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Found 17 results

  1. Guest

    School issues

    looking to move to secret harbour, Lakelands or Halls Head with the wife and 2 boys aged 11 and 13 any information on the schools in the area visa's granted june 09 visa's in passport July 09 house sold yesterday looking to come over before Christmas 09 cheers Nuxley:wink:
  2. Westernbound

    RAAF Pearce

    Hi, Am looking at moving west from SA at the momenet (well hubby is!) and in particular the area around RAAF Pearce/Bullbrook. We have an 11 year old so keen to know what schools are like and commute time into the city please. Anyone who works at Pearce who could provide us with any info would be gratefully received. Thanks
  3. jen140977

    warnbro primary schools

    Hi all, we have been here almost 3 weeks, long term rental in Warnbro is now sorted, does anyone have any thoughts on local primary schools. (kids age 10 & 8). Thanks, Jen
  4. Guest

    Margaret river or busleton???

    hello. anyone living in margaret river or busleton/ My OH has been offered a job within a 30 min drive from here and we are thinking of living in one of these towns. Bunbury is another option but he would have to travel an hour to work. Does it rain a lot in margaret river and is it a good place to live with children (15,12,10 and 8). Are the schools good or would busleton be a better choice? What are the best schools. not interested in bunbury grammar school at 15,000 a year. we have 4 children and i dont want to get 4 jobs!!!! Coming to oz to have a better standard of living , not worse!! They both seem like very pretty places but any advise would be greatly apprciated. We have just had a lob offer and need to decide by the end of the month. Because of the ages of the kids we feel we need to make the best decision for all of us. thanks so much.
  5. Hi New here on the site and maybe looking towards starting a consultancy business for myself, I have been working for the past 5 years as an Australian Career Adviser (Specialising in young people), I have worked with students in schools (year 8-12`s) and TAFE`s (college), Uni`s and Unemployed people. I also know a great deal of info about Employment trends and opportunities in WA. My Qualifications are Certificate IV`s (Advanced/Higher National Diploma) in Career Development, Youth Work and Training and Assessment, I also possess a Working with Children Check Card (mandatory) and a passion for helping young people (and Parents) get great career advice My questions are " 1) Would you as Migrants Pay for Career advice for your kids? a) prior to coming out or b) or once you are out here. 2) If so, How much? I would also, as part of my service to you provide info on Schools, Qualifications and Job seeking mine fields, so you can make better informed choices for you and your family Thanks for your time Steve
  6. Hi, My name is Ria and I'm looking to relocate to Perth with my fiancé and 2 daughters. My fiancé has an uncle living in Rockingham and some friends that have already made the move to Perth. However there are a few things we are still unsure about. My Fiancé is a chartered engineer with 8 years experience currently working as a company associate in the construction industry and I'm a sales manager. Is it best to apply for the 457 visas ourselves or can we expect any help from prospective employers? Will the children be able to start a new school in Perth at anytime throughout the year? Any advice on areas to live? Does anyone have any advice or experience with getting parental permission? I've not had contact for several years from my ex partner (daughters father) and I'm hearing mixed stories as to whether or not I will need to have permission from him when applying for our visas. Lots of questions! any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Ria
  7. Hi We hope to be moving to Perth mid 2016 from the UK and have been looking at areas to start off. We are a family of 4... Becoming 5 in a few months time and are looking for a family friendly area that is also close to work for my husband who is a carpenter. We have looked into Wanneroo a lot and like what we see on google street view but would like to know if anyone has any views on this area... Housing, Parks, schools work etc... Naturally we would also be interested in surrounding areas too �� any info would be gratefully received. Thanks! Cara
  8. Guest

    Finding Schools

    Hello, we are a family with 4 children aged 14,12,9 and 7. we are planning on moving to perth in August this year. I have been reading this forum and have never posted anything before. i am looking for advice on good schools. So far the schools that come up as being particularly good are shenton, churchlands and rossmoyne high school. the first two are in rentals that are up on 1,000 a week!!!!! I also need to find a primary school but am particularly interested in getting the secondary sorted first. we cannot afford private school. my 12 year old attends ctyi gifted programs here so he might be elligible for a gate program at one of the schools but not sure if hes too late/old to start that. My preference would be to live cycling distance to the beach. but main thing is to get the kids sorted. Then i can relax a bit. I've become such an irish 'mammy'!!!! Any idea/ was hoping to get rental for 500/600 a week. tthanks, annie
  9. BigAngel

    Universities In Perth

    Hi, We are currently considering a move to Perth, I have two Daughters aged 17 and 14. I am looking into possible Universities for my eldest and would like some advise and guidance. I am interested to know the cost and which are the recommended Universities. Thanks BigAngel:cute:
  10. Natasha Pertwee

    School advice/ help please!

    We are moving to the Secret Harbour area in January 2017 and we would be really grateful for advice on school for our boys who will be 13 and 10. It is so hard just looking at websites. So far, we like the look of South Coast Baptist College. Does anyone have any opinions please? Many thanks Natasha
  11. Hi please bear with me as this is my first post! I have been watching from the wings for a while picking up lots of helpful info though. Question is we have our 176 visa through now, and so far all my efforts have gone into getting that sorted and now its here I am not sure what to do now. We are looking to move early 2012, trying to sell house now (fingers crossed). We are also off loading stuff like mad. We want to move to a good suburb with good primary schools (5 and 3 year old children) which has a family feel, good transport links and is not too far from the beach. I have looked at so many suburbs that I have gotton confused, so any help would be appreciated! So if you were me where would you live, why and which schools would you send the children too???????????? Thanks Helen
  12. We are hoping to move to Perth in April next year and have been looking at schools NOR. I've looked at Kingsway Christian College for my two (12 and 14yo) and wondered if anyone has any opinions or experience of the college or sends their kids there and would like to tell me what they like/dislike about it! Thanks
  13. Guest

    Oz next year

    hi i am hoping to come to perth next year with my husband and 7 year old twins i am looking for info on schools hospitals as i am a nurse and ellenbrook as a possible place to live.also about english test which i will take this month as i am 5 points short
  14. returning to perth

    Schools and suburbs NOR

    Hi, We are moving from Adelaide to Perth before Christmas. Having trouble deciding where to live. We have 3 kids aged 9,10 and 12. 12 year old starting high school 2016. We like the look of Carramar, Tapping and Banksia Grove area, Warwick and Hamersley, Duncraig, Greenwood, Ocean Reef etc! Any feedback on Joseph Banks Secondary School, Warwick Senior High school, Belridge Senior High School, Duncraig SHS, Greenwood Secondary, Ocean Reef and any other. Also Neerabup Primary School and any others in these areas. I know its a lot but I want to get it right so the kids don't have to change schools again.
  15. Hiya Am trying to work out the best time to come to Oz. Due to a delay in plans (we were supposed to be there in Summer) I have a 15 year old daughter (DOB 03/11/99) who, now that she has started GCSE year, understandably wants to stay in UK until she has finished her GCSE's and leave school with the friends she has had all the way through. Her aim is to go to soccer university in USA so she doesn't want to go to an Australian or English university. She needs to get a WACE or an International Baccalaureate or A levels, alongside passing football trials and entrance tests to qualify. Am thinking therefore that we come next July (2016), then because she would be starting mid way through year 11 getting her to start year 10 with the year below and then going into year 11 in Jan 2017 so that she gets the full 2 years of senior school. However I have seen an online year calculator which seemed to say that we will be coming mid way through year 12 instead which means she has no way of doing her last 2 years of school in Australia. Am so confused with it all, can anyone tell me what year she would be in July 2016? Thanks
  16. Hi Guys Were in the process of getting our visas!!! We have decided perth but just not sure where,ideally no further than 40 mins to the city and only 10 mins from the coast. I have been looking at joondalop but not sure its what our family would like. We have 3 children 7,3 and 4 months, so a nice school walking distance,close to shops and not to far from shopping centres either. We really want to be in a small area that is reasonably priced rent,without being there earning its difficault to estimate but i think $4oo is our weekly price. We want to feel part of the community and want to join groups so being in joondalop is maybe to big? I really hope someone can help as it always helps to have others opinions. We have also looked further down at coogee but it seems to be a bit of a holiday place? Thanks guys Clara xxx
  17. Hi, Just wondered what experiences people had had of these high schools recently as we are on the lists for all three and trying to decide which would be best fit for our son. He is reasonably clever, isn't sporty, and socially lacks confidence. He will be starting high in 2014. Cheers.