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Found 3 results

  1. Skilly68

    New arrivals

    Hello all, hopefully I am posting in the right forum, and if not I am sure the moderators will point me in the right direction. I am a keen photographer and I am interested in finding either some new arrivals, or some families who are planning to migrate in the near future, who would be willing for me to photograph them as they go through the process of arriving, settling in and going through the trials and tribulations of arriving and selling in. If you are interested, please feel free to get in touch. Email, phone or PM. Paul Skillen skillen.paul@gmail.com 0468 319580
  2. Deb

    Coming out April

    We are coming out at the end of April. Kids all grown up with their own kids. Hoping our daughter comes out when we are settled. We have a rental house for 8wk in Rockingham. Just trying to decide who to fly with. We are thinking Emirates as they seem to have better luggage allowances .Singapore Airlines are cheaper but allowance not as good. We are still trying to sell our house - been on the market 18 months changed agent loads of times. Really could do with selling it but if not will have to rent it but do not really want to do this. My OH is an engineering surveyor hoping he gets a job as soon as we get there. He as applied for a few jobs but they keep saying need to be there. Do not know how some people get the jobs from England. We are worried that if we do get a job and do not sell the house then we cannot stay and we would have given jobs up here for nothing. We have looked forward to this for over 12 months and do not want to give it up but without work then we will not have the money. Will love any help or comments.
  3. seanie


    Hi everyone. I have a business here in perth I am selling as we need to move for childrens schooling. Selling it for $370k aussie plus stock. it gives me just over 200k a year net after all taxes. t shirt printing and promotions business. great hours and would suit husband and wife . 4 yrs old and growing every year. done the mining jobs etc but not good for family with children.This business is 5 days 9-6 and 200 k plus aint bad in anyones books. Really enjoyable work but need to be closer to childrens new school . anyone interested or know any genuine buyers please reply.