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Found 10 results

  1. danpeeters

    Internet in Mandurah (Lakelands)

    Hi everyone! I'm possibly moving to the Lakelands estate near Mandurah, and will be on Badgerup Road in a new area. I was wondering if broadband internet would be available? If so, would they be normal speeds compared to other areas? If anyone knows from experience, please let me know, since my partner needs fast internet as part of her business is working from home. Thank you in advance for helping me out here Dan
  2. Hey, I'm 17, 18 next month and moved to Mandurah 2 months ago. Just seeing if there is anybody else around my age that has also recently moved here or is in the area as it's hard to meet people as I won't be starting TAFE until February! Thanks!
  3. Hello, this is first post from a newcomer (used as name at this Forum). I am a newcomer, now staying in friend's study. From property websites like Realestate.com.au, I found Mandurah WA provide low price properties at metro Perth, (although Mandurah is at the last train station.) I would like to seek for your suggestions and advices for buying a property at Mandurah WA 6210. thank you anticipation for your help. Newcomer
  4. Hi we are a young couple from the UK newly off the boat. Been here 4 weeks nearly and love it. We have just taken a house on Port bouvard aroud 15 mins from Mandurah. We have meet some great people while being here and end very good friends with people from here. Its always nice to meet new friends that live around the area. Its a bit out of the way here but you get so much more for your money its worth the 1hr travel to perth! Anyone fancy meeting up
  5. Hi, Just wondered what experiences people had had of these high schools recently as we are on the lists for all three and trying to decide which would be best fit for our son. He is reasonably clever, isn't sporty, and socially lacks confidence. He will be starting high in 2014. Cheers.
  6. Hello there! So no beating around the bush, Australia's awesome but i have no one to experience it with.. other than the parents I'm in Fremantle currently until mid november, then i will be moving to Mandurah which is where we will be staying permanently if all goes well. Will be whizzing off to Thailand in December diving yipppeee, but if i could perhaps have some human contact before then i would be happy! So anyone that would like to hang out, i like outdoorsy things, running, walking, the sea!, diving, i'm a ski instructor, wheres the snow round here?! Ha. but so anyone like minded friendly people say hi:smile2:
  7. I am a Analytical Chemist by profession, but realized wont be able to bag jobs in the same field. So ready for any odd jobs. Was thinking about Mandurah or Bunbury, which is a better option with respect to finding jobs.
  8. Hi We have just received a positive response from Vetassess but they only gave my OH 7 years work experience which means we have 50 points in total. We did want to apply for a 190 VISA but my OH doesnt want to do the IELTS test as he doesnt think he will pass (wont even try) so our other option is a 489 visa and to live in a designated area outside CBD. Having looked at the postcode list i think our best option is Mandurah (first choice) or Bunbury. The other thing is i have family in Joondalup so dont want to be too far from them so i can visit. Our last option is to wait until May 2013 and then my OH will have 8 years work experience and 55 points and we can apply for a 190 and live where we want. We are unsure what to do, while i dont want to wait until May to lodge our visa and then wait to see if it gets accepted. While no one can make our decision for us i appreciate any help and info you can give Thanks
  9. Hi All, As a family we are hoping to move to Mandurah or the surrounding suburbs and would like information regarding the local primary schools. These are the schools I have been looking at: Halls Head Primary. Glencoe Primary. Greenfields Primary. Riverside Primary. Dudley Park Primary. Mandurah Primary. North Mandurah Primary. Falcon Primary. I have searched a few similar forums and some people say that Mandurah Primary is better than North Mandurah. It was mentioned that North Mandurah needed alot of repair work. Not wanting to offend anyone, but a few posts have said to steer clear of Dudley Park and Greenfields - Not sure if this is because they are bad schools or just in 'undesirable' areas. I like what I have heard about the suburb of Halls Head but would like to know more about the school. Any information or advice than anyone could provide would be greatly received. Sue x
  10. Hi, we are looking for a rental in ,or around Mandurah 2x1 or 3x1 unfurnished would be ideal, we arrive 1st May, if anyone can help it would be great,we have letting agent lists and are also open to the idea of a private landlord also thanks Daz and Cheryl