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Found 7 results

  1. Lividcoffee

    Travel citizenship questions

    Hey guys I'm planning in travelling back to the uk to visit family and I had a few questions. I recently obtained australian citizenship but do not yet have a australian passport. My original British passport went for a little swim and is now ruined. I do obviously need a new passPort if I am to leave the country however a brush passport is far cheaper than an Australian one but could I even get a British passport now ? Do I automaticallyreside duel citizenship and if not how would I go about getting it ? And also if I could get a new British passport would I be allowed to use it since I am now australian ? Thank you in advance for the help !!
  2. Stef Colquhoun

    What to pack in your suitcase...?

    Hi all! New to the forum, will be moving to Perth in January 2017 with The Husband so we are right into the planning stage now. Have looked at flights and so far Singapore Airlines are looking likely. Basic ticket comes with 30kg luggage each. We are shipping our worldly belongings over in a shared 40ft container so will take a while to arrive (will be aiming for a furnished rental in the meantime). So the question is - how do you decide what to pack in the suitcase going with you?? Obviously smart and casual clothes and shoes for work/out of work. Laptop, chargers, phones, all relevant paperwork we might need (Visa, ID's, marriage certificates etc). What else might be an essential that we may need ahead of our container arriving? Any help / ideas very much appreciated!! Thanks in advance, Stef:cute:
  3. adrian

    Weekend traveling

    Hi, Im Adrian, im 29 and have recently moved to Perth for work and I'm looking at doing some traveling around on weekend to Margaret river, swan river and anywhere else that's interesting and im looking for some people to do it with. I'm easy going and open to ideas if you want to go somewhere in particular and it sounds like it would be fun then I'm open to suggestions. If anyone is interested send me a PM
  4. Hi everyone if your thinking to visit Margaret River or have family visiting drop us a line, we have a lovely guest house in the centre of town and very popular with British expats and there families :biggrin:
  5. Guest

    Hi I'm a brand newbie here!!

    I have been living in Perth for 15 years now. I first started a restaurant in East Perth. I then had a change of direction and started my own limo company
  6. Hey everyone. This is the second time that Perth has played host to the 'Color Run'. Its a healthy even in which you run 5km around the beautiful Perth foreshore. This year I had the opportunity to go down and film it to put it into a video. I hope you enjoy it and one day partake. If you enjoy this video please feel free to check out my other videos from around Perth and Western Australia. http://youtube.com/sparrrry Thanks guys
  7. Hi Guys, My girlfriend and I moved to Perth two weeks ago to search for jobs in our respective fields on our WHV's. I work in Financial Services and she works in Pharma and we are both 25. We have now become concerned that it may take longer than expected to secure jobs we want to settle in and we both would like to see some more of oz. We therefore have decided to kill two birds with one stone and look for some remote roadhouse work. Hopefully will give us an extension on our visas and thus giving us more time to look for work while allowing us to do some travel and see the outback. Can anyone offer any advice or does anyone have any contacts that would be useful? I know its a long shot but work a punt. (Perth is stunning by the way ) Mark & Joanne