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Found 14 results

  1. Small and cozy 3x1 rear duplex in lovely beachside location in Ocean Reef, Perth. Perfect for those new to Western Australia and finding their feet. Available to rent from 27 November 2016. Please contact leasing@megagroup.com.au or Perth (+614) 9333 8188 or 9333 8110.
  2. A little early I know, but we are putting the feelers out to see if anyone is making the move and looking to rent a home for 12 months, from April/May 2017. Completely renovated three bedroom, one bathroom home. HUGE back garden, perfect for kids or pets. Air conditioning, gas bayonet, built in wardrobes, large patio, single garage and garden shed. We can leave the property furnished or unfurnished - you decide! Close to the beach without the huge prices! 190m from park 350m from local primary school 800m from large shopping centre 2.5km from beach 2.8km from train station 20kms from Perth CBD Rent around $350-$420, depending on furnished or unfurnished. I can send photos or more information on request.
  3. Hi there, I'm new to the forum, so I apologise in advance if this question's been asked 100 times! I am coming to Perth at the beginning of September and need to rent a flat. I have been looking on real estate websites, but I can't see what would be required of me as a migrant to rent a flat. Can anyone recommend an Estate Agent? I have references, but the only one in Oz is my current employer... is that going to be a problem? Thanks in advance for any help
  4. Hi, We are moving to Australia at the beginning of September 2014 and will need a place to stay for a few months whilst we sort out more permanent accommodation. Please can anyone advise us if there are good rental properties available in the Joondalup area and what sort of prices we will be expected to pay? Ideally we would want a 1-2 bedroom place that is fully or part furnished. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  5. Hi all I will be moving to Perth in September 2014 with my OH and we are looking to rent in the Fremantle area when we arrive. We are open to the idea of renting a room in a house or renting our own space (furnished is preferred). I know its a few months off but if anyone lives in or around Fremantle and has a place to rent, or knows of anyone who does can you get in touch. Thanks WDU1984
  6. Hi all, I have been in Perth (Freo) for 7 weeks now and love the place! I have asked questions on here before and got a lot of feedback, so I wanted to ask, are currently renting in Perth or are a landlord with property anywhere? If so please could you spend a couple of minutes filling out this survey? Click here for the survey Its to help with a course I am doing in Perth to help advance my career. Thanks in advance! Aidy
  7. Guest

    From Finland

    Hey! I have been planning to move to Australia with a friend. Perth seems like a great city, so I googled a bit and I found this site. We just finished high school, we are 19 years old, soon 20. We have some work experience and we speak 4 languages fluently. So, I was wondering, is it easy to get a job in Perth? And how much would living cost there? Thank you for your answers !
  8. Hi everyone I,m new to this forum lark, just wondering me, the wife and kids are hopefully arriving in perth in january and i,m going to be based in belmont. What area's should i be looking to rent in and is it true that apparently the oz goverment give you a bond on your first place?
  9. Hello all. Rant ahead. I've just come out of the last tenancy I ever intend to have, and for the third time in a row wound up in court to recover my bond. On each of those occasions the claims were entirely fabricated by the agents in question. Bond fraud is pretty rife here, generally it goes like this: 1. Agent will encourage you to sign the inspection report in their office at signup. 2. Inbound inspection report will list everything as as good as new. 3. Outbound report will detail everything down to the most ludicrously small items, in the hope that you didn't spot them at the start. 4. The process to recover the bond through legal process is long, protracted and expensive, and there is no provision for claiming costs. I'm pretty bloody minded and take these matters to court on principal, but that on balance is a stupid thing to do from a purely commercial standpoint, as it will cost at least a day in court plus all the odds and ends incurred in photography, printing, research, court fees, loss of interest etc. It's easy to see why so many choose to give away some money to avoid this. I spotted a website called dontrentme which while in its infancy is starting to collate some information on the myriad parasite agents out there. I can appreciate that some landlords will be hard done to in this environment, but then they too can have their say. I have no affiliation with it, but I think tenants really need some help and this is a start. For anyone taking on a new tenancy, I would recommend really going through the property with a fine toothed comb - HD video makes a good record - it would be great to see some of the oxygen thieves that call themselves professional letting agents taken down a peg or two. Hope you fare better than I did. Alex
  10. Hi guys I am an ex pom, moved over in April 2011 with my young family, i am now working as a real estate agent in the southern suburbs of perth, although we cover the whole of Western Australia, if you are looking for an agent who knows what its like to worry about schools and traffic and "good/bad" areas, then im your girl. I will more than happily listen to all of your rental/purchase needs and find the property thats perfect for you and your family, this is no cost, purely being offered as i completely understand the importance and worry of finding the place that fits all of your requirements. Please feel free to PM me and let me take the stress away. Kind Regards Hannah
  11. Hi guys, My family and i are moving to perth in October November time as ive just secured myself a job over in WA. I have a mortgaged property here in the uk in northwest england.I have looked into renting but the rent wouldnt cover the mortgage so ive put it up for sale.Does anyone know any landlords interested in buying houses or even websites that i can use to broaden my horizons,the house will be ready for some one to move into and would certainly be a superb first time buy. Any info would be massively appreciated.x If anyone knows anyone wanting to buy a house give me a shout,leaving loads of stuff in!!!! Get in touch xx http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-18873348.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=sharing&utm_campaign=buying
  12. Guest

    Holidays and Pets

    Hi everybody new to the site just got our visas recently.The house is up for sale.We`re ready to go. Thinking of moving to suburbs around kinross areas. coming over end of feb beginging of march to activate our visas. looking for a villa for rent or holiday home can any body help? Also does anybody know anything about bringing a pair of tortoises into australia? Do they need visas as well lol!!!! is the process similar to taking over a cat or dog? Thanks for any help.karl, van and four kids
  13. Guest

    Where to stay?

    Can any one tell me as a sparks where can i reasonably look to rent once i get in aus? heard north is good?,or is south better?