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Found 4 results

  1. aaylabrassington

    Do I still need sufficient funds?

    I'm planning on coming over to Australia on a working holiday visa for about 6 months. I will be living with my step dad and his wife in their home in Perth. My step dad will be supporting me whilst I look for employment. Do I still need to have savings in my own bank account even though my step dad has the right amount and more to look after me until I find a job out there? If so - is it possible for him to transfer the money into my account to show that I have the money, and then when I get over there... I just transfer the money back into his account? Or is that illegal? Thanks!
  2. Mrs&MrW

    Winter in Perth

    Hi all,so... still keeping our hopes up that we'll be able to visit Perth in July/August to activate our visa (even though we are still waiting for it ).Husband and I are both from UK, but we both have families in Brazil... so we know what is hot and what is cold! LOL...I know from experience that winters in the South of Brazil are REALLY cold, and I know how it feels being in a house with no radiatiors or insulation...But in a way temperature can be relative... 15oC in Brazil is COLD... whereas 15oC in the UK feels like summer... :-PSo what about Perth? How's the winter over there? What time is sunrise and what time does it get dark in the winter?We not even know what kind of clothes to take over our holiday either...I know it won't be SUPER cold, but I know better than underestimate winter in a hot country! Thanks,Mrs W. :-)
  3. Guest

    Visa & Work Advice

    Hi there, this is my second post to the site, my partner and I have our hearts set on moving to Perth, I working as an Account Manager in an advertising agency, and my partner working in the asbestos industry as a Surveyor and Contracts Manager, we're both in our 30s. We have been looking into our options of how we get to Oz, and other than finding a company to sponsor us (we have been applying to lots of jobs on seek). We were wondering where we stood with getting a holiday visa and organising interviews/meetings for this time, and then potentially moving the visa if we find work, has anyone done this, or know anyone that has? Any advice will be hugely appreciated, we just can't wait to get out there! Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm new here, found a mention of PerthPoms on another website and thought I'd mosey on over My other half and I are both Aussies but we have apartments we rent on a short term/holiday basis. Anyhow, we're getting better at it all the time, but I would be very interested to get some feedback as to what you look for in this kind of rental. Also, any particularly good or bad experiences (no naming names!) would be most instructive! I know there are a few of us on this site who provide this kind of service, and I thought it would be useful for us all to hear what people really want. Anyhow, I hope that you all feel happy to contribute your 2 cents' worth, I'm interested to hear the good, the bad and the ugly of this kind of accommodation, and what you'd like to see supplied. Regards Jen