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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, apologies as I’m sure this has been asked hundreds of times already!! I am just starting to look into the process of a move to Perth from the UK with my partner and 2 children. I have a lot of family already living in Perth and just weighing up our options over there. I am a Registered Children’s Nurse and Health Visitor and my occupation is on the skilled occupation list for both 189 and 190 visas. Ideally it seems the 189 visa would be the best option? According to the points calculator on the Australian Home affairs website I would have 75 points if I pass the superior English tests.  Ive been doing a bit of research and am I right in thinking the process is - Pass English language assessment Pass assessment criteria for ANMAC Submit EOI If invite is offered to apply for the visa then arrange health checks, police checks, ID checks, etc. Can anyone recommend any migration agents? Or know of any that give a free consultation before starting the process? Are there any Health Visitors that have made the move to Oz and are currently working in a similar role? Are there many Community Child Health Nurse jobs in Perth? Any advice would be appreciated! Please direct me If these questions have already been answered on another post :-) 
  2. laurenalexa88

    PR/ 189 time scale.

    Hi there, Just wondered if anyone else is waiting for PR / 198 Visa? We applied on 17th Sept 2015 and are still waiting. We have had a couple of requests for info- last one being 22nd December- which we supplied docs for. And heard nothing since! Just getting a bit fed up waiting. We want to buy a house and cant really do it until we get PR. Finding it so frustrating that my emails to them don't even get a reply. I know they are busy, but its such a lot of money that we pay up front for such poor service from them! I guess we are one in many and are but an application number.. My friend at work got granted his on xmas eve- and he applied at the same kind of time as us, which made me think that ours wouldnt be far behind but here we are another month later and nothing... Just wondered if anyone else was in the same boat or applied at a similar time to us? Thanks guys Lauren
  3. Hello Perth Poms! Please be gentle as this is my first post on this forum. Me and my partner are looking to relocate to Perth within the next few years and are looking to get some advice from all you knowledgable folk. First a little about us. I currently work as a Graduate Structural Engineer for an Oil and Gas services company in Aberdeen. My girlfriend is a qualified nurse currently working in theatre (known as a scrub scout in Oz). We are both 23 and graduated in July 2014 (this will become relavant later) and looking for a fresh start in beautiful Perth Australia. In terms of Visas, I feel we may have two options. These are: Option 1: Apply for a Skilled - Recognised Graduate Visa (subclass 476). I am able to apply for this as I have a Masters degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Strathclyde (Washington Accord institution). This Visa is currently around £250, therefore it is significantly cheaper than a skilled migrant visa. However this Visa is only temporary (18 months). I also have to apply before the end of July 2016 which we intend on doing anyway. Do you think this type of visa could hinder my chances of securing a graduate position? Option 2: Either myself or my partner get sponsered on a skilled migrant visa. ( In the current Oil and Gas market, this would likely be my other half....) Do you think with this visa being permanent would help my chances of securing a position? As I mentioned previously, the oil and gas market is rather bleak at the moment, therefore I am more than willing to go into onshore construction works if need be. Is there any recent graduates currently in Perth who could give me any advice on applying? Do graduate programs typically hire international graduates? Thanks for your help in advance. Regards Craig
  4. Hello. Everybody My name is Nicola Chamberlain and would like some help or advice about emigrating as a Nurse. i qualified as a Nurse in September 2012 with a Diploma in Nursing Studies in Higher Education and now have nearly two years worth of experience. I have also recently started my first managerial post; being in charge of a nursing home. I was wondering if there are similar positions available in Perth. Also, I have booked the ILETS Exam as I understand this is a requirement. I was wondering what would my next step whether to get nursing registration in WA or apply for my visa first. Any help or assistance would be much appreciated. Its all exciting now I have made to the decision to go. Nic
  5. Hi there! We are a young couple from Scotland living in Perth WA. We are currently in the running to WIN our wedding in an online competition We are up against 4 other couples, one America based and 3 UK based to win the entire wedding! It is an amazing opportunity for us and having been together for 10 years (childhood sweethearts!) we cant wait to get married! We now need to get as many votes as we can to win the wedding... thats where your help comes into this....! It is quick and easy to vote, all you have to do is go online to- It is only one vote per person and we have all of our friends and family back home voting for us but we dont have many friends here in Australia yet so we are really hoping that you lovely people might help us out. It would be very much appreciated! We have until Wednesday 7th to get as many votes as possible! Thank you so much! Lauren & Billy xxx
  6. Was wondering if anyone could help with some advice or tips. I'm a children's nurse moving to Perth in a few months initially on a working holiday Visa so probably looking for agency work unless there is a likelihood of temp jobs on a working holiday visa? I have been in touch with a few agencies and still waiting for AHPRA registration before I can apply. Has any one got any information about how much work there is, what agencies are good etc? Any details would be greatly appreciated please
  7. Hi Everyone, We were planning on moving over to Perth this year, however we fell pregnant and are now expecting our first baby April'14. This has delayed our move but we wouldn't change it for the world and expecting our first baby has made us all the more determined to move to Perth as soon as we have our savings back on track. I'm a Registered Nurse in Scotland and my hubby is a Police Officer, we are stuck on where we should start the process, we will be going on my visa as there are no restrictions for nurses as there seem to be if we go on his visa. Questions: I keep getting contacted by agencies who want to help with the visa application process, is this a wise move or are we better to do this ourselves? Should I apply for my registration first before my visa? Do you think it would be best to move over and then find a job or find a job and then move over? Once we have our visas I would quit my job and work on the nurse bank until we moved out so we could keep the savings going. Can anyone suggest areas and hospitals that you may know have good reputations? We were thinking about Joondalup or near to it, as we have never been before it's hard to choose a location to settle in. I think I'll leave my questions there for the minute, I have so many more but don't want information overload. We are attending the emigrations show in Glasgow SECC in February so hoping to find out as much info as we can there also. Any help from you all would be much appreciated as we are wanting to get the ball rolling asap. Thanks in advance and hope to speak to you soon. Cx
  8. Hello there, Me and my Husband are in the process of preparing to emigrate permanently to Australia. I'm a qualified nurse of 4 years and am applying for an independent skilled visa. Currently waiting (painfully) for the slow process of ANMAC skills assessment before I can lodge an Expression of Interest. We have friends in Armadale Perth, so plans are to stay with them until I find work and a place to live in Central Perth for 6-12 months before moving to the East Coast. We may love it in Perth and stay there though. Either way, I can't wait to get out to Australia and start afresh. I'm interested to meet other Poms moving to Perth, especially other nurses/health workers. Joanna x
  9. Guest

    Is Perth the place to be??

    Hi all, wondered if you can give some advice... I will be moving to Australia from Manchester in Dec/ Jan at the end of this year and still undecided of where to go. I am a Nurse and my partner has just been made redundant from the RAF as a fitness instructor. i'm 27 and he is 33. We love the beach and being outdoors, yet probably dont want to be any further from CBT than 45 min drive/ train journey. Initially we would like to live in an apartment with a communal pool and gym etc so we can hopefully meet new people quicker. We would love somewhere with nice cafe's and restaurants/bars etc and other young couples/ families. How far is the beach from the mountains if my partner were to start a business doing ountain biking/ rock climbing etc? Can anyone share what they love about Perth and why its a good place to live as we are still undecided between Perth, Sydney and Melbourne?? Any help is appreciated!!
  10. Guest

    Oz next year

    hi i am hoping to come to perth next year with my husband and 7 year old twins i am looking for info on schools hospitals as i am a nurse and ellenbrook as a possible place to live.also about english test which i will take this month as i am 5 points short