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Found 4 results

  1. Guest


    can anyone shed any light on the ielts test,i have to approach this at some point and really don't know where to start......HELP NEEDED.
  2. jojo1310

    Vetassess question!

    Hi everyone, I have a question which I'm asking on behalf of my fiance. He is a data cabler and we are looking at gaining a skilled working visa (190) with me being his 'defacto'! We want to know whether it would be possible to gain the 190 visa without him having to have his skills assessed via vetassess as this is quite a lengthy and extremely expensive process. This may be a stupid question, but if anyone could gove us some help or a little bit of guidance that would be fantastic! Many Thanks Jo
  3. Jclcncoc2015

    Help please - Where to begin?

    For a couple of years now my husband and I have been thinking about moving to Perth. In the beginning he took an IELTS to top up his points and passed. To be honest life has just gotten in the way and we have plodded along with a daily routine, he works away a lot and we have little time to discuss our future plans or look into how to begin the process. I think life is just passing us by and I really want to seriously think about moving. Can anyone point me in the right direction, what do I need to do? My husband is ex-RAF, he is 42 and spent 23 years as a rigger/aircraft engineer, he is currently Production Manager for a UAV company. I am 39 and a Procurement Assistant for a large fashion retailer. We have 2 kids aged 9 and 13. I'm guessing State sponsorship might be the best route? Although I do have a step brother in Melbourne, would family sponsorship be another possibility? Please can anyone offer any advice of the best route to take? Thank you
  4. Hi All, My Wife,myself and my daughter are on the way to Perth in February 2015 on my Wife's nursing visa and i have been trying for the last few months to apply for jobs in Perth without much luck or response. Is it best to wait to we actually land and start to live in Perth and if so what is the best way for me to find employment as i am only semi skilled with working last 10 years at an airport as a ramp dispatch officer and also security roles there and operations. I would really like to get away from these roles and re-invent myself so to speak (even if its at the age of 44 :)and would really appreciate any suggestions.. thanks, Andy,Julia&Steph (Uk to Perth Feb 2015)