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Found 4 results

  1. We will be heading to perth in about 2 months and am wondering if anyone can give me some feedback on Comet Bay College vs Baldives Secondary College. We are a family of 4 living in Sydney Hubby working SOR Me SOHM at the moment so would like to get to know local people Boy 14, currently in a gifted program at school and plays a good level of soccer & cricket (we have heard comet bay has a gifted program) Girl 10 into netball dance etc. We have also heard there is a lot more happening socially in Baldives for my son to go with his friends. Is secret harbour too quiet? Any feedback good and bad would be great. Thanks
  2. PerthiteSince2007

    Yanchep District High School - Anyone?

    Hi all, I have a question about Yanchep District High School. We moved to Perth from over east 7 years ago and have lived in Butler the entire time. Bad timing on our part, but we're now building a house up in Yanchep and will be out of the catchment area for the new (and increasingly exclusive) Butler College. So my question is, does anyone have an opinion or view on Yanchep District High School? I've looked online at the Dept of Education and have seen the numbers, the NAPLAN scores and I've driven past it but I've yet to go in and make an appointment to speak with someone as it's still school holidays. My daughter will be starting in 2016 without all of her friends from Butler PS who will be going on to Butler College, so I really am hoping that it's not as "bad" as some have told me it is. Friends who pick up other people's kids from the Primary School say the language is foul and there are alot of foster care and state care kids there. I'm tempted to believe NONE OF WHAT YOU HEAR AND HALF OF WHAT YOU SEE, but I still am interested in other people's views, particularly if it's first hand and you have kids of your own (or your friend's kids) that attend the school. What are the teachers like? What is the principal like? I like the idea of a small school, it gives kids the opportunity to shine if they're good at something, unlike a big college like Butler is turning out to be. Thoughts, anyone?
  3. Hi there, My daughter is repeating year 11 due to missing so much school during out move etc. She will finish year 11 and then 12. Once and hopefully she qualifies, will these qualifications be transferable to a College or University back in the UK?
  4. Hiya Am trying to work out the best time to come to Oz. Due to a delay in plans (we were supposed to be there in Summer) I have a 15 year old daughter (DOB 03/11/99) who, now that she has started GCSE year, understandably wants to stay in UK until she has finished her GCSE's and leave school with the friends she has had all the way through. Her aim is to go to soccer university in USA so she doesn't want to go to an Australian or English university. She needs to get a WACE or an International Baccalaureate or A levels, alongside passing football trials and entrance tests to qualify. Am thinking therefore that we come next July (2016), then because she would be starting mid way through year 11 getting her to start year 10 with the year below and then going into year 11 in Jan 2017 so that she gets the full 2 years of senior school. However I have seen an online year calculator which seemed to say that we will be coming mid way through year 12 instead which means she has no way of doing her last 2 years of school in Australia. Am so confused with it all, can anyone tell me what year she would be in July 2016? Thanks