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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Perth Poms, Quick query regarding the employability of a professional on a working holiday visa. As you all are probably aware, a working holiday visa restricts the visa holder to 6 months of work with an employer. Would this restriction reduce my chances of employability in my particular field? (Structural/Civil Engineering). Has anyone on this forum gained 6 months (or longer) experience in their field of expertise whilst on a WHV? Can employers potentially extend this 6 months period if need be? If so, could this potentially lead to sponsorship of a permanent visa? Thanks in advance. Craig.
  2. Seek Ad posting: http://www.seek.com.au/job/29470472?pos=2&type=standout&engineConfig=control&tier=no_tier&whereid=1009 Working Holiday Visas Welcomed. Experienced in the electricity industry? Have the ability to form effective business-to-business relationships? Join a well-established, innovative energy retailer as we prepare to change the Australian energy industry. We are growing our direct sales team and an opportunity exists for an experienced Business Telesales Consultant to join an innovative and game changing energy retailer specialising in business markets. B2B sales experience required Electricity industry experience required Join the quiet achiever, having gained enormous success in record time we're now ready to take the world by storm with exciting new products and services. This is an opportunity to perform at your best within a growing organisation which will allow you to develop and progress your skills. If you're willing to do the hard yards, you will be rewarded accordingly. Remuneration is based on a combination of salary and uncapped commission. For more information on this role apply online today.
  3. aussiee007

    Visa advice - help

    Hi I am looking for some visa advice and would be grateful for any help or advice. I am 33 years old been going to Perth since I was 16, been there 11 times. I took my girlfriend (28 years old) and our one year old Son to Perth recently to visit family and friends. We both love the place and want to move over for good. We are all British. My background is retail, customer service and social housing. My girlfriend backgrounds is having her own business as a landlady of a public house - she holds a personal alcohol licence. Please could anyone advice us the best way forward to emigrate to Perth? what is the best visa options etc have been looking at the Australian website immi but am stuck as if my girlfriend obtains a working holiday visa as she's under 31 my Son and I can't travel with her. We be most grateful for any help. Many thanks
  4. Was wondering if anyone could help with some advice or tips. I'm a children's nurse moving to Perth in a few months initially on a working holiday Visa so probably looking for agency work unless there is a likelihood of temp jobs on a working holiday visa? I have been in touch with a few agencies and still waiting for AHPRA registration before I can apply. Has any one got any information about how much work there is, what agencies are good etc? Any details would be greatly appreciated please
  5. Hi Everyone, I was hoping to go on a working holiday to Perth next year but decided what am I waiting for and have decided to go in November, I'm 20 years old and I'll be going on my own as friends are at uni and others have bailed but I want to go really bad. Its four months away, I'm a little nervous to be going over and traveling on my own, as well as finding a job. I'm thinking of doing farm work for the first few months? Any tips? Thanks, Yaz :ssign19:
  6. Hello! Me and my boyfriend are planning to move to perth asap on a working holiday visa. We currently live in the philippines working here as scuba diving instructors. I have work in tourism and hospitality for the last few years and before that i worked in many different bars and restaurants in america and england. My boyfriend is a british electrician. As we have been travelling for the last few years we have very little money. ( i have like £200 and he has about £3000!!! GRRIIMM!) we have been told by so many people we have met, including many of our diving guests from perth that if we went there we could make a killing. we really want to relocate asap, we are looking into beginning of march 2013.... so what i was wondering is is this completely unrealistic?? if the streets are paved of gold in perth why isnt everyone trying to get there? Will we even be able to get visas with my non existent bank balance? how much can we be expecting to pay to get set us (downpayments on a flat, a car, basic living costs). how long until we can get jobs. We have been told we can get one with the click of our fingers but with more research online my boyfrind would have a LOT of money to spend to be legal to work as an electrician in oz. i have heard things about tax numbers, bank accounts etc needed before working.. is this quite straightofrward or could it delay us earning. is there any point to going if we are broke? i know we are only allowed a 1yr working holiday visa so would we forever be playing catch up with bills if we go there with no savings, or woould we be able to have fun and do a bit of travelling with what we could potentially earn? any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!! thank you thank you thank you!!!