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    Hi All,


    Me (27) and my partner (26) are having our medicals next Friday which is the very last step before we finally get our 190 visas to WA.


    We have no idea where we are going to live in or around Perth but mega looking forward to it.


    Girlfriend really wants to work in a grocery shop and I am a systems engineer..


    We are taking all our savings which will last us around 9 months if we cannot find work.


    We are coming over no matter what, we are clearly under-prepared but we will just have to see how we get on!

    Jumping in feet first always seems to work :)


    Has anybody been in this situation and how did it go?

    Does anybody know of a rental website or is it only possible to rent on arrival?


    Any response or help would be appreciated


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    No I def don't think your crazy, if its your dream then you would be wrong not to try.


    if anything I may have said go on a WHV visa first to check it out first just to be sure, and maybe saving yourself a bit of money, but maybe you have already used that option.


    hats off to you, your young enough that if for some reason it doesn't work out, you've got plenty time to set up somewhere else.


    We came as a couple in our 40s with teenage daughters, had never been to Oz before. We came on a whim, but for us it was def last chance saloon, adventure before dementia kind of thing.


    best decision we could have made, we are having a ball. Just love it.


    if you have a good look round this site, you will find loads of info on short time rentals, which is prob going to be your best bet before signing up for a longer term rental.


    all the best

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    HI Craig


    We have just landed here in WA and loving it. I am no realestate expert......but from what I have seen I wouldn't leave it till the last minute to try and rent, whatever you do. Rentals are in big demand over here. As a general rule of thumb the closer to Perth City you are the more expensive it is. We threw the classic pin in the map and opted for south of the river as it's called. From what I understand ( I could be wrong) NOR is classed as 'posh' and SOR is less so. But, to be honest I can't see any problem/big's all nice to me...but it would be I am from Manchester originally!


    What we did was browse the realestate websites such as to give us an idea what is available and at what price? Depends also if you want furnished or unfurnished. OZhouserentals was useful for furnished.


    Don't know about the grocery job though! Sure you will find something in your line of work ( would of thought you would have to be Perth CBD for that) take that into account when looking for houses.


    Oh, it is brilliant out here, you'll love it. Good luck

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    Hi Craig


    SWMBO and I are moving out to perth later this year. Fortunately we've got family to stay with until we find work.


    I did have a look at for short term rentals if it all goes pear shaped, there's plenty of places to stay short term.

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    Firstly I am 27, not 26 lol, and secondly I do not really want to work in a grocery store :jiggy:xxx


    Why not...? It would be awesome! ;-)

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