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Found 2 results

  1. Steve Brown

    Cost of living

    I'm considering studying in Perth for a year but some people say that it's really expensive to live there. In particular, one person I'd spoken to said that food was really expensive. As someone on a student budget, I wondered whether I'd be able to survive for the two semesters needed to complete the course. I know that there's no such thing as a 'typical' grocery shop, but could someone give me a ball-park figure (AUD) for a week's grocery shopping for one? Thanks.
  2. With permission from the admin group we are looking for the following. Mystery Customer Researcher / Mystery Shopper Helion Research We have projects in Australia, so if you live there please join or if you know people there, please forward this email. We also work in the Uk and many other countries world wide. As a Helion Evaluator you will evaluate all sorts of services including, shops, restaurants, car showrooms, the list goes on. You will be set a scenario to follow for each evaluation and then you will be asked to fill out an online questionnaire. Visit – www.helionresearch.com You will only select the jobs you can complete in your area and that you have time to complete. You will be paid for each evaluation you complete at the fixed fee that you accept before you complete it. Each shop will pay anywhere between €10 to €40 per evaluation with each evaluation taking around 1 to 1 and half hours to complete. You will be paid monthly for the shops you complete by either bank transfer or Paypal. If you are asked to make a purchase by Helion, this will be reimbursed at the cost agreed before. The amount of evaluations you can complete each months depends on the following - -How often you apply for shops in your area. -How many projects and evaluations are open in your area. -The amount of competition you have with other Helion evaluators in your area. -The quality of your finished evaluations. -The amount of shops that you fit the required profile in your area. Mystery Shopping is not a full time employment but a great way to earn some extra income. You do not need to have experience to become a Helion Evaluator. Helion provides full in depth trainings and provides detailed instructions with every evaluation. You will need to have great communication and social skills in the local language to be a Helion evaluator because you will need to interact with staff members for each of your evaluations. It is also very important to have good written skills in English, you do not need to be the next Shakespeare but it is important to be correct. To apply or get more information please go to www.helionresearch.com or send an email to the contact person. What is expected? 18 years or older. An eye for detail. Able to work with deadlines. Good communication skills. Good written skills. Access to a computer with internet access. Contactable by phone. Live on planet Earth (for the moment we do not yet mystery visit Mars) And last but not least ... You need to enjoy yourself! You can always email me on - maben@helionresearch.com for more information or a call back.