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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Ive moved to Perth from London to live with my Australian fiancee and could do with help on how or where to obtain work of any type. I'm only on a travelling visa and aged 62. We marry in November or earlier and should eventually get a spousal visa. Ive volunteered meanwhile for unpaid work Thanks for any advice Geoff
  2. James84

    Lost Brit in Perth

    Hi to anyone reading this post. I stepped foot into Perth 5 days ago with my girlfriend we are both 30 and looking to emigrate here and both have working holiday visas. 2 days ago I had an interview with volkswagen ahg group and was offered a job as a car salesmen which has been my career for the last8 years, only problem is I don't have the correct visa, I needed a 457 working visa to complete. Really frustrating as this is not a sponsored career recognised on that particular visa. Being more than capable at most things with a professional background i.e customer service, sales and marketing, I'm desperately now trying to find work here in Perth and live the dream with my better half. If anyone has any suggestions or can help it would be greatly appreciated. I'm still here in Perth WA until the 27th. I look forward to hearing from you all the best.
  3. Debjohan

    Migration agents

    Has anyone used the company " Migrate me" based in London to help with visas etc?? Or who has proved helpful and reliable Thanks
  4. Hi, My name is Ria and I'm looking to relocate to Perth with my fiancé and 2 daughters. My fiancé has an uncle living in Rockingham and some friends that have already made the move to Perth. However there are a few things we are still unsure about. My Fiancé is a chartered engineer with 8 years experience currently working as a company associate in the construction industry and I'm a sales manager. Is it best to apply for the 457 visas ourselves or can we expect any help from prospective employers? Will the children be able to start a new school in Perth at anytime throughout the year? Any advice on areas to live? Does anyone have any advice or experience with getting parental permission? I've not had contact for several years from my ex partner (daughters father) and I'm hearing mixed stories as to whether or not I will need to have permission from him when applying for our visas. Lots of questions! any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Ria
  5. Seems I am no longer on any SSL, nor do I qualify for state nomination, no family, cannot use investment visa etc etc Is anyone else aware of any other options? (other than to train for a role which is listed!) A few migration agents tell me to start the ball rolling as things change all the time, anyone else experienced this?
  6. Guest

    temp business long stay visa

    Hey all I am new on here and have a few questions if anyone can help? My partner has just been offered a job by oz construction company and will be organising a 457 long stay visa for us which is great. They point out to us on the offer that w will not be entitled to medicare whilst on the long stay visa ... basically we will need to source our own mediacl insurance before landing in Oz ... does anyone know the costs of this for 2 people ? It has to have the standard basic cover that medicare would cover but I am worried about the costs ... are they the same as medicare costs or more ? any feed back would be great as although we are delighted to get the offer we are naturally nervous and want to get it right. They will be standing the costs of relocating us but obviously a long stay visa will mean we wont be able to get any kind of common wealth help either. Thanks in advance Debs and rob 2 nervous but excited Poms !!!
  7. Guest

    Holidays and Pets

    Hi everybody new to the site just got our visas recently.The house is up for sale.We`re ready to go. Thinking of moving to suburbs around kinross areas. coming over end of feb beginging of march to activate our visas. looking for a villa for rent or holiday home can any body help? Also does anybody know anything about bringing a pair of tortoises into australia? Do they need visas as well lol!!!! is the process similar to taking over a cat or dog? Thanks for any help.karl, van and four kids