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Found 40 results

  1. Hi everyone, Thanks for clicking on this message and apologies if it's not appropriate for this board. If you're a US citizen or lived there previously and then obtained/applied for your PR in Australia, you can definitely provide help. I'm preparing for my PR application which includes police check, and unfortunately I need to reapply for the State police check since the one I used before has expired. State of California requires "original" fingerprint form (FD 258) only. It would be fascinating if I can get one in Australia because this will make the process much faster than waiting for it to arrive from the states. Do you happen to have some leftover or know anyone who might have the form? I'll happily provide compensation. Lots of time an money can be saved if I get this single sheet of card without waiting.. I'll look forward to hearing positive responses! Thanks so much for reading. Have a wonderful one :-)
  2. Looks like they have lowered the annual income threshold for this visa. But i am troubled by the condition "have no dependents." Do they mean having no dependents who will come live with you in Oz? So if all my kids are of legal age and no longer legally dependent on me but they live outside Oz, does that meet the condition? Even if I have kids who are somewhat dependent on me (e.g. alimony) but they are overseas and I do not declare them in my application, do they bother to check? I am just trying to clarify the legal language of this visa and find a pathway, given that I am not under 45 and all skilled pathways are closed to me. It used to be that you could apply for a 189/190 up to 50 y.o., with zero points for age but it is now "under 45 years of age at time of invitation" only. Investor Retirement visa (subclass 405) Features - This temporary visa is for self-funded retirees who have no dependents and want to live in Australia during their retirement years. Eligibility You must: be 55 years or older have no dependents (other than a partner) have an income of AUD 65 000 per year (or AUD 50 000 if you wish to live in a regional area) have a designated investment of AUD 750 000 in Australia (or AUD 500 000 if you wish to live in a regional area). This is the only retirement visa. If you are not eligible for this visa, you might be eligible for a parent visa. Length of stay - Four years Cost - From AUD 330 https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/visa-1/405-
  3. Wishaw2Perth

    State Sponsorship

    Hello everyone, My family and I are hoping to emigrate to Perth next year. However my occupation was on the skills list for NT and not WA (even though there are lots of employment opportunities on Seek.com available in Perth and hardly any in Darwin) so my visa agent advised me to apply for a 190 visa for NT but that would still allow me to live and work in Perth. I was just wondering if anyone on here has done anything similar and did they encounter any problems in doing so? My skills have been passed by the TRA so we are just waiting on the results of our Expression of Interest. The reason we want to move to Perth instead of NT is because we already have friends and family in Perth and since we are bringing two young children we felt this would help us as we settle in. Thanks in advance
  4. Leannem1992

    Police Check from Cyprus!?

    Hi guys, I am applying for a De Facto visa and have to get a police check from Cyprus as I lived there 3 out of the ten years required. I went to school there but my mum threw away our residency slips and the old passport I had when I lived there! I am super worried because I called up and they said that to obtain the police check I need to have the 'pink slips' from my time there, which I have no way of obtaining living in Australia now.. I have a letter from my school to say that I lived there, and I am British so presumably was living there under the EU regulations. Can anyone help?! Do you have any experience in the case officers wavering police checks if they can't be obtained? I lived there until age 18 and I'm now 25. Thank you so much in advance for any advice, Leanne
  5. Hi there, Poms ! I am after EOI for a mot tester and mechanic to work down south in Buselton at an indpendent VW and Bmw workshop. Some vehicle examination or MOT experience would be great. For those who need regional work area for their visa then look up Busselton. I was a 457 into Alice springs years back and am now service manager at Passmores in town. If you have a current cv and have mot testing and a good all round mechanical background would like to hear from you. cheers Andy.
  6. gemmmard

    Parent Visa Process...

    Hey all, I'm not sure how much joy you guys have with migration agents and assistance in moving down here to Australia, but to be honest the ones that I approached here in Perth didn't seem to be confident on the in's and out's of the specific visa that we wanted to apply for, the 'Contributory Aged Parent' visa. I ended up working through the whole process myself, the many forms, and additional information required, and we were lucky enough to have the process completed in less than three months, with Mum and Dad being awarded their Residency Visa on the 1st of October. I wouldn't say that it was an easy or enjoyable process, but I've learnt a great deal about it all and would be happy if anyone has questions about either the Parent Visas, or indeed Visas in general I'd be pleased to help if I can. Cheers!
  7. laurenalexa88

    PR/ 189 time scale.

    Hi there, Just wondered if anyone else is waiting for PR / 198 Visa? We applied on 17th Sept 2015 and are still waiting. We have had a couple of requests for info- last one being 22nd December- which we supplied docs for. And heard nothing since! Just getting a bit fed up waiting. We want to buy a house and cant really do it until we get PR. Finding it so frustrating that my emails to them don't even get a reply. I know they are busy, but its such a lot of money that we pay up front for such poor service from them! I guess we are one in many and are but an application number.. My friend at work got granted his on xmas eve- and he applied at the same kind of time as us, which made me think that ours wouldnt be far behind but here we are another month later and nothing... Just wondered if anyone else was in the same boat or applied at a similar time to us? Thanks guys Lauren
  8. Gary J Searle

    Use Visa Agency or not?

    Hiya, Looking to relocate to Perth after we fell in love with Australia on our recent travels. We want to start the visa application right away as we appreciate it takes a long time. Our main concern is do we use a relocation agent to help us with the whole visa process or do we just do it all ourselves? We have been told that we are suitable for the a state sponsored visa. Can anyone recommend a good reliable and MARA registered company that could help us? Thank you for the advice in advance! Sofi and J
  9. Hi Guys! I'm on PIO but wanted to join here and meet some people heading over or already living in WA. I'm Danielle, my Fiancée is Benn (you might see him pop up under this account from time to time!) I live in the UK and he is in Bunbury. We applied for our PMV 300 in June, so we are 4 months into the current waiting time of 10-14 months, though most seem to be going through at the moment at 10 so fingers crossed for an April move! Just really wanted to say 'Hi', see who's about and if anyone is in a similar situation to us, as I know most couples are lucky enough to actually apply in the same country as each other! Danielle
  10. Hi there, Does anyone have a specific recomendation for a migraton agent based in Perth please? I'm looking to ask some questions on migrating my Dad over here and want to talk through the options with someone other than a random Google search Any help much appreciated!
  11. I'm considering studying in Perth for a year, but have concerns about the cost of living there. Does anyone know if I'd be able to do a few hours work a week on a student visa? Thanks.
  12. I have applied for a sponsored 457 Visa which all seems to be going OK. but just taking what seems a long time. The application was lodged as soon as the Job nomination came through on the 1st May and we have heard nothing since. the case officer has all the details and when contacted just said that it was being possessed. Is this normal? i have read alot of people get theirs through with in a few weeks especially with a sponsored visa. Now heading into month 4 and still don't seem to be any closer. Many Thanks
  13. aussiee007

    Visa advice - help

    Hi I am looking for some visa advice and would be grateful for any help or advice. I am 33 years old been going to Perth since I was 16, been there 11 times. I took my girlfriend (28 years old) and our one year old Son to Perth recently to visit family and friends. We both love the place and want to move over for good. We are all British. My background is retail, customer service and social housing. My girlfriend backgrounds is having her own business as a landlady of a public house - she holds a personal alcohol licence. Please could anyone advice us the best way forward to emigrate to Perth? what is the best visa options etc have been looking at the Australian website immi but am stuck as if my girlfriend obtains a working holiday visa as she's under 31 my Son and I can't travel with her. We be most grateful for any help. Many thanks
  14. Well after having an email 2 days ago to say there was a hold up on visa grants and that we could expect 8 Weeks until we heard anything we kind of put it to the back of our minds. then yesterday morning we got the email we have been waiting for .... Congratulations!!! the whole day felt like Xmas I spent most of my time on the phone to family and friends, most of which were happy for usbut others upset to see us go! Me me and the hubby spend last night drinking champagne and enjoying the moment and suffered for it today! Cannot wait ant to start our new lives in Mandurah! Ekkkkkkk!:arghh:
  15. Ashlenelouise

    Info about the 189 visa please

    Hi guys, just wondered if anyone could help with my situation ... I have sent off my skills assessment - just getting my things certified for my registration .. Then send that off how ever I am unhappy with my recent work commitments .. Just wondered if you need current job details for 189 or if a previous job details will suffice ... ?
  16. Scotty

    EOI Question

    Hi, I was told the answer to this question before but I have forgotten the answer so some help would be good. I will be 32 when I submit my EOI so this will get me 30 points but it will only be a couple of months until I am 33, when I will only be eligible for 25 points. If I submit my EOI when I am 32 but I do not get invited to apply for a visa until I am 33, what happens? Do I still get the 30 points? but the visa application must be for some points as the EOI? Any advice would be great!! Thanks in advance!
  17. Hi all Firstly, apologies in advance for any ignorance on my part, I am a newbie to this all. My husband and I are currently looking into our options to move to Australia. We have visited twice and it has long been a dream of ours to settle down under. My husband is 35 next month, I am 32; and we do not have children. My husband has been self employed as a carpenter and kitchen fitter during the last 10 years but most of his skills were acquired on the job and, as yet, he has no qualifications. He would be able to provide customer references throughout the years, photos/videos of carpentry work he has done, tax returns, copy invoices and letters from other carpenters he has worked with throughout the years. We would be willing to invest in any necessary training or assessments. The question I would like to ask is, do we have any chance of getting a 189 visa in spite of my husband's non-qualifications? Thank you
  18. Had an email from our agent today letting us know the visa timings are slipping a bit. We applied in August and expected to have a case officer in about 10 weeks, now 12 to 16 weeks. Following medical and police check uploads, the visa grants are taking 6 to 8 weeks apparently. So we were hoping to have a visa as a nice wee xmas present but it looks like thats not going to happen now, could be as late as March! Ah well, let the waiting game continue. G
  19. rpakey

    School fees depending on visa?

    I am confused, I am going to blame google! As I understand it, depending on the visa type, one might be liable to school fees Does anyone have a cheat sheet on this, i.e. visa type versus typical fees, as a quick guide?
  20. Dear Perth Poms! I'm very please to say that after over 18 months we received our visa!!!! Our migration agent was kind enough to call us and tell the good news! It wasnt in time enough for us to go now in August, so we are adjusting our plans to activate our visa on Easter half term next year! We would love to go ASAP but this will be a important time for us to plan our move properly, so it's for the best to wait a few months! Now the fun bit to plan our trip!!!
  21. Mrs&MrW

    July Hopefulls?

    Hi all, I've been away for a while... my waiting game for our visa is not going well at all... all of our plans to activate our visa this July/August are quickly going down the drain, as from today we have less than 3 weeks to be granted our visa, find a flight, stay, car hire, etc and all that without spending 3 times more than we were planning nearly 2 YEARS ago, but officially waiting since February this year when we were allocated a CO. So, I'g like to know if you are on the same boat... or if you have been a luck first week of July one? and how long have you been waiting? We are pressing on extending our activation time so we don't have to do our medicals again, but we'll see... we are still waiting. And just wanted to say to all PerthPoms friends who have been waiting like me... good luck with the new July year, and hopefully we all will get our visa soon!
  22. rpakey

    I'm gutted...

    I am not on any lists for WA Visa options look very limited Job offers look even more remote as it seems employers want you to be in Oz already Crazy thing is, I am very well known in the UK for what I do, and yet, for Oz, I cannot even seem to get even the most basic job that I am qualified for! All I want, having spent many years visiting Perth, is to now move there Cannot see a way forwards Gutted...
  23. Seems I am no longer on any SSL, nor do I qualify for state nomination, no family, cannot use investment visa etc etc Is anyone else aware of any other options? (other than to train for a role which is listed!) A few migration agents tell me to start the ball rolling as things change all the time, anyone else experienced this?
  24. Hello everyone, I realise this topic has been covered many times before but I was looking for a more definitive answer if anyone could help. My partner and I are over here on 417 Working Holiday Visa's, she's a nurse working for a large private hospital and will likely be offered sponsorship shortly. I've been offered sponsorship with my current employer (on the list etc etc) but don't intend staying with the company due to a variety of reasons. Anyway I was thinking of going defacto on her 457 visa when it is proposed as it would save a lot of hassle and also allow me to look for a new job without the restrictions that a WHV brings. I'm under the impression that as a defacto on a 457 visa it's not a requirement to have been living together for over 6 months - although it certainly helps. But the main priority is to demonstrate a relationship has existed for over 6 months? My partner and I have been together for over 7 years but have only moved in together since arriving in Oz so just over 3 months really. We've got a joint bank account over here, both names on lease, bills etc. We would be able to provide countless amount of evidence in terms of statements from parents, friends, friends with PR Visa, holiday photos, flights etc. My understanding is that if we can demonstrate that a relationship (over 6 months) exists then there shouldn't be an issue. Something which I think we wouldn't have a problem doing. If someone could confirm this is correct then that would be great. Another option we do have would be to live together for 6 months in our current rental then add myself as a Defacto at a later date. Although I don't think this would be ideal as the company would likely be using an agent and would prefer to do everything in one go. Any help would be appreciated, Kyle
  25. jojo1310

    Vetassess question!

    Hi everyone, I have a question which I'm asking on behalf of my fiance. He is a data cabler and we are looking at gaining a skilled working visa (190) with me being his 'defacto'! We want to know whether it would be possible to gain the 190 visa without him having to have his skills assessed via vetassess as this is quite a lengthy and extremely expensive process. This may be a stupid question, but if anyone could gove us some help or a little bit of guidance that would be fantastic! Many Thanks Jo