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Found 10 results

  1. Brightness786


    Hi a quick question, if you get your house in the school catchment area will you most likely get your child at that school. Also do the schools in Perth accept children mid through an academic year? We are making our move in September, the plan is to get them enrolled and start in October after school holidays. Many thanks any comments regarding this would be greatly appreciated.
  2. nicolac34

    Schools near Guildford

    We will be moving to South Guildford next year and I'm trying to do a bit of research on schools. We have a 2 year old and one on the way currently. We will be in the catchment for Guildford Primary and Woodbridge Primary as public schools, but I know there are a few private options dotted around. Just wondered if anyone had experiences of the public offerings? We wouldn't be looking into sending them to a religious school, which I know counts out many private ones given they are mostly catholic!
  3. Hi our family is relocating to Perth mid 2015 with our 10 year old son who has high functioning aspergers. I am after any advice on suitable secondary schools, either public or private. He does not require any extra assistance just an understanding school. He is a bright, lovely, friendly kid and the right school will make all the difference. Thanks for reading. Regards Catherine
  4. This home has everything. Custom built so extended family can live safely but independently. The second living area could be used as a teenage retreat, or parent retreat, or you could operate a home business independent of family life. Multiple parking spaces available. Stirling is centrally located, North of the river. Less than ten minutes to the beach and city, there are two major shopping centres minutes away, as is IKEA , The most Elite of Perth's private schools are near to Princeton Private a Estate, Stirling. St Mary's Anglican Girls school is less than ten minutes down the road, as is Hale - a private boys' school. St Stephen's, Aranmore, and Servite College are all close. There is a bus to and from Guildford Grammar School (both Prep and Secondary years) right outside the Estate. This is truly an excellent location. The house is low maintenance,has a pool, minimal care garden and no lawn. There is a park alongside, rmultiple lakes, playground and green open space second to none a stones throw from the house. Black Swans, pelicans, ducks and many other water birds live on the lake. Check out the ad, and contact for more information. There are too many features to mention, but this house has it all. http://reiwa.com.au/3-matera-way-stirling-3779592/
  5. Jamie platt


    Hi, I have 2 kids at the age of 15 and 10. could anyone recommend any decent schools south of the river.
  6. Hi all, I have a question for those who have experience in working both in UK and Oz as a primary school teacher. I have been reading on Level 3 classroom teacher applications and senior teachers, and I'd like to get a real insite on how it would work for someone coming from the UK to work in Oz. The situation is: primary school teacher with 15 years experience, outsanding teacher, working in school management for the past 8 years, 5 of those as a Deputy Head Teacher, but also keeping some involvement in classroom. Wouldn't mind to move over to Australia and work as a classroom teacher. I read you need to be employed by the Dept of Education for you to apply for Level 3 classroom teacher, and I appreciate the complexity of portfolio, etc... My question is: can a experienced teacher from UK apply for a Level 3 classroom teacher once employed in Oz? Is the UK experience accpted for the portfolio? I know it won't be something that you'd do in your first week there, but I'm wondering if you'd have to work another 15 years in Oz to get there again? Also, I have never seen jobs advertized for level 3 classroon teachers... so how they come about? Also, what is the difference between level 3 classroom teacher and senior teacher? How do you progress from one to another? I'm just trying to get my head around on career progression and keep our expectations realistic. Thanks a lot for your insight. PS: Primary school teacher with Oz only experience are also wellcome to comment. :smile2:
  7. rpakey

    School fees depending on visa?

    I am confused, I am going to blame google! As I understand it, depending on the visa type, one might be liable to school fees Does anyone have a cheat sheet on this, i.e. visa type versus typical fees, as a quick guide?
  8. wild rose

    Day Care/Kindy/School

    My daugter is 4 in July and in the UK would have been starting full time in the Foundation class at primary school in September one of the youngest in her year. She currently attends the pre-school playgroup 5 mornings each week and is doing really well learning her phonics and numbers, practising writing etc. On arriving in WA, hopefully in August 14, I understand she will have to return to Long Day Care/Nursery for 6 months before starting Kindy in February 15 as one of the eldest in her year. Is this correct?? She seems so ready for starting school and I'm concerned that returning to long day care/nursery will restrict the development she's already begun in preparation for school. Then she'll have another year of part-time schooling at Kindy (which sounds similar to the pre-school playgroup she's currently with) before actually being able to start at school. Has anyone else encountered this problem? And is it actually a problem at all?? It may be that long day care tend to cater very well with that kind of learning! Could you share your experiences of long day care/kindy/pre-primary etc? Thank you x
  9. Alburys TitleJunior Member Join DateFeb 2013 LocationCurrently living in Albury, Surrey, England Posts1 Liked0 times Rep [h=2]School at 16 - Or is it college?[/h] Hello, this is my first question (probably of many...) We are looking at moving to Australia in 2016 when my son has finished his GCSE's - Can anyone tell me what level of schooling he would go into? Would it be college? And when do they take exams and get ready for university? And is the school year any different? i.e.. does it go from September to July like in England? - thank you
  10. brideycollette

    School term dates

    Thought this may help people with children http://www.det.wa.edu.au/education/termdates/ Brides x