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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! Myself and my girlfriend are in our early 20's and just got to Perth. Due to the hours we have been working we've found it hard to bump into people and make friends. Would love to meet other couples to go out with for dinners and do things at the weekend and stuff Cheers!
  2. Hi all, I've just moved to Perth, and wondering if anyone knows of any beginners women's running groups? (preferably in the northern suburbs, where I'm living) I've not run for absolutely ages, so not looking for anything formal or too serious! It's to make friends as much as get fit really If anyone out there fancies joining me on a semi-regular run, then it would be great to get an informal group going (if there isn't one out there already!), or even just find a running buddy or two. I'm 29 and of average fitness, but certainly won't be running any marathons any time soon I live in Kallaroo, so quite far north of the city, but will be working in Joondalup, so could meet there too. Drop me a line if you're interested or know of any existing groups! Thanks, Amy
  3. angelique

    Making Friends :)

    Hi All I am super keen to make some new friends over here, I am blessed to have family but really missing the friendship circles from back home! I am 29 and me and my boyfriend emigrated from Milton Keynes back in October- I live SOR in Fremantle but happy to travel for meetups. I don't have any children but I love them as I have 21 nieces and nephews so would happily meet up with any mums. I would also love to meet a few couples also that me and my partner can socialise with! Please get in contact if you are in the same position or if you can offer me any words of wisdom
  4. Hi my names Angie I've been here in Perth for almost 2years, where I moved from Wales. I met my amazing Australian boyfriend here and some lovely friends from work, but I would love to meet new people outside of work and my relationship. I really miss my friend's from back home and would like to have the same fun here. If any ones feeling the same please get in contact with me
  5. Hi all, New Year's Resolution - meet some new girlfriends! I've been here for a couple of years with my husband, but at the stage now where some of the friends I made when I first moved here are starting to go back to the UK.... So I'd like to meet some new girlfriends, ideally in the Northern suburbs! I'm 31, no kids, based near Joondalup, and into the usual type of things - meeting for drinks/dinner, movies, beach, fitness etc. Give me a shout if anyone fancies meeting up! Happy to meet up North or in the city, or anywhere in between xx
  6. Hi! My husband and I have been in WA for three months, in the meadow springs area. We are finally settling in, but missing out on a good group of friends to get together with. If anyone is in the same area and fancies a coffee let me know! I'm 27 and hubby is 29! look forward to meeting you!