on the best ways to meet new people?
  2. shalane

    Couple looking to meet new friends

    Hey everyone, First time on here, we looking to extent our social circle of friends I’m 31 my husband is 37. Love being here and definitely not homesick but really missing not having a network of people like I did back home. Anyone got any advice on the best ways to meet new people?
  3. Hi all, New Year's Resolution - meet some new girlfriends! I've been here for a couple of years with my husband, but at the stage now where some of the friends I made when I first moved here are starting to go back to the UK.... So I'd like to meet some new girlfriends, ideally in the Northern suburbs! I'm 31, no kids, based near Joondalup, and into the usual type of things - meeting for drinks/dinner, movies, beach, fitness etc. Give me a shout if anyone fancies meeting up! Happy to meet up North or in the city, or anywhere in between xx
  4. angelique

    Making Friends :)

    Hi All I am super keen to make some new friends over here, I am blessed to have family but really missing the friendship circles from back home! I am 29 and me and my boyfriend emigrated from Milton Keynes back in October- I live SOR in Fremantle but happy to travel for meetups. I don't have any children but I love them as I have 21 nieces and nephews so would happily meet up with any mums. I would also love to meet a few couples also that me and my partner can socialise with! Please get in contact if you are in the same position or if you can offer me any words of wisdom
  5. Hello everyone! We have been out here for just over 2 years and are looking for other couples to meet up with and socialise with. We live in the western suburbs and originate from Essex. We love living here and would like to find some like minded couples to hang out with. Contact us if you fancy organising a meet up.
  6. Hey! I'm new to perth, been here around 2 months and I'm struggling to meet people now im not in hostels and have moved into the city and working, my job isn't very social and I'm feeling a bit homesick and missing my friends back home! I'm 23 and hoping to meet some people to go on adventures with, drinks, shopping or just chilling out or grabbing a bite to eat! I'm laid back and have a really close friend group back home which I'm mossong. Was hoping to meet people in their 20s and wondering if anyone else is in the same boat?! Are there any meet ups and things going on?! Jess
  7. goncalo

    friends- young adult people

    Hi everyone, I am moving to Perth in October to do my PhD there. I am going to move alone so I was wondering if someone could tell me if it is to hang around with young adult people and make friends.
  8. SteelCityBrickie

    Anyone fancy meeting up?

    Long time no speak! But anyway, I arrive into Perth next weds (the 8th). I'm travelling solo so I'll need some folk to share a beer with. This is where you lot come in! I'm stopping at a place called 'Wickhams Retreat' (on Wickham Street). What's nearby? Bars? Food joints? Shops? I notice Perth Glory have got a home game next Saturday (11th), anyone on here go and watch em? I'm a football fan myself and so I've already promised myself I'll go and watch em. Hopefully a few of you will get in touch and help me out. And if you see me on the streets, I'll be wearing my red and white Sheffield United shirt as often as I can. Hopefully see some of you soon! Getting a tad nervous now mind. HOOROO!!
  9. 26th April Swan valley tour - meet new friends, get tipsy and have some lunch We can also find one that includes beers for those who aint that much into wine Once we have some numbers we can work out the details (times, location, prices etc) This is also posted else where, if anyone is interested let me know
  10. Hi All, My Wife,myself and my daughter are on the way to Perth in February 2015 on my Wife's nursing visa and i have been trying for the last few months to apply for jobs in Perth without much luck or response. Is it best to wait to we actually land and start to live in Perth and if so what is the best way for me to find employment as i am only semi skilled with working last 10 years at an airport as a ramp dispatch officer and also security roles there and operations. I would really like to get away from these roles and re-invent myself so to speak (even if its at the age of 44 :)and would really appreciate any suggestions.. thanks, Andy,Julia&Steph (Uk to Perth Feb 2015)
  11. cutchibear

    Lancashire meet up?!

    Hi all! I'm so envious of all these meet ups arranged for down under - I wondered if any of us still yet to make the big move would like to get together this side! Would be great to talk to other couples/families about all our plans - I'm sure we all get conscious of boring family and friends with our aussie excitement! Would be nice to meet others moving next year and make friends before we even get there! We are a couple early 30's with a one year old son, in the Fylde, so if anyone is interested I am happy to arrange! Lx
  12. Hi my names Angie I've been here in Perth for almost 2years, where I moved from Wales. I met my amazing Australian boyfriend here and some lovely friends from work, but I would love to meet new people outside of work and my relationship. I really miss my friend's from back home and would like to have the same fun here. If any ones feeling the same please get in contact with me
  13. Hiya, we are Steve (UK) 39 and Amanda (Mexican, American and Brit - confusing story!) 31. No kids yet. Been in Perth / Hillarys for 4 months and looking to meet like minded people. Not sure where we fit in as most peeps are singletons or families! We are happy to engage with anyone who wants to engage with us! Steve enjoys (aka obsesses over) sport (UFC, F1, AFL, Rugby Union, cricket), he loves playing tennis, and is looking to join a casual rugby club (mostly for beers and banter). Amanda enjoys nerdy things like culture, lazy beaching and discovering new places around the area. She likes yoga, healthy lifestyle and then ruining all the hard work with a bottle of fizzy wine! She is also a massive Dockers fan. Happy to meet up as couples or just girls or boys. Amanda is especially keen on making some good friends here! Feeling isolated up in Hillarys at the moment but we both work in CBD so happy to meet there or anywhere in between.
  14. Heather van Heerden


    Hi everyone We have been in Canning Vale a few weeks and would love to meet some people. We are originally from South Africa but lived in the UK for five years. Myself and my husband are 32 with a nine month old baby. Happy to meet during the week or weekends Would loe to here from anyone in the area or not in the area - happy to drive wherever
  15. Hi Everyone, First time on this forum but with everything getting so close now I thought i'd come on and absorb myself in all the wise advice on here. My fiancee and I arrive in 4 weeks and although i think I have all the practical elements planned/organised (fingers, toes and everything else crossed that we do) the one thing i'm quite worried about is making friends. I will pretty much just know my guys family & the odd person, whereas in London i have a really close group of friends who i adore. I'm a bit concerned about being isolated as, although i'm a happy chatty person, I am not super loud. So the question is... where do people go to make friends in Perth? Is it quite an easy thing to meet people? I'm 26 yr old girl, outdoorsy (super excited to go for walks & hikes when we arrive) and love the usual books, cinema, meeting friends, having random adventures etc. Any help or advice would be super appreciated. Thanks Tia
  16. Hi All, Just moved to Aveley with my wife and 2 kids a 3.5yo boy and 4mo baby girl. After extensive house searching we chose Aveley as both the estate and local facilities ticked all the boxes other than the commute to work (CDB). We moved in 1 month ago and love the area just need to find some local friends. I am originally for Scotland in my 40's my wife is Korean in her 30's. One kid born in Spain the other in Australia (yes we travel a lot). We'd like to get in touch with any families in the areas with young children for a bit of socialising and friendship. Note the wife not working so available for a coffee most days. Would be great to hear from anyone with similar circumstances. Thanks Gary
  17. Hey my name is Alex and I am from Wales, and I have moved to Perth with my partner Kylie who's from New Zealand. We have been living in Fremantle for just under 2 months and we are all set up with jobs but are looking for friends to share the weekends with. I am 24 and Kylie is 28, we are an outgoing couple who enjoy socialising and we would like to find some other couples or similar aged friends to meet with as we are planning on staying here for a long time we are also hoping to meet some great friends who have perminantly moved to WA. I am a retail store manager and Kylie is a vet nurse, I am a musician by trade and would also love to meet some fellow musos in Freo. :smile2:
  18. Hi all, I've just moved to Perth, and wondering if anyone knows of any beginners women's running groups? (preferably in the northern suburbs, where I'm living) I've not run for absolutely ages, so not looking for anything formal or too serious! It's to make friends as much as get fit really If anyone out there fancies joining me on a semi-regular run, then it would be great to get an informal group going (if there isn't one out there already!), or even just find a running buddy or two. I'm 29 and of average fitness, but certainly won't be running any marathons any time soon I live in Kallaroo, so quite far north of the city, but will be working in Joondalup, so could meet there too. Drop me a line if you're interested or know of any existing groups! Thanks, Amy
  19. Hi everyone! I've been here almost 6months now, living SOR and working in Rockingham. Myself (27) and hubby (29) came here almost 6months ago now and ive found it difficult to make new friends outside of work. If anyone is in the area who would like a meet up let me know..I'm definitely missing out on some girls company! Also does anyone know any good gyms or fitness classes in the area??
  20. Hi, I love my boyfriend and I love travelling. This is an issue. My name is Anna and Im 24. I came over to Australia on a working holiday visa and am currently on my 2nd year. My biggest passion is travelling. After graduating from Uni I travelled to Thailand and ended up going all around South East Asia. It was the best year of my life and from then on I'd decided thats what I wanted to do. I've caught the travel bug BAD. I want to travel everywhere. The list of places I want to go just gets longer, and I want to do as much as I can while Im young before I settle down. So my next stop was Australia. I had no plans to stay here forever, just 2 years and then I would move on to my next destination! However. I met an Aussie guy. I've met guys before, but Ive always moved on because for me travelling comes first. I've always said only when I meet my husband will I stop and settle down...he might live in Germany, he might live in Brazil..who knows where I'll end up living? I never properly thought about it. But realistically I thought that wouldnt happen til I was about 30 and I'd be happy to settle down, however it has happened now when I'm 24 and havent done half the travelling I want to yet! I hae this worry that time is running out and I wont have time to do everything I want. I know I have plenty of time; the rest of my life, but once life gets into a routine and you have responsibilites it's much harder. It was just an instant attraction and within a week I could already see us getting married and having babies. This has NEVER happened to me before. Crazy in love and so happy, 2 months later I have now moved in with my boyfriend into a house in Perth. We have talked about defacto and are going to see how the next year goes and apply for a relationship visa. It's all moved so quickly but it's just felt right. It's so nice to have our own place rather than living in hostels which is what Im used to, but at the same time I miss it. I miss having tons of friends, I miss drinking all the time, I miss the fun and banter. I feel like Ive suddenly grown up and am now some kind of housewife. Dont get me wrong I enjoy cooking and cleaning and being homely and all the rest of it, but I just feel like Im missing out. All of his family and friends are here and I feel a little lonely sometimes. I have a few friends, but it's not the same as being at home. In a hostel the people you meet kind of become your family. Also my boyfriend works in the mines so one week he is home and one week he is away and I am living alone. I work with all old people at my job, but I am trying to get out more and go to the gym etc to keep busy and meet people etc. I can't imagine leaving him, but recently I have just been feeling depressed over the fact that Im just living here and I want to be travelling. I want to travel with him but he has too many ties/ responsibilies here: dogs, job, lots of stuff! I'm not used to it, the only possessions I have will fit in a backpack, I have no car, no house, no pets, I can move whereever I like whenever I like and thats how I am enjoying living. It's fun and adventurous. He says he wants to travel on holidays which is great, but its not the same as having the freedom to be like...ok I'm living in Sydney for 6 months, and now I'm going to live in Darwin for 3 months...etc. Plus he has to accumulate holidays from work before we can even think about that. I feel like Im getting impatient. I know I should just work hard and save money in Perth for the next year or so and then I would have some money for holidays, but something is just niggling away at me and I cant shift this feeling of unease. It makes me feel sick to be away from him, but I need to get my travelling done and out of my system. Also, the terms of defacto are another stress, to qualify you have to live with each other for 12 months. It's just another complication. It's putting another strain on the relationship that doesnt need to be there. So basically....what should I do?! If I went travelling I would always come back to him but then how long could I go for? I know he would wait for me, but things would be difficult. Could I be away from him for so long? I am going home for Christmas for 6 weeks so I guess this will be the test. I dont have enough money to be going anywhere right now so I need to stop and save anyway. I'm sorry for waffling but my head is a mess and any help/ advice would be very much appreciated! Thank you fellow Poms in Perth!
  21. Hello there! So no beating around the bush, Australia's awesome but i have no one to experience it with.. other than the parents I'm in Fremantle currently until mid november, then i will be moving to Mandurah which is where we will be staying permanently if all goes well. Will be whizzing off to Thailand in December diving yipppeee, but if i could perhaps have some human contact before then i would be happy! So anyone that would like to hang out, i like outdoorsy things, running, walking, the sea!, diving, i'm a ski instructor, wheres the snow round here?! Ha. but so anyone like minded friendly people say hi:smile2:
  22. Hi, Im Brad and only been here for 5 months, moved from Essex, (yes an essex boy:jiggy:) im 21! and wouldnt mind meeting some new lads for a beer or girls either . Miss the banter from home! so if you have banter hit me up! or add me on facebook ( braduz@hotmail.co.uk )
  23. Guest

    Return to Perth

    Hey everyone, I have just moved back to Perth after being back in Scotland for a few months. I completed my working holiday visa in May this year and have returned as a student as the thought of going home was too much! I'm looking for new friends to hang out with Give me a shout if you're interested!
  24. Heya guys and girls... Names Chris and I'm new to Perth, I absolutely love it but do need a more social aspect added. I moved from London, England and am looking to meet some new people, hang out, grab coffee and some drinks... Let me know if anyone fancy's meeting up, i have an Australian number with BBM, whatsapp etc if anyone wants to chat... Cheers
  25. We have been a longtime user of Perthpoms but never ventured in to the world of posting. The time is right now as we only have just over a week to go. Allow me to introduce us, there is me (Luke - Marketing), my lovely wife Holly (an Accountant) and our 2 boys Charlie and Noah (6 & 3) and we are from Stratford upon Avon. We are arriving to start a new chapter in Perth and fortunately Holly has recently secured a job and I've had a 2nd stage interview (just waiting to hear, i'll keep you posted...). We are now just finalising everything, clearing out the loft and shed, jet washing everything, canceling contracts and most importantly (and the most difficult) saying our goodbyes to friends and families!! Spending the time exchanging Skype names and email addresses and getting a few final pictures that will keep us company. We are starting life in a holiday let in Quinns Rocks but will be looking for a longer term rental closer to the city which we'll need to search for when we get there - still not sure on areas but my job will play a factor in where we live. I would ask for guidance on where but it is such a personal thing?! I do have a question to throw out there - Insuring our goods in transit - how accurate should we be - I know it is peace of mind that should the worst happen we'll be covered but it seems so expensive!! Ours is coming out at over £700 and that's at 2.5%ish! Anyway must go as I've still got a list of jobs to work through (did find time earlier though to watch the England game). Good luck to all those currently going through the emigration process stick at it as i'm sure it will be worth it in the end...and we are almost at the end...time to start the new beginning...