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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I am living in Perth, WA and trying to find electrical work to gain the "A grade electrical licence". I hold a provisional electrical licence and require "gap training" before I am allowed to take the required capstone exam. I have been in Perth for almost 5 years. I tried to get a job when I first arrived with no luck. As a result of this I started working international in the oil & Gas. I am now trying again and facing the same problems I did 5 years ago. I have pretty much applied to every company, agency and rope access company with only one company offering me a start, unfortunately he didn't want to pay me. Unfortunately most companies in WA are not aware of the process for a overseas electrician to gain an Australian electrical license and have no interest in employing a overseas qualified electrician. They simply prefer to employ a Australian qualified electrician or an apprentice. I have done some Australian courses and licences such as EEHA, High risk work, MSIC, White card If anyone can help with regards contacts etc it will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi Everyone! I am a UK qualified electrician who is looking for an opportunity to complete my A grade electrical licence under general supervision. This involves, completing my E-profiling log book and only needing to finish "on the job practical section". I believe I am skilled and competent in all aspects of electrical maintenance and installation and require a chance to prove and show my capabilities in Perth. Is there anyone here who can help? If there is please contact me and I can send you my resume, cover letter and Licence. Thanks Prez
  3. Hi, I'm posting on here to ask how other UK electricians are doing when it comes to finding jobs in order to complete the gap training course. I have my provisional electrical workers licence and letter from Energy safety which says that I need to contact a lady at Poly technic west to book my gap training but, as most people, I'd much rather do the 2 week course at CET to get my licence. I had a run around the other day to CET, Polytechnic West and Energy Safety and spoke to people at each place - I was told that it is like this: The old system is the 2 week ETL course which you will need to have your skills assessed by TRA (with an ARTC) to sit this course. If you already have a vettassess OSTR then TRA aren't supposed to assess you (but they often will so its a bit of a gamble?) The TRA assessment require you to fill in the application form and sent copies of certs etc which have to be certified copies (certified by a migration agent or other aussie listed person) costs $300 and takes around 3 months. I'm not sure but I get the feeling that this systme may be being phased out? The gap training course takes upto 12 months and consites of 2 weeks college, on the job gap training then 1 more weeks college. It is often completed in much less than 12 months depending on what access you have to the tasks needed to fill out your log book. This will depend on the work that your employer is doing. Heres the catch as far as I can see: Electrical contractors aren't interested in employing people on provisional electrical licences when there are other guys with A grade licences or Aussie apprentices applying for the same jobs. Is anyone out there part way through the gap training and have a job? All I see on these forums is that its impossible to get a job which would mean that the gap training system doesn't work as you cant do the er... Gap training? I'm a bit confused and down at the moment - tell me it's possible! (to do the ARTC system I will have to wait for my container with all my qualifications then apply for the ATRC, then apply to Energy Safety, Then apply to sit the ETL before getting my licence - I'm a bit worried about this as I think that will take a really long time and ther'se a big risk that it will fail at some stage if TRA wont assess me or they stop using the ETL route?) Thanks for any advise - and do let me know if any of my info is wrong!!