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Found 2 results

  1. Snowbunny11


    Dear all i need advice. My husband and i have been here for 6 years. He loves it and i hate it and i no longer know how i can bear to be in such a superficial and uncultured city. He's fifo and I'm left alone while he's away with our children to fill our time. I've struggled to make friends and our marriage has suffered so much from the lack of support and we bicker all the time. I'm exhausted from trying to make things work here and just want to go home; something that Australia has never been. Please give me some guidance.
  2. Hi there new to this forum! Was looking for anyone's advice on our predicament: We are a family of four, two boys aged 16 and 20. We have been here for 6 years and love Perth! My husband has been homesick since the beginning but has been back to UK 3 times now and 'manages' to get by because the rest of the family enjoy our life here. However 2 years ago our eldest son went back to UK for trials in football and secured a first team contract with SPL!! Since he left I have been 'son sick'. Some days not been managing to go into his room. We have just returned from 3 weeks in Scotland to see our son (I haven't seen him in nearly 2 years)!!!! We all had the best time ever doing something every day mostly with our son and his new girlfriend of a year! We took in a game and it was so lovely to watch him on the pitch again. I never missed perth once and that shocked me !! Our youngest son states that he wants to stay in perth as he has friends and his first girlfriend. He also has health issues we are working on which were non existent in uk.?? we got back 2 days ago and had the worst Xmas ever - hubby and I been together for 23 years! I cried all Xmas day between sleeping. I love my job and our sunny outdoor lifestyle . Any tips, help or experiences anyone can put my way I would be very grateful. Ps we are a very close family and our son in Scotland constantly mentions how much he would love us back together as a family. Also I had terrible SAD when living in uk and have had no trace of that here in perth. I appreciate any time you can put out to us xx regards Donna