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Found 2 results

  1. Now that our Visa's have finally been granted i have decided to join Perth Poms. Me and my fiancé, Kelsey will be making the move over in January after we get one last cold Christmas out of the way! Hoping to get our flights booked this week. We have the 189 Visa, I am a Carpenter and Kelsey is a Beauty consultant. We will be moving into family's in High Wycombe for a while until we find our feet with work etc. Looks like Kelsey will be getting a transfer with her employer, so that should take the pressure off a little. Myself on the other hand will be starting fresh, the plan is to settle down, get a new set of tools and wheels and get myself out there, whether i work for a company or sub contract thats all to be discovered. Looks like their is mixed opinions on work for Carpenters, but what is it generally like out there now? Any advise for getting started and how to approach employers etc? Looking forward to our new life and getting to know all the Perth Poms out there!
  2. shah

    Visa Granted. Yayyyy

    Hi All I just wanted to share the big news that Me (Civil Engineer) My wife (International Project Manager ICT) and my daughter (8 months Old) have been granted visa today morning. It is so amazing to know as through various blogs we thought it may take ages but no . It just took 14 days from the date visa was lodged. Great so we will be making a move as soon as I get a job. Cheers. I am so grateful to the forum members who have been kind enough and been helpful throughout this journey. Thanks all. Hope to see you in Australia soon Love ya all Skill Assessment Granted Applied 22nd Dec 2011 Positive assessed 19th March 2012 Revised 1st May 2012 Civil Engineer 23211 IELTS Avg 7.5 23rd March 2012 SS WA applied 30th March 2012 Granted 26th April Spouse IELTS avg 7: 26 May 2012 Visa Online Lodged VF475 : 30th May 2012 CO assigned 4th June 2012 Additional info requested: 4th June 2012 Meds done: 6th June 2012 Additional Info supplied 8th June 2012 PCC uploaded: 13 June 2012 Medicals Finalized 14th June 2012 Visa Granted: 14th June 2012