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Found 43 results

  1. FORKLIFT MECHANIC / FORKLIFT TECHNICIAN JOBS AUSTRALIA WIDE Hi All, Konnecting is an Australian Skilled Migration & Recruitment Agency. Our client is a global company that has enjoyed more than 40 years of success in the Australian Market through the Manufacturing and Servicing of lift trucks. Due to company growth we are looking for experienced forklift technicians for positions available Australia wide. Working as a forklift service technician, you will essentially be responsible for delivering a high quality of service to customers whilst performing non scheduled and preventative maintenance work. The role will be to service, maintain and repair the Company's range of small & large forklifts and other load-shifting equipment and their attachments. You will be required to repair and refurbish gas, electric and diesel forklifts and other industrial machinery including scissor lifts, dock levellers and generators at the company's workshops and or at customer's premises as necessary. Understanding of hydraulics and pneumatics LPG & Diesel fuel systems. Battery and Electric Forklift experience Fault diagnostic skills Essential criteria: Trade qualified motor mechanics Minimum of 3 years experience servicing forklifts Good communication skills and customer service experience. Forklift licence Drivers licence You will enjoy above award wages and operate within a great working environment. You will also benefit from ongoing training to enhance your skills and develop you as a technician. Australian 457 Visa Sponsorship is available to suitable candidates. Contact us at recruit@konnecting.com or visit our website konnecting.com Fred Molloy Registered Migration Agent: MARN: 0853698 Konnecting - Skilled Migration & Recruitment
  2. Hi my names Nick I am a solid plasterer and Cork Coatings applicator in the uk with a nvq level 2 and 3 and over 12 years experience I am considering getting my AQF 3 I have already started my 189 visa application and I am ready for skills assessment. What is work like for a solid plasterer over in Perth? What can I expect to earn. I am also considering getting my Plasterer’s assessors qualification. I don’t mind starting at the bottom and working my way up the ladder. Any advice people and offer me will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi everyone I work for a marquee hire company called pedersens hire and we are always on the lookout for new workers with the drive to get on.we are based in canning vale but can be working all over Perth also as far as Kalgoorlie Albany Karratha. our busiest periods are from July through to January . i believe it's a great start for young lads to work with us.theres no time wasters and you can learn and travel at the same time.casual weekend work is always available. ive now been at pedersens for 9 years .im managing the structure side of the company now . feel free to get in touch if you want anymore information.just thought I'd say hi I'm new to this forum .im from battle in East Sussex back in the U.K. . be good to hear from some of you. darren aka podge p.s I'm the guy on the far left.IMG_0073.MOV
  4. Hello, here goes! Our dream has turned a bit pearshaped! We moved out here in May of this year, 7 months ago. I was on a half promise of a job that eventually materialised into reality early August. During the interim we stayed with in-laws, friends etc and were unable to commit to an area, let alone a suburb in Perth. I was chasing theee jobs in the end, 2 in Perth and 1 in Albany. I started the job in Perth in August and we rented a house in Duncraig, based on the suburb and the High School. Trouble is the job was a nightmare. It was soon clear to me that the owner was a bullying, rude tyrant. After 7 weeks I was made redundant. The job was in the waste industry and due to proposed changes the project was shelved. I now find myself working for a haulier in Albany whilst my family are living here in Perth. I leave home at 0330 on a Monday and get home late Friday evening! Not the cohesive family life we envisaged. I am looking for work up here but it's been to no avail so far. It doesn't help that I'm doing 12hr days, so very little time to look. Thats not the only thing. The only one of us who is happy is my 15 year old son. He seems to have settled in well, he's in the triathlon squad, has a shop job in Hilary's at the weekends and loves the skating, though he gets frustrated at some of his friends reluctance to get out and do things. Our other son, 13, has become a hermit. He's not made any friends at all, spends all of his time on the Xbox or Mac, totally different to the fun, gregarious boy he was in the UK. My wife has not managed to make any friends either. She lacks the school gate friendship portal now as the boys are older. As for me, well I just don't have any time at all to do anything. I was cycling with a group up here, but come Sat morning I'm just too tired to get up and cycle, plus I've missed my family and want to spend time with them. It's the friends thing really, we've have found that Australians are friendly, but in a very shallow, low level way. Very polite, but that's it we have some South African Acquantences but they seem to stick together, so they're happy We had a big social circle in the UK, we think we are nice people, so it's very wearing Basically we feel we have no friends and no support, we've both got family out here, but I'm afraid they've been a disappointment we are now faced with the choice of A) Upsticks and move to Albany for my job or head home to the UK. Albany is beautiful, but the job has its drawbacks, well paid but some of the practises worry me; it's a long way from anywhere and I worry about taking the boys there as it's limiting for their social Developements, plus they don't want to go there. Financially we will be on a winner there as housing is much cheaper Not sure what I'm asking really, maybe some input, maybe I just need to put pen to paper. But we are both feeling desperately unhappy, I for one have never felt this way. I've always been an upbeat mood lifter if you like, not the person I find I am now. Any advice or words of encouragement gratefully received thanks Bryan
  5. hello, myself and my family are searching where to move around the perth area. We are looking at going to somewhere like Joondalup, Oceons Reef, Quinns rocks and other places like this. I'm a carpenter at NVQ level 2 so i was just wondering if you could give me some feedback about what these places are like for families and if there are many carpentry jobs going in these areas. Thankyou.
  6. Hello I am a 26 year old woman from Surrey, currently in my 2nd of 3years of Nurse Traning: hoping to qualify in July 2012. I would like to make the move to Perth as soon as possible after that. My question is: When is the best time to start searching for jobs in Perth and do hospitals Down Under employ newly qualified British Nurses? One last question, do the hospitals have Nursing Accomodation like British ones do? Thank you for reading. Kind Regards Nic x
  7. Hi all, I've been in senior manager roles in MNCs in the UK and am now in Perth looking for a job. I've been told by a few people (including Hays who I met) to be open to any level of roles, including entry level - just wondering if it's a wise decision to do that until a senior role comes along, or will I be slotting myself and have to start all over again? Any advice will be appreciated. Many thanks.
  8. hi all!! im planning on joining up with my brother who is just on his way back to perth next tuesday.and i want to be out myself in the 1st week in march,i have a young family here and just want to see it and work as soon as i arrive so need a job to come to,so wanting to spread word on this and see if i get any good leads if possible??i have near 8yrs exp would love to know roughlly a take home pay for a butcher in that area also? thanks..
  9. Hi, Hoping to have the 189 Visa Granted by the end of March. Currently working for BP in the UK as a Control and Automation Engineer. Degree Qualified, 15 years experience. Honeywell / ABB DCS and Scada Systems. Allen Bradley PLC5 / SLC 500 / Controllogix Fibre Optic / Copper Networking Serial Communications / RTU's HMI's / Alarm Reviews / HAZOP FAT / SAT / Commissioning / Project Looking to relocate to Perth, WA. Willing to FIFO for the right opportunity. Tony
  10. Hi all!. I'm Katie. 29 year old female from Yorkshire. I have just arrived in Perth from Melbourne and am looking to start temp work ASAP. As my working holiday visa allows me to work in the same position for 6 months at a time. My visa expires on 31st of July 2017. I have vast experience in office environments, also retail and hospitality. I was previously a PA/EA for a partnerships team in the Daily Mirror UK. I am ideally looking for an office assistant role, receptionist, secretary etc. I have applied for numerous temp agencies and am as of yet to hear back. I would welcome all help or advice on this, or if you know of anything (e.g. bar, cafe, pub, or any sort of temp work). I am currently living with relatives in Maddington and am wiling to travel for work. THANK YOU!
  11. Hi All, My OH is a Wall & Floor Tiler and we are hoping to move to WA very soon. Just a quick query... Are tiling jobs readily available? Can anyone recommend any companies to send my OH's CV to? Does anyone know of any companies that may be willing to sponsor? Also, what are the rates of pay like for Tilers in WA? I've looked at the cost of renting accommodation which seems to be higher than th uk, this had me worried abit but i've been told the wages are much better!?! Any help/advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Sue
  12. Hi We hope to be moving to Perth mid 2016 from the UK and have been looking at areas to start off. We are a family of 4... Becoming 5 in a few months time and are looking for a family friendly area that is also close to work for my husband who is a carpenter. We have looked into Wanneroo a lot and like what we see on google street view but would like to know if anyone has any views on this area... Housing, Parks, schools work etc... Naturally we would also be interested in surrounding areas too �� any info would be gratefully received. Thanks! Cara
  13. any brickkies out there after a job?? my name is dan atkins and im looking for a bricklayer to work with me, I work for BGC around clarkson,Banksia Grove and Alkimos area. so if anyones interested give me a pm .oh just should add I cant sponsor
  14. Hi all, I am a fully qualified electrical technician (27) from the UK. I'm at the stage of having just submitted my EOI for the WA state sponsored skilled working visa, so hopefully within 6 months I should get the thing! My question is: To secure employment with a company in WA will I need any additional qualifications relevant to Oz? If I cannot secure employment beforehand I do not want to go and struggle due to not having 'a' licenses etc... Any help would be appreciated along with recommendations of companies to contact around Perth or Albany. (experience with plc's, hmi's, scada, industrial automation equipment) Many Thanks Craig
  15. Hello, Need a quick help from you guys. Although Electrical Engineer is in WA Occupation Demand list. However, i want to know from you guys how good are job opportunities for ELECTRICAL ENGINEER in WA (Specially in Perth)? What about the scope of smart metering and energy management. This is what i am specialized in. Cheers
  16. OK, here's the deal. My wife and I are pretty sure we want to move to Perth. There are obviously some things we're not sure about, but if we waited until we were 100 percent positive about everything we would never accomplish anything. The reasons to move down there are plentiful and probably similar to those of many others. So the more important issues at the moment are those that give us pause. First, it's the job. I have a pretty good one here in the states and I would like to continue doing something that makes me feel good about myself (currently a journalist). I'm certainly willing to broaden my horizons but I would be lying if I said I don't have high expectations for myself and what I achieve for me and my wife. I am the bread-winner in the family, so that is something we're thinking about a lot.. Any advice on how to start a search for a job that will pay more than administrative assistant or low-level IT? What websites are good resources? Second, health care. Not that the US's health care system is the best on the planet, but we have some damn good doctors and we can choose just about any of them if we wanted to. Is the situation down there the same? Australia is a highly educated country so I would assume it is, but I hate to assume anything. Can someone lead me in the direction toward an online resource that might be able to clue me in on the state of Australia's health care system? Third, and lastly, I need good resources on where to get started. I have done a lot of online searching and, to be honest, the results are a little too plentiful. There's a lot of running around the bush and all I need is something that tells us what we need to do first, second, third ... and so on. Help with this would be significant. I appreciate any help/personal experiences from you all. Cheers.
  17. Hi, my husband is a fully qualified joiner with years of experience in all aspects of his trade, he is moving out next month and would be grateful if anyone could advise of any vacant posts they are aware of. Thanks, Valerie
  18. Guest

    Accountant Jobs

    Hi Just wondering what the job market is like at the moment for Accountants. I am a chartered accountant (ICAEW) & recently managed to join the ICAA. My other half is AAT qualified. I am currently a Company Accountant in the UK & the OH is an accounts assistant, and we both have practice experience. Just wondering how easy it is to get jobs at the moment & whether they are all in Perth or if there are jobs in the northern suburbs? Coming overin October to validate Visa & look for jobs before moving permanently in January. Any info would be gratefully accepted. Thanks Nicola
  19. Guest

    Offer came today

    what does this mean in the offer your leave entitlement will be in conformity with the applicable statutory entitlements any help would be great
  20. We urgently require qualified (experienced) Glaziers for ongoing work. Preferably experienced in commercial glazing and aluminium framing is very much an advantage. For more information and to apply online click the link http://www.irp.net.au/job-search/job-details.php?Glazier/in/Fremantle+and+Southern+Suburbs/5887311
  21. I know this is an Aussie based site but for those willing to consider working further abroad there are a couple of mining jobs available in and around Zambia that we are looking to fill: - Exploratory Geologist - Senior Mine Manager (Underground) We get mining jobs added quite frequently to www.gozambiajobs.com so if these roles aren't suitable but you are interested you may want to keep an eye on the site or sign up for the job alerts.
  22. Hi All I want comments from your worthy experiences as its a bit frustrating for me and want a forum where I can share my concern. I am a Civil Engineer with 4+ years experience living in WA since Nov 2012 and meanwhile I applied for PR which is due for grant soon as I was on 475 but thought PR is much better if you plan to stay here forever. I am working for a local builder at the moment. Recently, I got interviewed for Manager Infrastructure position in a Shire. The interview was conducted by a panel comprising of CEO, Manager Corporate Services and the Executive Manager Technical Services (The main guy who is hiring). Must tell you that only 3 applicants were shortlisted for interview. My interview was for atleast 1 hour and a half which was a bit surprising and they asked me questions from technical matters to behavioral aspects including my salary expectations and notice period.....At the end of interview we had an informal chit chat as well and they told me that they will be in touch next week. When I was leaving, the Executive Manager walked out with me to the door and the first word he said was " You have done exceptionally well and I am very glad and I will get in touch with you soon" I was very encouraged and happy as I could feel I have performed very well. I also sent them thank you emails individually for the interview and again showed them my interest to pursue the job. I gave the Ex. Manager a call the following week and he said they still have to reach a decision on thursday and again said you have done well. I then called HR on friday to know if there was an update so the lady from HR said they were discussing it on today (Friday) and should know something by monday. I somehow waited till sunday but didnt hear back on monday. upon inquiring the Manager did not come to office on monday so I am waiting if something happens today. Just to let you know the current Manager Infrastructure is leaving the job at the end of month so the position is still not vaccant. I want to know if I should keep high hopes or should I stop expecting a big news from them anymore. I am sure you guys can atleast comment to end my frustration from the long wait. Cheers.
  23. Hi all, I am new to this forum. Myself and my partner and 2 year old daughter have just started the process of applying for our visas to hopefully come out in September 2016. I currently teach Maths to GCSE level. Does anybody know what the need is for maths teachers currently in Perth? Is it possible to get a maths teachings job teaching to Year 10 only? Any advice on teaching in Perth would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks. Kirsty
  24. Are you feeling frustrated with your current job or are you trying to get a job having recently arrived in Perth? Do you hate waking up in the mornings and going to work? Do you dream of a better job? The Job Market Is Constantly Changing (It’s Not What It Used to Be) If you fail to keep up with how to play the game you will fall behind teh competition in the ever increasing competitive job market Learn how to play the game and win – Get That Job! Unfortunately...MOST PEOPLE never have any control of their career They leave it up to chance and hope things will fall into place…..... And hope…………….. And hope………………… (I used to hope and I realised that I was going NO-WHERE FAST!!!!!!!!!) It’s so common to meet people who are living unfulfilled lives and working in unfulfilling jobs. Why? Because we don’t realise that just like us, careers and jobs have personalities Crazy? True!! The GOOD NEWS is that this is possible to CHANGE With the right knowledge and skills you can actively play the game to win Get THAT job!!! And become your most confident self Sounds good, right? Which is why....... YOU are INVITED to………… A 90 minute seminar On How You Can Take Control of Your Career and Learn How to Play The Game To WIN!!!! You Will Learn: - The Traditional Approach to Your Career and why it no longer works - The Modern Approach to Your Career and how it can WORK for YOU - Learn how to POSITION yourself to GET THAT JOB!! - Learn to play the game to WIN!! And much MUCH more : ) A limited number of seats are available so: 1 - RSVP by sending a text message to 0466 694 511 with your name and date of this workshop being held in Leederville 2 - Make sure to save the date in your calendar 3 - Remember to come along to the workshop 4 – SEATS are LIMITED (only 30 seats are available). Want to bring a friend? Or know someone who needs this? Invite them along as well. The venue is in Leederville on Tuesday 8th March from 645pm to 830pm and close to public transport and FREE parking. See you there! Marilyn Garbin Education Consultant Trainer and Assessor Ex TAFE Lecturer (Business, Retail and Career Development) Careers Advisor Work Experience Co-ordinator Post Graduate Certificate in Career Development (ECU, 2013) Cert IV TAA Cert IV Small Business Management PS: These events always fill up fast and are also advertised elsewhere so please book your ticket early to avoid missing out. See you there!
  25. Hi My husband and I are looking to move to Perth with our two boys to join his family who live in Freo but it obviously depends on whether we can get jobs. I am an online fashion content editor in London (background in luxury ecommerce and fashion magazines) and wondering if there are any such jobs in Perth?! Any advice on writing/copy writer/ editor/ freelance fashion writing jobs would be really helpful.. My husband works in private equity fund of funds - anyone know if this or similar exists in Perth too? Thanks - appreciate any help. Sarah