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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, For those who are heading over to Perth and are going to rent accommodation, there is a clause in the standard lease agreement that requires the lessee to give usually one month's notice that they are NOT going to continue renting the home AFTER the lease expires. Not all agents will send you a reminder, especially the dodgy ones. If you plan to move out and do not notify the agent they will most likely expect you to pay another months rent even though your lease has expired. One particular agent we dealt with was a force to be reckoned with (not going to mention names,pm me if you want more info). Our story is that we got stung for our entire deposit. We rented a short term rental (break lease) that was only available to the end of March 2016. This suited us perfectly as we were returning to the UK. We discussed with the agent why we only wanted a short term lease because of our plans to go back to the UK. Moved in in mid January 2016 believing that there was no option to go beyond the end of March and knowing the agent was fully aware of our plans and why we took the lease. Come the end of March we contacted the agent to find out about getting our deposit back once we vacated. The agent told us that because we had not notified them a month before the end of the lease they demanded another month's rent. We were sold the lease on the basis that it was only available to the end of March but then the agent just used the clause described above. I spoke to a tenants rights association who said that the agents behavior was totally immoral but there was probably nothing we could do legally. As a result we decided not to clean the place when we moved out and funny enough, someone left a large pile of old furniture and unwanted junk just outside the property . I guess it probably cost them a significant chunk of our money to get the place ready for the next victim. Please be aware of the clause as it is not something that is common in the UK.
  2. Hi All I own 2 furnished properties which I let out to immigrants and their families when they first come over or visit. One is in Butler, Perth, near the train station (10 Blackrock Avenue, Butler) - it is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom. Main bedroom has queen bed, second bedroom a double bed and the third bedroom 2 single bunk beds (sleeps 6 in total). Wifi provided, double lock-up garage, open-plan living. The other property is in Clarkson, Perth, near the train station (25 Lantern Way, Clarkson) - it is a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom. Main and second bedrooms both have queen beds, third and forth bedrooms have 2 single beds each (sleeps 8 in total). Wifi provided, double lock up garage, open plan living. Prices depend on length of stay and demand. Please send me a message if interested. Lize Louwrens
  3. Hi Me and my sister are spending a year in Perth from September 2013 and we are looking for two people or another person to flat or house share with. We are both moving from the UK and plan to live and work in and around the subacio area.... 10mile radius.... Flexible too. It would be good to find someone who is looking to house share around the same time for the same period as of yet we have no where to stay! We have both graduated from uni, in our twenties and good fun to be around. She cooks, I clean, so we are quite a handy team! be great to hear from you, or even some good advice of areas that aren't insanely expensive near sub. thanks all Esme and Lily
  4. Hi everyone, Im trying to find a short term rental for January and wondered what the best sites are to find good prices ive tried stayz but nothing really suitable. My husband and I are coming to Perth in mid Jan with our 2 year old and need a place to stay preferably Northern Suburbs Jondalup but am finding it very hard to find a short term place we have a room with a friend when we land but need somewhere quickly as they dont have much room..... Can anyone help??