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Found 95 results

  1. Both me and my boyfriend are travelling to Perth in November 18 on a working visa for 1 year. As well as working we also want to experience life in Perth and have the chance to explore and travel in our spare time. We both preferably want to do the same job so that we can still share the same experiences as well as being able to work similar hours. Our visa’s have already been accepted. Is there anywhere anyone would recommend looking for jobs? Or any jobs available for us both? Any advice on whether we should look before we fly or search whilst we are in Perth. Any help is greatful! Thankyou
  2. Hi All, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I am living in Perth, WA and trying to find electrical work to gain the "A grade electrical licence". I hold a provisional electrical licence and require "gap training" before I am allowed to take the required capstone exam. I have been in Perth for almost 5 years. I tried to get a job when I first arrived with no luck. As a result of this I started working international in the oil & Gas. I am now trying again and facing the same problems I did 5 years ago. I have pretty much applied to every company, agency and rope access company with only one company offering me a start, unfortunately he didn't want to pay me. Unfortunately most companies in WA are not aware of the process for a overseas electrician to gain an Australian electrical license and have no interest in employing a overseas qualified electrician. They simply prefer to employ a Australian qualified electrician or an apprentice. I have done some Australian courses and licences such as EEHA, High risk work, MSIC, White card If anyone can help with regards contacts etc it will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello, Everyone Are you planning or interested to visit Perth, here are the best places you should visit that you will really enjoy. 1. The beaches Perth has some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia, if not the most beautiful for a city in the world! You can head down to any beach along the west coast, and you will soon forget the busy commute you just left behind. Sunny days, warm temperatures, the blue Indian Ocean and not a speck of litter in sight. Cottesloe, Scarborough and City Beach were all our favourites out of the nineteen beaches Perth and the surrounding areas had to offer. Cottesloe boasts crystal clear and calm waters set on a backdrop of white sand and grassy terraces. It is also home to the annual Sculpture by the Sea, which showcases the talents of artists across the globe. Scarborough Beach was our local beach when we lived Perth, and it is the perfect location to watch the infamous Western Australian sunsets. Scarborough has become more vibrant and lively in the last couple of years; it has a fun atmosphere and an array of mouth-waveringly delicious cafes, restaurants and bars. Though not as busy as its close neighbour over in Scarborough, City Beach has recently opened its doors to a new surf club which comes with a gym and three restaurants/cafes which are sure to have increased visitor numbers. Nevertheless, on some days you won’t have to share this beach with very many people. 2. Kings Park and Botanic Garden Kings Park is Western Australia’s biggest tourist attraction and at 400 hectares, is one of the World’s biggest inner city parks. Kings Park is a huge green space within the city with many short walking trails leading through botanical gardens, offering spectacular panoramic views of Perth and the Swan River. It’s a hot spot for people of all ages, family friendly and even a great place for lunch (whether it be a picnic or in the cafe). Fitness enthusiasts frequent the popular Jacobs Ladder challenging themselves to see how many times they can run up and down the 242 steps. It is also home to the very moving State War Memorial and of course the whispering wall that lay around it. Throughout the summer you can catch the latest movie releases and some great classics at the outdoor cinema, it is the perfect setting for movie enthusiasts, nestled in a light blanket on a beanbag with balmy temperatures underneath starry skies. 3. Fremantle Fremantle is a lively port city which is a great alternative to Perth city centre to meet up with friends for a social gathering. The town centre is home to a strip of alfresco style bars and restaurants. We recommend starting at the Norfolk Hotel, it has a generous outside seating area and is surrounded by limestone walls, giving the whole place heaps of character alongside its great ales. The suburb is also the host to the famous Fremantle Market open weekly on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Here you will find a huge variety of stalls offering everything from local fresh produce to homemade handbags and hair pieces. Why not make a day of it and check out the Little Creatures Brewery for a hearty pub lunch and some local Perth craft beers then take the historic Fremantle prison tour. 4. Rottnest Island Known to the locals as Rotto, Rottnest Island is just 18 KM ferry journey away from the mainland which makes it the ultimate weekend getaway from the city. The only way to get around on the island is by bicycle which you can rent when you get there or take your own aboard the ferry for an additional $15. If cycling isn’t your thing, then don’t worry you can still take a bus around the island to the islands main sites. Whichever you choose just make sure you remember to bring your snorkel as Rottnest boasts crystal clear waters and some great drift snorkelling. All of this, but the main attraction still seems to be the furry little locals. We’re talking about the unique to the island, selfie-loving Quokkas! A natural when faced with a Go Pro or smartphone, these cute marsupials are always keen to take a few snaps with eager tourists. 5. Swan Valley The Swan Valley may look like a dry, barren land on the outskirts of the city. There over 40 wineries to choose from, many of which offer complimentary tastings or tastings for a very low cost. Some of the wineries give you a selection of cheese to pair with the many different flavors. We highly recommend Lancaster wines; their fresh chili infused cheese is to die for and just melts in your mouth. Another favourite for samples in the Swan Valley is the Margaret River Co. chocolate factory. You can dish yourself up a handful of milk, white or dark chocolate while look through the huge glass windows at the all the machinery in action making absolutely everything you see for sale in the shop. See if you can eat them quick enough before they melt. We often leave Swan Valley feeling very sick… I wonder why? If wine and chocolate aren’t your things, another highlight of the Swan Valley is Super Golf! Not to be taken seriously in any way, shape or form, this light-hearted take on the popular classic is perfect for friends, family and couples alike to enjoy the sun in beautiful surroundings and get competitive. There is a choice of either 9/18 holes (we recommend 9) and is basically a supersized version of the sport we know; giant plastic golf balls and huge plastic clubs, it’s sure to bring a few laughs throughout the day. 6. John Forrest National Park The John Forrest National Park is a little bit further afield than the other places we mentioned in this guide, located East of the city, but it is the best place to get a taste of the wilderness the Australian outback has to offer. It was actually the first national park of Western Australia and is home to 10 species of mammal and 91 species of birds. Despite its location, this national park is surprisingly green with a collection of waterfalls passing through. It is a great place to spot some of the native species in their natural habitat along with the unique fauna and flora. The Eagle View Walk Trail gives you a great view of the distant city, emphasising Perth’s isolation from the rest of Australia. 7. Lake Monger Nestled between the suburbs of Glendalough, Wembley, and Leederville, just outside Perth city center is Lake Monger Reserve. This 70-hectare lake surrounded by the park is a popular dog walking and running spot, it is home to the beautiful black swan and is rich in Aboriginal history. The walk around Lake Monger is an easy and paved 3.8km route and should take less than 1 hour. During the walk, you get the opportunity for a great view of Perth’s CBD and the iconic BHP Billiton Towers. The path also has a cycle lane for those wishing to do the route by bike. Other flora and fauna here include fish, skinks, south-western-snake-necked turtles and 38 species of bird. For more information go to this website: https://www.visitperthcity.com/see-do
  4. Hi my names Nick I am a solid plasterer and Cork Coatings applicator in the uk with a nvq level 2 and 3 and over 12 years experience I am considering getting my AQF 3 I have already started my 189 visa application and I am ready for skills assessment. What is work like for a solid plasterer over in Perth? What can I expect to earn. I am also considering getting my Plasterer’s assessors qualification. I don’t mind starting at the bottom and working my way up the ladder. Any advice people and offer me will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi All, Any ICT professionals moved to perth recently and living in Victoria park? If so, can you please advise about the job market in Perth and the locality, life style around the Victoria Park suburb? Accommodation -> 2B House getting @ 300 AUD per week is a fair expectation? Cheers.
  6. Hi there! We are a young couple from Scotland living in Perth WA. We are currently in the running to WIN our wedding in an online competition We are up against 4 other couples, one America based and 3 UK based to win the entire wedding! It is an amazing opportunity for us and having been together for 10 years (childhood sweethearts!) we cant wait to get married! We now need to get as many votes as we can to win the wedding... thats where your help comes into this....! It is quick and easy to vote, all you have to do is go online to- It is only one vote per person and we have all of our friends and family back home voting for us but we dont have many friends here in Australia yet so we are really hoping that you lovely people might help us out. It would be very much appreciated! We have until Wednesday 7th to get as many votes as possible! Thank you so much! Lauren & Billy xxx
  7. Hi everyone We havent moved yet, but my wife is reading several blogs that WA has huge crime levels! What is your experience of this? One post suggests that themselves or most of their friends/family have been affected by crime in some way I need some positive stuff to report back to the wife although need to be realistic too and prepare her for the realities of life in WA Thank you for your help Richard
  8. Hey, Again you are maybe aware I am migrating to Perth soon and want an idea of how much to budget each week. We are a family of FOUR, Me, Myself and my TWO Children who are 1yrs old and 3yrs old. Please can you give me real life examples of what you spend each week on your weekly Grocery shopping, please say how big your family is, how many children and how old they are. And also where about you shop and if you go anywhere for specific things. Just so you know, the main sort of stuff we eat is, Bread, Ham, Cheese, Chicken, Mince, Frozen food for the kids meals, Frozen Veg. (And lots more obviously) Currently we spend around £60 ($94.88) per week. Please give examples and details. Thank you.
  9. Hi, i am Sarah and i will be moving to Perth in July this year. Anybody else out there moving there during the same year 2014 do contact me. So we can be a bit of help for each other. Or if there are people who moved already from UAE and have a lot of info to give are most welcome too. Thanks.
  10. Hi Everyone, I am an integrity engineer in the oil and gas industry and I have determined that I have to go down the daunting CDR path. Anyways, I am looking to apply an industrial engineer as the description on that is a better fit than mechanical engineer for what I do. I have a bachelors degree in mechanical engg. and a M.Sc. in Asset Integrity Management (well....almost:biggrin:). My work experience has been quite varied in nature from development of corporate management systems for Asset integrity to cathodic protection and safety risk calculations for submarine pipelines. Having said this, could I include elements from these projects in my CDR, even though they may be an overlap with the skill sets of occupational health and safety experts, electrical engineers and other professions? As an integrity engineer, ne is expected to deal with a plethora of issues, therefore, the variance in my experience. Thanks Cheers
  11. Hi my name is James, I li ved in Perth for 7 years and as so i have af family and friends out there witch i have managed to set people up with work and contacts and even friends. I have helped alot of people with nearly all aspects of emergrating from who to contact to get it started to where to go and what to once you are in Perth. First thing i would say is, alot of people ask if the life you can have in Perth is a good one, i answer with "without a doubt" you can make the life out there what ever you want with out being held back by some of the things that do back in the UK. You have the advantage of not having any previous history with people so there is not grudges not arguments you get to set your self up as the person you know you can be. If there is anything that anyone would like to know eg. schools, shops, work, pubs, going out andything you can think of pm me and i will do everything i can to help you out. cheers James
  12. jojo1310

    Where do I start?

    Hello everyone, This may seem like an open ended question, but I want to know everyone's experiences of how they got off on the 'migration' foot!? We're thinking of doing it alone without a migration agent. What would people suggest is the best way to go about it? What were your worst experiences? We're desperate to go...but I really don't know where to start! Thanks Jo
  13. Mrs&MrW

    Winter in Perth

    Hi all,so... still keeping our hopes up that we'll be able to visit Perth in July/August to activate our visa (even though we are still waiting for it ).Husband and I are both from UK, but we both have families in Brazil... so we know what is hot and what is cold! LOL...I know from experience that winters in the South of Brazil are REALLY cold, and I know how it feels being in a house with no radiatiors or insulation...But in a way temperature can be relative... 15oC in Brazil is COLD... whereas 15oC in the UK feels like summer... :-PSo what about Perth? How's the winter over there? What time is sunrise and what time does it get dark in the winter?We not even know what kind of clothes to take over our holiday either...I know it won't be SUPER cold, but I know better than underestimate winter in a hot country! Thanks,Mrs W. :-)
  14. I am an experienced Telecom Engineer recently movedto Perth and I am currently looking for a job. My main area of expertise are RFPlanning and Designing of Tetra and conventional Radios systems, ProjectManagement, Installation and Configuration of Security systems etc. I can workanywhere in WA. I am applying for job regularly but not getting any responses.Ready to start as a Trainee or even as a volunteer to get a start in theindustry. Any help or leads will be deeply appreciated…
  15. Guest

    Suburbs in Perth

    Hello people. I know it is a huge request, but I was wondering if the people who are already in Perth could start a thread about their suburb and tell us a little bit about it and the schools/shopping and other facilities around. I have searched and searched and there isn't a lot of information out there on suburbs and it would be nice to hear about a place from the people who live there. Thanking you all for listening.
  16. miner25

    Candy Carts for sale

    Hi fellow poms I have two new fully collapsible candy carts for sale immediately the quality is top notch and ready to put to work immediately no work needed. Pm your mobile no for pics and pricing and to set up a meeting to view these and I can throw in some free jars scoops and tongs. Must go ASAP great potential returns on these. NO TIME WASTERS.
  17. miner25

    Camping gear for sale

    Hi All, Due to a change in circumstance we are now having to sell our newly purchased camping gear. Me and my partner were planning a 4 week trip which has now been cancelled and as we are now relocating all needs to be sold. Note all this is brand new. Items include: Oztrail - swift tourer 4 tent - very easy to erect and great size. 2x Oztrail big boy camping chairs 1x coleman queen double height blow up bed 1x pump for bed which is powered by car 1x coleman lighted tent fan 1x butane gas stove 12x butane gas cans 1x tarp 1x esky 1x picnic set 1x folding camping table Send me an email for pictures if you guys are interested. Cheers, PT
  18. London framed print, brought a year ago. Looks great on the wall, a statement piece. Size: 980mm heigth x 680mm width
  19. Guest

    New in Perth

    Hi all We've been in Perth for a couple of months now, while we're loving it, we both left good friends back in the UK and miss the social interaction. (And just having someone else to talk to). If anybody fancies meeting up for a few drinks or BBQ etc let us know. We have a dog and head up to the dog beach near Scarborough most weekends, if anyone wants to join in! We're in South Perth but it's fairly handy for most areas. Look forward to hearing from you. Stu & Kelly
  20. SarahJayne

    Hello :D

    Heeeey This site is great, I was living in Perth for the year with my Aussi boyfriend around the Bentley area and cant believe i did not know about this site until now. Im now currently living in Bangkok waiting for my partner visa to come through, hopefully it will be through by October then im back o also Im Sarah-Jayne, 26 years old from Bedfordshire, just outside London.
  21. adrian

    Weekend traveling

    Hi, Im Adrian, im 29 and have recently moved to Perth for work and I'm looking at doing some traveling around on weekend to Margaret river, swan river and anywhere else that's interesting and im looking for some people to do it with. I'm easy going and open to ideas if you want to go somewhere in particular and it sounds like it would be fun then I'm open to suggestions. If anyone is interested send me a PM
  22. Tim Stone

    YES to Daylight Savings in Perth

    Hey PerthPoms, As you may or may not be aware, we DO NOT have Daylight Savings in Perth. As a forum dedicated to expats from the UK, you will have had Daylight Savings in your home country and understand the benefits. The latest sunset we have in Perth this year will be 7.27pm which occurs in January. Even for the very latest sunset for the year we are not allowing residents the chance to enjoy the world class weather our city is privvy to. London (9.22pm), Dublin (9.57pm), Edinburgh (10.03pm) and Cardiff (9.34pm) all have much later sunsets due to Daylight Savings which allow its residents to socialise after hours during the working week. Nationally, Sydney and Melbourne both have Daylight Savings which means when the roll their clocks forward, we go from being 2 hours behind to 3 hours behind which hurts our state economically in reducing our window for trade. Locally, the additional hour of sunlight promotes social interaction meaning more money spent in our local restaurants, bars and social clubs. A petition has started to introduce Daylight Savings here and we have already amassed 1,000 signatures. We are only looking to add 1 additional hour during summer in line with the eastern states and if you have 20 seconds, click the link below and sign the petition. Be sure to also paste the link to your Facebook page to keep the signatures rolling in. Without you the petition stops in its tracks, so please share with your family and friends https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/yes-to-perth-daylight-savings.html Thanks very much! Tim Stone
  23. Guest

    Hi I'm a brand newbie here!!

    I have been living in Perth for 15 years now. I first started a restaurant in East Perth. I then had a change of direction and started my own limo company
  24. hi all!! im planning on joining up with my brother who is just on his way back to perth next tuesday.and i want to be out myself in the 1st week in march,i have a young family here and just want to see it and work as soon as i arrive so need a job to come to,so wanting to spread word on this and see if i get any good leads if possible??i have near 8yrs exp would love to know roughlly a take home pay for a butcher in that area also? thanks..
  25. SWIMMING with humpback whales is set to become WA’s newest must-do experience, with the State Government giving the go-ahead to a trial at the Ningaloo Marine Park. Building on the success of whale shark tourism, the humpback whale tours will be offered to 11 licensed operators at Exmouth and Coral Bay next year. WA’s humpback population is back to pre-whaling numbers, with more than 30,000 whales – which grow up to 18m long and weigh up to 45 tonnes – migrating along the coast each year. Similar rules to whale shark tours will be enforced, with a 300m exclusion zone around any humpback whale. No more than 10 swimmers will be allowed to swim up to the whale, including the tour operator. Tourists also won’t be allowed to swim with female humpbacks with calves.