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Found 3 results

  1. laurenalexa88

    PR/ 189 time scale.

    Hi there, Just wondered if anyone else is waiting for PR / 198 Visa? We applied on 17th Sept 2015 and are still waiting. We have had a couple of requests for info- last one being 22nd December- which we supplied docs for. And heard nothing since! Just getting a bit fed up waiting. We want to buy a house and cant really do it until we get PR. Finding it so frustrating that my emails to them don't even get a reply. I know they are busy, but its such a lot of money that we pay up front for such poor service from them! I guess we are one in many and are but an application number.. My friend at work got granted his on xmas eve- and he applied at the same kind of time as us, which made me think that ours wouldnt be far behind but here we are another month later and nothing... Just wondered if anyone else was in the same boat or applied at a similar time to us? Thanks guys Lauren
  2. Hi Perth Pomers, I just has my medical on the Friday, what a relief, was slightly worried they might find something wrong, I dont know why though, i'm only a young puppy at 30 and i passed with flying colours providing the HIV test is ok, (it better be or my wife will kill me ha ha). So exciting that we may be across in September, well exciting for me, and slightly exciting for my wife even though she is really coming home since thats where shes from. Does anyone know how long it takes to get the visa after the medicals are submitted? Also my UK passport runs out next year, would it be worth while getting a new 1 before we go to Perth or before my PR Visa is confirmed? Thanks Steven:smile:
  3. shah

    Need opinion

    Dear Forum Members Wanted to have your say about what happened to me. I am currently living in Bunbury, Regional Western Australia on a 475 visa since November 2012. However, to this date I managed to get two jobs both of which were in regional areas and unfortunately, at the very end stages of signing contract one company hired an indigenous Australian (which is understandable) while the other company cancelled the position saying that they had closed operation in north and were in no position to take me on board. Since then I have got no interview call from any organization. I am a Civil Engineer with a diverse 4 years experience of Project Engineering and Contracts Administration. I am working as Permanent Part time in one of the stores but thats not something I am here for. Having said that I realized that 475 is itself is a big problem in getting a professional job as most employers tend to hire Permanent Residents and Citizen to ensure social security is used as less as it can be otherwise government can be burdened(Just my opinion). So I decided to apply for a PR and lodged my EOI for 189 and 190(Western Australia) and subsequently applied for WA state sponsorship 190. I was not expecting anything but a 190 nomination however, yesterday I was checking my mail and I saw that I got an invite for 189 independent skilled class visa which was a shock for me as it was no where near in my mind that I will be getting an invite. So I am lodging my application in next couple of days however, I wanted to know if any of you have experienced the same as I did like lodging an EOI and getting an invite in a weeks time? How long it will take to get a visa grant if I submit my documents as I have all the documents and fee ready and applying would be a click away. Please advise and share your experiences and give advise/opinion...Cheers