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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all Firstly, apologies in advance for any ignorance on my part, I am a newbie to this all. My husband and I are currently looking into our options to move to Australia. We have visited twice and it has long been a dream of ours to settle down under. My husband is 35 next month, I am 32; and we do not have children. My husband has been self employed as a carpenter and kitchen fitter during the last 10 years but most of his skills were acquired on the job and, as yet, he has no qualifications. He would be able to provide customer references throughout the years, photos/videos of carpentry work he has done, tax returns, copy invoices and letters from other carpenters he has worked with throughout the years. We would be willing to invest in any necessary training or assessments. The question I would like to ask is, do we have any chance of getting a 189 visa in spite of my husband's non-qualifications? Thank you
  2. Hi all, I'm looking to emigrate to Perth in the near future .......hopefully. I have an NC, HNC and PDA in Childcare and Education in the UK as well as a BA in Childhood Studies. I have worked in nurseries for the last 17 years in various roles. Through researching jobs in Perth I am aiming for the Early Childhood Teacher position. Does anyone know if they think the qualifications I have will cover this? I know I have to send away for a skills assessment anyway but was just worried I would be wasting my money aiming for this position if my qualification were not good enough. Any Help much appreciated.
  3. Hi there, My daughter is repeating year 11 due to missing so much school during out move etc. She will finish year 11 and then 12. Once and hopefully she qualifies, will these qualifications be transferable to a College or University back in the UK?
  4. Hi New here on the site and maybe looking towards starting a consultancy business for myself, I have been working for the past 5 years as an Australian Career Adviser (Specialising in young people), I have worked with students in schools (year 8-12`s) and TAFE`s (college), Uni`s and Unemployed people. I also know a great deal of info about Employment trends and opportunities in WA. My Qualifications are Certificate IV`s (Advanced/Higher National Diploma) in Career Development, Youth Work and Training and Assessment, I also possess a Working with Children Check Card (mandatory) and a passion for helping young people (and Parents) get great career advice My questions are " 1) Would you as Migrants Pay for Career advice for your kids? a) prior to coming out or b) or once you are out here. 2) If so, How much? I would also, as part of my service to you provide info on Schools, Qualifications and Job seeking mine fields, so you can make better informed choices for you and your family Thanks for your time Steve