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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I am currently considering moving to Perth late 2022 (all being well with the borders). I have just gained my ACA qualification and am looking for some advise on a few things. If anyone could help I’d appreciate it. 1. Visa - I am unsure whether to go out there on a working holiday visa and try and get a job on the hopes of getting sponsored by an employer within the year. Or I could start the process of applying for a skilled worker visa 189, however from what I’ve learned online this seems to be a timely process and I may not even get invited to apply. 2. Jobs - I currently have 5 years experience working in practice (1 year doing accounting technicians, 4 years doing chartered accountants exams), but have just recently gained my qualifications. I was planning on getting my qualifications assessed and transferred to chartered accountants Australia and maybe doing some CPD courses in the Australian tax system before I move. Would this help my chances in getting a job? Would my lack of post qualification experience affect me? If I was to take a lower level job on a working holiday visa (Assistance accountant/accounts receivable/payable) to gain experience in the country would this help with the possibility of maybe applying for the skilled worker visa while I am in the country? Thank you in advance for advice given, really appreciate it. Aine
  2. Hi All! My name is Jamie, I am a carpenter from St. Albans, England and I am flying to Perth on March 7th on a working holiday visa. Looking to settle in Perth for a while and get some casual work, any advice on the best way to start out?!... Are there agencies for casual work seekers? Is it better to walk CV's around to different businesses? Is fruit picking a good option in WA? Would anyone likely put a level 3 carpenter to good use even without tools? Any advice would be very much appreciated! Many thanks Jamie
  3. Hello Perth Poms, Quick query regarding the employability of a professional on a working holiday visa. As you all are probably aware, a working holiday visa restricts the visa holder to 6 months of work with an employer. Would this restriction reduce my chances of employability in my particular field? (Structural/Civil Engineering). Has anyone on this forum gained 6 months (or longer) experience in their field of expertise whilst on a WHV? Can employers potentially extend this 6 months period if need be? If so, could this potentially lead to sponsorship of a permanent visa? Thanks in advance. Craig.
  4. Hi Everyone, I was hoping to go on a working holiday to Perth next year but decided what am I waiting for and have decided to go in November, I'm 20 years old and I'll be going on my own as friends are at uni and others have bailed but I want to go really bad. Its four months away, I'm a little nervous to be going over and traveling on my own, as well as finding a job. I'm thinking of doing farm work for the first few months? Any tips? Thanks, Yaz :ssign19: