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Found 7 results

  1. Hey! In a bit of a tricky situation! .. I am currently in Geraldton, WA with 26 days left on my second working holiday visa. My boss is sponsoring me through the 187 direct entry route. I have applied for VETASSESS and had my urgency request approved so they are working towards the 27th May as a deadline as thats when my current visa expires. My employer has received the RCB and has nominated me. She thought I'd be able to apply for the visa so I could go on a bridging visa and then add my VETASSESS at a later date when it comes through but now we are actually up to that stage we don't think its possible to do that! Can anybody confirm that my visa applicatiion will be refused if I add my VETASSESS at a later date? I have the application and all supporting documents ready to submit its literally just the skills assessment I'm waiting for. Or does anybody know of any other way I can get on a bridging visa that will allow me to carry on working for my employer until I can submit the visa application? Thanks in advance!
  2. Danielle912

    Vetassess help!

    Hi, I am currently uploading my documents to my vetassess application and it states that I need to upload the documents in a colour copy. The emails that most of my previous employers sent me with my statements of employment are in black and white, are they really that fussy about the documents being in colour? Also it asks for a letter of job offer and contract, I haven't been able to get hold of these documents from two of my old jobs but have them for my three most recent jobs. Will they refuse me without all of these documents even though I have a letter from all employers stating when I worked there and what my job involved as well as a copy of a payslip and tax summery. By the way my current situation is that I am in Australia on my second working holiday visa which expires in six weeks time! My employer is going down the direct entry route for the Regional Migration Scheme 187. My job title is a Pharmacy Technician. Thanks in advance
  3. On Monday I had my technical interview in Manchester for carpentry, logged on this morning to the Vetassess website and it said "positive" under the results The interview went well and the assessor was easy to get on with, it lasted approx hour and a half and there were about 40 questions. It was done over the internet via webcam conference with the assessor based in OZ. He skipped quite a few questions especially the h&s questions as he said there is no point questioning me on them as I work within that role at the moment and the carpentry questions were basic and anyone that has worked within carpentry for a few years would easily pass. The questions are based on what they teach Australian apprentices and is similar to what uk students are taught. Now I have to wait for the results to come through the post for the much needed reference number unless anyone knows what number I need to use from the vetassess login page? Then I can submit my EOI and then hopefully not too long to wait until I get invited to apply for my 189 visa. All very exciting, fingers crossed carpentry isn't removed from the occupation list before I apply for my visa.
  4. jojo1310

    Vetassess Advice

    Good Morning fellow Poms in the UK and Australia!! I was wondering if any of you could give me some advice on VETASSESS. My boyfriend is a fully qualified electrician. I know that VETASSESS is a procedure in which his skills are to be assessed and to see if he can work in OZ, but if he has all the relevant certificates and qualifications, why should he have to be assessed when it is clear to see he is fully qualified? I am just wondering and wanted to know if it is an area of the WA visa application process that we won't have to do, (as it's SUPER pricey!) or whether it's a necessity for my bf to complete before we start the process. Many Thanks! Jo
  5. Hi I'm reading through the information available on the Vetassess website regarding the Skill Assessment for a joiner (the Training and Employment part). I can see from the Evidence Guide that we need to complete a 'Cover Sheet' listing the Units of Competencies (that I have found in the Joiner Fact Sheet) and indicate which pieces of evidence support each unit. I assume that means I will need to list all 30 Units included in the Fact Sheet?? It also suggests we need 2 pieces of evidence for each unit! Does anyone know what happens if you don't have evidence of 1 of the 30 units? We're considering applying as a joiner but my husband has never used a CNC machine although he's fine with the rest. Do you think this would be a problem? Do you think they could fail his skill assessment because of this? Feeling a bit worried now! Many thanks
  6. jojo1310

    Vetassess question!

    Hi everyone, I have a question which I'm asking on behalf of my fiance. He is a data cabler and we are looking at gaining a skilled working visa (190) with me being his 'defacto'! We want to know whether it would be possible to gain the 190 visa without him having to have his skills assessed via vetassess as this is quite a lengthy and extremely expensive process. This may be a stupid question, but if anyone could gove us some help or a little bit of guidance that would be fantastic! Many Thanks Jo
  7. Hi, I've already submitted my paperwork online to Vetassess (Assessing body for my occupation) "Advisory Service" and was told everything looked ok - Phew! However, today I've completed the actual assessment form online and the last section is "Licensing". It asks for info on my registration/licensing to be a Real Estate Rep. Whilst I understood that to start employment in this occupation in WA you needed to sit these WA exams, I wasn't aware it formed part of the skills assessment. How can I have this license when I don't know if I'll get a visa granted. From what I can see the exams are several modules and are held in Australia and are different for each state. Does anyone know if this section of the form is compulsory for a a skills assessment? I have contacted Vetassess but starting to panic now!! Thanks!