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Found 6 results

  1. Scotty

    IELTS Tomorrow

    I have my IELTS tomorrow morning in Aberdeen. I have put in quite a bit of work but has anyone got any last minute tips they would like to share? thanks
  2. phil

    Selling UK house

    So I think we'll stay in Perth. But we kept a house in the UK that we'd now like to sell. It's being rented out at the moment and that tenancy will finish in June. Has anyone sold a house in the UK whilst they're abroad? Any tips/things to watch for? A quick sale is important, so I was thinking about auctioning it - any thoughts/experiences?
  3. riboid

    Car buying tips

    Thousands of cars to select from but use these tips below:- 1. autotrader.com.au - look for a car you like (suv or whatever) get a rough idea of its price from that. 2. go to the dealerships, plenty in Perth, in fact, never seen so many in all of my life. 3. RAC will do a check on any car for you for $250 and make sure it is mechanically sound. 4. Now, if you like the car, you can stipulate that, purchase is pending good report from RAC 5. Finance - Stipulate, purchase is pending good interest rates coming back from finance company (we never done this but should have!!) 6. Whilst in the garage, use link below to, there and then, price the car you are looking at. Use this as the basis for your negotiation and even show the salesman it. 7. They will ask you for $500 deposit So, make sure you go through all the above first, for I don't fancy trying to get the deposit back, as they will resist big time. 8. Cars are more expensive here than in the UK, so be prepared! 9 If you dont know anything about cars, take someone who does with you. 10. Check paint work of car, check car seams and gaps in panels. Make sure no overspray anywhere (bumpers, window rubbers etc) as sure sign of crash damage. All panels line up correctly, interior is spotless, no wear and tear on pedals etc. Don't be embarrassed to go right through the car. Its your money!! 11. Best of luck. www.redbookasiapacific.com/valtool/index.php?dlrid=25
  4. After nearly 4 years since going to the Manchester expo, myself and my wife and daughter are about to leave Blighty on 16th feb and arrive in perth, excited in ways,nervous more so,all those bad days and good days we were told about coming to light...lol, just want to ask you guys who are there already for last minute tips on things to do or not do, also looking for friends to make when we arrive,I'm 44 and my wife is 39 and daughter is 20, personally I am leaving behind (for now anyway) my 2 boys who are 18 and 20 who may come in time when they are ready and we have settled in and hopefully showing them that life is good there., thanks for any help given in advance..Andy,julia&steph
  5. Hello everyone! Well, I am not sure where to start but I have just discovered this forum and thought it would be a great idea to join. My boyfriend and I are considering moving out to Perth and we are in the early stages of researching the whole notion! We have been to Perth twice now; first time, on a working holiday visa where we spent 7 months living with family and working (in a bakers and as an electrician) and the second time as a holiday for 2 weeks. It wasn't long enough! But it reignited our desire to return and try it out for real!! So, we're looking at the skilled 190 visa, as my bf is an electrician I will be his defacto. I just wanted to hear about everyone's experiences; good and bad. What should we expect, costs, waiting times, how hard/easy did you find the whole application process? Were the IELTS tests hard? How are you mejoying Perth if you are now there and settles. I have so many questions and just want to hear peoples experiences and gain some tips for when we start our application process! Thanks guys and hopefully hear from you all soon! Jo
  6. Sarahb48

    Cant wait

    Wow I have my flights booked for the 29th November and rather looking forward to starting my new life in Perth. However I am kinda of nervous moving out without knowing anyone especially as I have 2 kids, a 5 year old and a 6 month old. Any help and tips would be great. Hopefully i will meet a few off you on here Xx